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Self-drive car and Smart Security

Autonomous vehicles are only a few years away, and will change how the world moves!

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Self-drive car and Smart Security

  1. 1. CCMTA The Future of Safer Vehicles: The Road to Autonomous Vehicles Barry Gander, Chair, NVA
  2. 2. - Eliminate 99% of the 34,000 car crash deaths (2012) - 1 Gig/sec
  3. 3. Status Now • Legal in three states • Car trains
  4. 4. NVA: Who’s Playing…
  5. 5. Networked
  6. 6. The mobile Cloud is Key to All Cars… Newspapers - 480 m daily PCs - 1.1 b Phones - 1.2 b land-line Internet users - 1.4 b Transforms car value equation: 80% of innovation in car today from ICT Vehicle 3rd-fastest-growing connected device (smartphones, tablets)
  7. 7. Take-Aways: Car Design • Smaller central console, data on remote server • Increases the car’s capabilities – Better drive dynamics, suspension Cloud-adjusted • Safety – GPS-enabled augmented reality; lane-changing Ford Evos Hybrid Concept Car
  8. 8. Driving Experience • Distance optimization between cars • External sensor info via Cloud – Climate sensing triggers car (defrost windows) • Travel: where you are, what’s ahead • Personalized data travels with you – Calendars, music • Health: heart rate monitor • Voice-delivered Twitter, Facebook updates (BMW) • Cloud as restrictive tool – Shuts down texting, or calling over a certain speed • Driverless Cars – now legal in Nevada
  9. 9. Infrastructure • E-vehicles talk to power smart-grids – Determines best times for charging • Geo-location (find what you’re looking for as you drive) saves time, fuel • Route optimization: – Traffic and weather download and interaction – App lets travelling buddies stay close together IBM and Swiss Utility use smartphone app for remote charging
  10. 10. Basics • User interface vital - intuitive – MyFord touchscreen interface hurt quality index • Right content, right time (esp. 1st Responders) • Does app exceed customer needs? – Car’s calendar linked appointments to alarm clock • Safety, not flash, is the prime concern – 91 % would love to see a lane-change, blind-spot warning system in their cars. – 83 % want in-vehicle technologies that would automatically call a tow truck – Three-quarters would like technology that would stop their car if the driver suffers a heart attack or other sudden illness
  11. 11. Some activity • Toyota and Microsoft – Global Cloud-based telematics system • Intel’s new $100-m Cloud car fund • GM Onstar has 6m users • Ford SNYC crowd-sourced Cloud contest: Caravan Track • QNX voice control over infotainment QNX concept car: Porsche Carrera
  12. 12. Evolution • Surround the car occupant with the social network and global knowledge – Car interior as a friend delivering employee networks, all contacts, all news, entertainment, health, travel, and environmental control
  13. 13. • New technology is rapidly being deployed that transforms the communications opportunities for First Responders. • Vehicles = mobile intelligent sensors and autonomous networking nodes • A Test Environment tol allow FRs to find optimal solutions and showcase uses. NVA: Cloud and First Responders
  14. 14. LTE: Compelling for Responders Narrow-band will remain platform of choice for mission-critical needs for some years to come… THEN LTE Why? • Supported by all service providers, makers • Vendors and device ecosystem support • Simple antenna, multiple services • Strong security • Endorsed by major Public Safety associations • Continuously evolving technology Issues: • Spectrum ownership • Rural coverage Technology Momentum Application to First Responders Proposed Test-Bed
  15. 15. LTE Environment: Suggested Uses Technology Momentum Application to First Responders Proposed Test-Bed
  16. 16. Test Environment Projects Testing, demonstrations and continuous collaboration Alcatel-Lucent • Kenneth C. Budka, CTO, Strategic Industries at Alcatel-Lucent (presentation) • Fred Scalera, Public Safety Director for Strategic Industries at Alcatel-Lucent (demos) Technology Momentum Application to First Responders Proposed Test-Bed
  17. 17. Alcatel-Lucent • Several applications of mobile broadband including Genetec (Live Video), facial recognition, mass casualty monitoring, LiveViewGPS for real-time vehicle tracking, multimedia collaboration across LTE, a network connected media command table, ruggedized band 14 smart phone for push to talk and telestration.
  18. 18. • San Seviera Marshall, Harris Corporation • . Specific high bandwidth PS applications that can be used over LTE (video streaming, situational awareness and voice/video communications), recognizing that available LTE enabled devices will drive application usage; and • 3. Harris intelligent LTE enabled devices: a vehicular modem – MBC-100, a ruggedized smart phone – the InTouch and a Public Safety grade tablet – the BTC- 100.
  19. 19. • Live Video
  20. 20. • Facial Recognition
  21. 21. Mass Casualty Monitoring
  22. 22. Liveview GPS Vehicle Tracking
  23. 23. Multi-media across LTE
  24. 24. Feedback Barry Gander Chair, NVA bgander@cata.ca 613-340-0701