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History & functions of Public Relations

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It is the deliberate planned & sustained effort to establish & maintain mutual understanding between an organization and its public

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History & functions of Public Relations

  1. 1. History and Functions of PR PRESENTED BY BELLI P K S3 MBA 2
  2. 2. It is the deliberate planned & sustained effort to establish & maintain mutual understanding between an organization and its public PR definition
  3. 3. PR involves  2 way communication process between an organization and its public  A communication process with a view to change mindset of public in certain directions
  4. 4. PR involves 3 progressive levels
  5. 5. Purpose of PR  To educate the audiences on the advantages of the product/ service  To promote goodwill of organization  To create, maintain, protect & build reputation of organization
  6. 6. History of PR • Caesar wrote 1st campaign biography 50 BC • To convince Romans that he would be the best head of state • St Austin delivered eulogies to Roman emperor 394 AD • 1st of the people in charge of PR • Thomas Paine- Master of political propaganda 1776 • His writings could make people do and believe in things
  7. 7. 1795 •Georgiana Cavendish, duchess of Devonshire, with Charles James Fox •Included press relations, lobbying & celebrity campaign •PR became a profession 1903 1918 •Ivy Lee advised John D Rockefeller •PR took next step towards professionalization with Edward Bernay
  8. 8. Evolution of PR in India  Ramayana- Bhadro used to report to Rama about public     feelings and opinions about Ram’s administration Religious leader like Buddha- Sankaracharya were master communicators King Asoka send his own children to Sri Lanka to Preach Buddhism. Sangamitra- 1st female PR executive in history Mahatma Gandhi succeeded in bringing entire country together to achieve independence Systematic practice of PR began with Indian Railways in 1920s. Used exhibitions, festivals and newspaper advertising, both in England and India, to attract tourists
  9. 9. Government PR structure  1918- 1st PR set up in India by the name Central publicity board central bureau of information Bureau of public information  After independence Govt set up ministry of information and broad casting.  Media units which handle PR All India radio, Doordarshan Kendra, Registrar of newspapers on India, Photo division, Indian Institute of Mass communication etc
  10. 10. •Considered as 1st PR counselor. •Advised John D Rockefeller to talk to miners, listened to miners and improved their conditions •His principles were•Tell the truth •Provide accurate facts •PR director ,ust have access to top management & must be able to influence decision Ivy Lee
  11. 11. Edward Bernay  Father of PR  He advised the new President of Czechoslovakia to announce independence on Monday than Sunday to get maximum media coverage
  12. 12. Bernay’s principles To interpret client to public •To promote client To interpret public to client •Operating company in such a way as to gain public support
  13. 13. Bernay’s other concepts PR is a public service PR should promote new ideas and progress PR should build a public conscience
  14. 14. What Bernay did Problem Solution  Columbian rope  Produced radio company had antiunion image programs featuring union & management panelists  Induced the company to bargain with union  Convinced the company to sponsor a vocational program  Offered tours of the plant
  15. 15. What Bernay did? Problem Solution  P&G produced a  Changed commercial radio commercial which were offensive to AfricanAmericans.  He got company to offer AfricanAmericans significant jobs  Invited them to tour plant  Featured them in company newsletter
  16. 16. Functions of PR             Community relations Consulting Contribution programs Customer relations Government relations Guest relations Internal communication Investor relations Media relations Product/ service publicity Publications Digital communication
  17. 17. Community relations  Working with groups in community where org has major operation  Developing good cooperative climate  Media relations personnel who work with media at community level
  18. 18. Consulting  Developing & recommending public policies  Contributing PR view points in formulation of corporate decisions
  19. 19. Contribution programs  Sometimes part of community relations function  Developing policies for corporate donations  Processing contribution requests
  20. 20. Customer relations  Assuring that organization’s customers are satisfied  Deal with customer enquiries, complaints  Advise senior management on customer related issues and concerns
  21. 21. Government relations  Also called public affairs  Monitors regulations & legislation affair  Maintaining a goodwill with Govt  Directing program designed to promote organizations point of view in regulation and legislation
  22. 22. Guest relations  Conducting office and plant tours  Guest relation activities  Preparing brochures, tour guides, tapes, videos, maps and guest related communication material  Major function in tourism and entertainment industry
  23. 23. Internal communications  Preparing & publishing employee & membership bulletins, newsletter etc  Employee & member conferences, tele conference  Communication with management & board members  Also includes tour, employee recognition banquets & awards
  24. 24. Investor relations  Communicating with owners  Communicating with related groups such as financial institutions, brokers, securities and financial analysts  Preparing and coordinating annual meetings, conferences, seminars & communication materials such as internet site contents, annual reports, quarterly statements
  25. 25. Media relations  Issuing news of activities to external audience  Establishing & maintaining contact with mass media  Handling responses to inquiries from news media  Coordinating media conferences & tours  Tracking & evaluating media coverage
  26. 26. Product/ service publicity  Often called marketing publicity  Announcing new products/ services & enhancements if any through mass media  Developing & executing promotional programs
  27. 27. Publications  Preparing and publishing materials for special constituencies including dealers, agents, advisory body, alumna
  28. 28. Digital communication  Using internet, intranet, email etc to prepare and deliver message to specific constituencies