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China: A book without a last page - my travel blog by Belgin Yucelen

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This is an introduction to my blog on a trip to China, a country which has been fascinating me for years.

Please visit my travel blog for all other posts to various countries together with my historical, culinary, cultural and artistic details.

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China: A book without a last page - my travel blog by Belgin Yucelen

  1. 1. CHINA - A BOOK WITHOUT A LAST PAGE, 2018 A secret passageway to my travel blog at: http://mytravelblog.belginyucelen.com/
  2. 2. A place detached from reality, China has been fascinating me for many years. Only here I came across women sweeping blossoms that cover the square as soon as they are removed, and men hammering iron without seeing the light of day
  3. 3. During the ten days we spent in Xi’ān, Píngyáo, Dàtóng and Beijing we were completely out of touch from the outside world One can live in a world of illusion like many here in China
  4. 4. In the Shaanxi Province, where it all started, our “journey” began. In our room across from Xi’ān’s Ming era city walls I meditated in the early hours of our first day and most days after.
  5. 5. Xi’ān is where the first dynasty of a unified China had started in 221 BC by Qin Shi.
  6. 6. Fine bred stray dogs were resting in squares lined with trees where calligraphers were selling their scrips on large rice papers. Old men were playing chinese checker on sidewalks
  7. 7. We had lunch at a restaurant famous for pot sticker fried dumplings by the Muslim Quarter, home of the Hui community
  8. 8. At the Shaanxi Museum bronze pots with dainty dancing figurines, ox headed agate cups and terracotta Chinese zodiac sculptures were displayed
  9. 9. Chanting of the monks who were asking for blessings were penetrating the gardens among the blossoming trees and peonies
  10. 10. Terracotta Warriors do not look serious like a warrior should. Rather they have subtle smiles and expressions. Some look like they are holding on to what they want to say all these years
  11. 11. They were built by the first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huangdi who believed that he would continue to govern after his death
  12. 12. Close by is the Tomb of Emperor Jingdi
  13. 13. Great Mosque founded in the eight century is a fascinating combination of Islamic and Chinese architecture and is one of the most magnificent monuments in China
  14. 14. The stone gardens between the Ming and Qing dynasty pavillions were fresh with scents of spring The rest of the trip is on my travel blog: http://mytravelblog.belginy ucelen.com/