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Companies Killing The Millennial Hiring Game

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How does a company shift from catering to Gen X and Baby Boomers to the Millennial generation and beyond?

Learn all the ins and outs of millennial hiring from some companies that are killing it. The panel of experienced hiring experts from Spark Hire, BambooHR, and Criteria come together to explain their secrets to hiring the most employed generation: Millennials. This group is different from any generation before it. The environment Millennials grew up in makes them have different wants, value needs differently, and look for different things in their employer.

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Companies Killing The Millennial Hiring Game

  1. 1. CompaniesKillingtheMillennial HiringGame
  2. 2. About the Panelists Josh Tolan CEO, Spark Hire JD Conway Director of Talent Acquisition, BambooHR Amyra Rand VP of Sales and Strategic Partnerships, Criteria Corp
  3. 3. How has your candidate outreach process had to adapt to millennial expectations/attitudes?
  4. 4. What tools improve the interview process for millennial candidates?
  5. 5. What perks and benefits have you found most effective at hiring and retaining millennial employees?
  6. 6. What changes have you made to the workplace to ensure harmony between different generations?
  7. 7. In your opinion, is all the hype about how different and disruptive the Millennial generation is warranted?
  8. 8. From your own experience or observing other organizations, how have you seen businesses operations evolve because of shifts in employee demographics?
  9. 9. What are some technologies or processes you’ve put in place in order to engage more frequently/have more touchpoints with your Millennial candidates?
  10. 10. What recruiting techniques have you found ineffective with Millennials?
  11. 11. Questions?