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Stanwood and Kilpatrick "Sharing of Digital Content: A Publisher Perspective"

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This presentation was provided by Karen Stanwood and Jennifer Kilpatrick of SLACK Incorporated, during the NISO event "Blurred Boundaries: Intellectual Property and Networked Sharing of Content," held on May 22, 2019.

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Stanwood and Kilpatrick "Sharing of Digital Content: A Publisher Perspective"

  1. 1. NISO Virtual Conference, May 22, 2019 Sharing of Digital Content: A Publisher Perspective
  2. 2. Jennifer A. Kilpatrick, ELS Vice President, Editorial, Health Care Books and Journals @jenkilpatrick Karen G. Stanwood, ELS Editorial Director, Health Care Books and Journals @KGStanwood
  3. 3. Businesses include: • Daily news • Medical education • Publishing 14 journals and 30-40 books per year
  4. 4. Sharing Policies and Allowed Uses Final Publisher Version • Promotion/tenure packet • Personal sharing with colleagues • Teaching/training • Conferences • Dissertations, theses, or grant applications
  5. 5. Sharing Policies and Allowed Uses (cont’d) Author’s Accepted Version (IN ADDITION TO ALLOWED USES OF FINAL PUBLISHER VERSION) Allowed with embargo • Author’s personal, noncommercial website or blog • Closed institutional repositories • Funding repository • Scholarly collaboration networks (eg, ResearchGate, Academia.edu) Not allowed • Open access institutional repositories • Social media Abstract, Link to Article on Healio.com, and Citation Allowed in all uses
  6. 6. Rationale for Policies • Conservative • For-profit business model • Most content not publicly funded • Protect our investment in content
  7. 7. Investment in Resources • Platform hosting, upgrades, and maintenance • Ecommerce and content management systems • Peer review system, XML conversion, analytics • Memberships, such as STM, COPE, SSP, Crossref • Long-term preservation of content – Portico • Staff investment
  8. 8. Benefits for Researchers/Authors • Sharing of the publisher version for educational/academic purposes • Fairly liberal policies related to author-accepted version • Author complimentary access and sharing • Deposit of content and data to increase discoverability
  9. 9. Benefits for Researchers/Authors (cont’d) • Altmetrics and citation data • Rights registration and protection, plagiarism checks, guidance on ethical issues, and anti-piracy measures • Maintain integrity of the scholarly record; long-term archiving • Explore partnerships/initiatives to increase audience
  10. 10. Publishers can be good partners with authors to disseminate their work as the digital landscape evolves.
  11. 11. Questions?