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13 No-BS Conversion Quotes from the #CTAConf2015

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CRO is not for the timid. Where small changes make a small impact, conversion rate optimization pros are tasked with getting big gains from changes that really make a difference. And how do they do that? By making changes with the customer in mind.

Off the back of 2 days at the Unbounce's CTA Conference 2015, here are my 13 No-BS conversion quotes to inspire you to be a better CRO and marketer.

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13 No-BS Conversion Quotes from the #CTAConf2015

  1. 1. 13 No-BS 
 Quotes from the #CTAConf2015 (Can I say BS on SlideShare?)
  2. 2. “Marketing isn’t a battle of product, it’s a battle of perceptions”
 Talia Wolf @TaliaGw #CTAConf
  3. 3. “Stop selling products how you want to sell them, start selling how customers want to buy them”
 Karl Gilis @AGConsult #CTAConf
  4. 4. “Let’s make it about the customer…We need to learn from them because we aren’t them”
 Joanna Lord @JoannaLord #CTAConf
  5. 5. “I’m not in this business for more leads, I am in it for more customers”
 Wil Reynolds @WilReynolds #CTAConf
  6. 6. “People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou Quoted by Talia Wolf #CTAConf
  7. 7. “You should be worried about site speed, half a second is costing you 20% of your audience”
 Tim Ash @Tim_Ash #CTAConf
  8. 8. “It’s not about big data, we’re all about decently sized data”
 Oli Gardner @OliGardner #CTAConf
  9. 9. “The difference between persuasion and manipulation is intent”
 Nathalie Nahai @NathalieNahai #CTAConf
  10. 10. “I like big buttons and I cannot lie”
 Justine Jordan @Meladorri #CTAConf
  11. 11. “The most important part of A/B testing is finding what matters”
 Peep Laja @PeepLaja #CTAConf
  12. 12. “We do a lot of one night stands in lead generation and not enough long term relationships”
 Mike King @iPullRank #CTAConf
  13. 13. “When writing PPC ads, first ask yourself – why should anyone click it?”
 Dana DiTomaso @danaditomaso #CTAConf
  14. 14. “No one ever died from too much white space”
 Karl Gilis @AGConsult #CTAConf
  15. 15. Thanks for reading Bec Rabe Digital Marketer and CRO Newbie. 
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