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Mastering Mobile Time Tracking with BambooHR


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Mastering Mobile Time Tracking with BambooHR

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Tracking time with full accountability can be a tall order, especially for employees who do their work in the field or off site. How do you make time tracking easy for remote and in-office employees while ensuring accuracy for your records? It’s going to take more than a dusty time clock.

Tracking time with full accountability can be a tall order, especially for employees who do their work in the field or off site. How do you make time tracking easy for remote and in-office employees while ensuring accuracy for your records? It’s going to take more than a dusty time clock.


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Mastering Mobile Time Tracking with BambooHR

  1. 1. Housekeeping Before we get started… Select “Everyone” in the chat feature dropdown Submit questions for our presenters using the Q&A feature Keep an eye out for the session recording following this webinar
  2. 2. Panu Puikkonen Time Tracking Product Marketing Manager BambooHR Beth Louks Finance Director York County SPCA Nate Richardson Core/Mobile Product Marketing Manager BambooHR Austin Goff Payroll Product Marketing Manager BambooHR
  3. 3. Agenda During the Webinar today you’ll see… Customer testimonial from a real BambooHR® user, Beth Louks Demo of BambooHR® Time Tracking, and the Mobile app from our product managers Live Q&A session
  4. 4. Customer Testimonial Beth Louks
  5. 5. BambooHR Demo Panu & Nate
  6. 6. Employee Experience Admin Experience ● Clock In/Clock Out ● Manual Time Entry ● Project Tracking ● Notes ● Timesheets ● Overtime ● Mobile App ● Setup ● Adding Employees ● Approval Notifications ● Reports
  7. 7. Employee Experience on the Phone
  8. 8. BambooHR in your pocket.
  9. 9. Mobile + Time Tracking
  10. 10. Feature Highlight: Clocking In/Out
  11. 11. Feature Highlight: Geolocation
  12. 12. Feature Highlight: Geolocation
  13. 13. Feature Highlight: Geolocation
  14. 14. Feature Highlight: Geolocation
  15. 15. Feature Highlight: Project Tracking
  16. 16. Feature Highlight: Notes
  17. 17. Feature Highlight: Viewing & Editing Timesheet
  18. 18. Feature Highlight: Timesheet Approval
  19. 19. Feature Highlight: Timesheet Approval
  20. 20. Feature Highlight: Timesheet Approval
  21. 21. Feature Highlight: Timesheet Approval
  22. 22. Employee Experience on the Web
  23. 23. Admin Experience
  24. 24. Time Tracking Set Up
  25. 25. Time Tracking + Payroll
  26. 26. Time for a Poll!
  27. 27. Resources Learn more about BambooHR® add-on features 1. More about Time Tracking 2. More about Geolocation 3. Mobile App 4. More about Payroll
  28. 28. bamboohr.com partnerwebsite.com Questions?
  29. 29. bamboohr.com partnerwebsite.com Thank you! Follow BambooHR on social media: bamboohr.com/blog

Notas do Editor

  • Hi everyone and welcome to our webinar today! We are excited to be covering BambooHR Time Tracking and the Mobile App. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to join us for this webinar as I know that as HR professionals you are often the busiest people in the office.

    Feel free to share with us where you’re from in the chat, but make sure to change your To option to say “Everyone” so we can all see what you’re saying. Many of us are working remote so we would love to hear where you are joining us from. I am just outside of Seattle, WA myself.

    We have some really great content for you today, but before we get to know our presenters a little better, we have a few housekeeping items to cover.
  • First off, we’re happy you’re joining us today! Please feel free to submit questions throughout the webinar using the chat feature on the interface. We will have a Q&A session at the end of the webinar, time permitting, with our presenter and will address as many questions as we can.

    Also, after the webinar, we will be sending out a recording to all registrants via email. You can expect that email to arrive within three business days, so keep an eye on your inbox!
  • Now that the housekeeping items are out of the way, let’s dive in!

    We have 3 outstanding presenters today to walk us through time tracking, and the BambooHR mobile app and how the two features work together.
  • Here’s a quick look at our agenda for this webinar. In just a moment I’ll turn the mic over to Beth to hear her experience using BambooHR Time Tracking and mobile app. Then we’ll get an inside look at each product during a demo from Panu and Nate and then we’ll hear from our Payroll product manager, and finally we’ll wrap the Webinar with a Q&A session, time permitting.
  • Think about how much time your organization spends tracking work hours?
    There’s virtual time cards and physical time card machines. These are location dependent and machine dependent.
    Then there’s document-based timesheets: employees either interrupt their work flow to record their hours, or spend an hour at the end of the pay period trying to remember everything they did that week.
    Then there’s the time that managers and HR spend following up with and reminding people, and processing this information to report on who did what and when for how long.
  • This is where I start - the home screen. Because time tracking has been enabled for me, I see those controls in the top left instead of time off - that has slide down. This is where I come to clock in at the beginning of the day, and I also see how much time I’ve clocked so far this week and this pay period.
  • When I hit clock in, the counter starts.
  • After I clock out, my time worked for the day is saved and I can see it below my button. I can do all of this on the web, but I actually prefer to use the mobile app.
  • I have the Add Time Entry function for each day. I also see my clock in data for the day and week. Let’s edit Wednesday.
  • Here’s what it looks like. I’m asked to enter start and stop time.
  • I can also assign the time to a specific project.
  • On wednesday I worked all morning splitting my time across two projects. And then I save it.
  • Now my time sheet for the previous pay period is complete!
  • What does Payroll and Time Tracking look like for your company?
    I dont have any hourly employees
    I use the same system for both
    Time tracking and payroll run on separate systems
    I track either or both manually
    None of the above
  • Here is the beauty of having time tracking and payroll with BambooHR. Once the hours are approved by a manager you can be confident that the data is seamlessly flowing into payroll. So lets go ahead and look at how this data can then be reviewed and handled by a payroll admin. What I want to briefly show today is how bamboohr really is a seamless experience for you and your employees. As the HR administrator, Paige, within the global navigation, can easily jump into the Payroll tab. This tab will be your homebase for payroll and will be your entry point into running payroll.
  • At the top of the page, you will notice pay cycle and pay date information to help you keep track of each pay period. You can select any pay date between now and eighteen months in the future
  • You can easily track changes made since your last pay period in BambooHR.This helps you feel really confident jumping into payroll that all the data changes are being represented for that specific pay period. Once you are ready to run your payroll for the pay period, you simply jump into payroll.
  • When you select a pay date, important details and valuable reminders about that pay period will be shown. In the middle, you will be served different messages to help you make sure there aren’t delays with your upcoming payroll. Missing key employee data for payroll? These messages make you aware and point you where to fix issues. Soon approaching your payroll due date? We’ll give you heads up so you can act quickly.
  • You can run a regularly scheduled payroll or a manual payroll. You can choose depending on whether or not you need to go back and pay a bonus or make changes to one you missed previously. Or just do a normal payroll run. Next you are going to select Run Payroll.
  • When you select run payroll the first thing that is going to happen is all the information is going to automatically sync into payroll in a matter of seconds. You will then be taken into the first step which is really about entering hours, verifying that they are correct etc. The good news is that when you have our time tracking software all those hours we talked about before will auto populate and you can be confident that the information is correct. Time off (PTO hours) will all be represented here. When you are ready you head into step #2 select next.
  • This is where you can add or edit additional pay. The last step is calculating the payroll.
  • This will take all the information from the previous two steps and its going to do all the deductions and taxes based on the employee location thats in BambooHR. Its going to show you the taxable wages, collected deductions and uncollected deductions by employee and aggregate as a company. You can also access reports from this page. Its all about making you feel comfortable and confident about the information in your payroll.
  • Jumping back into our payroll we’ve shown how our payroll and time tracking helps you but we also want to highlight the employee experience. Employ self-service is the heart of what we do at Bamboo. Mobile is an important part of that, as well.

    All of that complexity and detail is saved only for those that need to see it, the employee. I want to highlight for you how that employee experience is clean, streamlined and extremely intuitive.

    So, ive clocked in my hours, payroll has been run and i am right back in BambooHR. As an employee i have the pay info tab right on my main company page where i am already going for my other information. I can come in here and see all the information in a quicksnapshot.
  • This is my latest paystub in a clear, organized way. I have total gross income, taxes and deductions. A snapshot of the activity to date, and If i click into the view paystub tab….
  • I can see the more detailed information and focus on the most important stuff for me.
  • The employee can easily access all this information in the the mobile app and see how my hours are translating into pay for each period.
  • I can still drill down. So we are giving that same great info from your desktop on your phone. Net pay
  • Gross pay and how that breaks down
  • Taxes and withholdings
  • And i can get that pdf download and view offline if needed.
  • Coming back to my main pay info view on my desktop. I can see my current info here or i can look at past checks. If i scroll down on the page
  • I can view and edit 3 different sections (if the HR admin has enabled that). The first one is the direct deposit information. This allows the employee to decide how their pay is allocated to their different accounts. They can also make changes to tax withholding and deductions if you, the admin, enables it. So you can see it really is a great employee experience and it also means you spend less time answering questions and doing work that the employee themselves can do giving you time back in your day to focus on the important stuff.
  • The last thing i will show you surrounding employee experience is that we want payroll to feel like a fun and exciting experience. These fun emails can go out each time you run payroll. They can be excited each payday as they anticipate this message and the money hitting their bank account. Everything we do is about clarity, simplicity and by proxy, a great experience!
  • Alright, it’s time for our Q&A! We’ve had some great questions rolling in during the session, but if you haven’t submitted yours yet, it’s not too late. Go ahead and click on Q&A at the bottom of your screen to send any lingering questions our way. We’ll do our best to answer as many as possible.
  • Thank you again for joining us for today’s webinar - we hope you’ve been able to get some great takeaways and learned more about BambooHR Time Tracking and Mobile app. If you enjoyed today’s webinar, check out our content library for more great sessions!

    As a reminder, we’ll be sending out the recording and slide deck from today’s webinar to all registrants within the next three business days, so be watching your inbox and spam folder for that.

    Thank You and Ending
    We want to give a big shout out to our customer, Beth Louks from ___ - thanks for teaming up with us on today’s webinar and for sharing your BambooHR story.

    Please make sure to reach out to our presenters on LinkedIn - they’d love to connect with you. And follow BambooHR on social media. We regularly deliver great content that can help elevate your teams and organizations.

    See you next time!