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Belong Executive Briefing [Bangalore Edition]

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For the 8th Edition of the Belong Executive Briefing, talent leaders from some of the leading organizations assembled at JW Marriott, Bangalore.

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Belong Executive Briefing [Bangalore Edition]

  2. 2. For the 8th edition of the Belong Executive Briefing, we brought our Round Table Discussion to JWT Marriott, Bangalore
  3. 3. The invite-only event included some of the country's most forward-thinking Talent Leaders from Bangalore to discuss some of the top challenges in Talent Acquisition today, and how to prepare for the future. 
  4. 4. How to enable alignment of HR and Business as strategic partners?
  5. 5. "Talent Acquisition fails at the very first step because we don’t know about business. We are constantly in a reactive mode because of high pressure. That’s why the business perspective is missing. TA should equip themselves with the talent landscape and market data and then go to HM. Our job is not much different from a sales job in terms of achieving numbers." Anupam Srivastava Director Talent Acquisition, EMEA/APAC, TiVo
  6. 6. "In the context of Business-Talent Acquisition alignment, a recruiter ends up being on both sides of the table. For business, time is key and cost is not a consideration. But as a TA, you have to keep the cost into account. With the cost for hard-to-hire roles going up, it's important for TA to plan in advance. Then you can go about hiring strategically and don’t have to shell any amount just to get the person in." Avneet Hora Director of Human Resources, Unisys India 
  7. 7. "Today, you want talent acquisition teams that can sell, that can tell a story. You want them to be salespeople. If we at Philips want to be known as a tech brand, we need marketing to change that perception." Sameer Karayi Head of Talent Sourcing in India,  Philips
  8. 8. On candidate experience as the competitive advantage 
  9. 9. "At Wipro Digital, we are breaking away from some of our traditional hiring practices in terms of hiring from only pedigree universities. We are also going out of our way to provide a brilliant candidate experience.” Mathew Gomes Head of Recruitment, India at Wipro Digital
  10. 10. "Today, the recruiting process is not built for experience, it’s designed for the sake of being a process. Candidate experience should be as easy and seamless as using an iPhone." Sudhir Mattoo Director - Talent Acquisition, IBM
  11. 11. "The problem is not candidate data. You go to multiple conferences and meet so many passive candidates. The real challenge is how do you engage and nurture that talent. How do you put your EVP in front of that talent? Jayashankar M Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition at WalmartLabs
  12. 12. "Consumer behaviour is directing candidate behaviour. As consumers, we are used to personalisation while shopping online and using social networks. This has led to a need for offering a personalized candidate experience as well.” Suresh Ramachandra Director & Head COE Talent Acquisition, Capgemini
  13. 13. What capabilities should Talent Acquisition be investing in?
  14. 14. "I feel HR is in a real problem. If you are not getting your structure right, you will become irrelevant. Data can only suggest where you can go, but you have to weave a conversation. A narrative is missing at the moment. We should take the mantel in our hands to change the perception of recruiters." Head Talent Acquisition & Staffing at HP Mino Thomas
  15. 15. "Every organization is facing the same problem, irrespective of size. That’s why cross-skilling and up-skilling is getting important. All problems can’t be solved by external hiring. That's why L & D becomes critical." Director of Human Resources at Trianz Prasad Prabhakar
  16. 16. "We don’t deal with volume hiring, so it makes a lot of sense for us to build personal relationships with candidates. It’s extremely important to create a brand presence and we always try to find creative ways to get in touch with these people." Parma Dutta Head of People & Culture at Sling Media
  17. 17. To find out more about Belong, Outbound Hiring and our events, mail us at: hello@belong.co