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Deluca "Building Momentum and Support for Institutional Repository Deposits"

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This presentation was provided by Lisa Deluca of Seton Hall University, during the NISO event "Blurred Boundaries: Intellectual Property and Networked Sharing of Content," held on May 22, 2019.

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Deluca "Building Momentum and Support for Institutional Repository Deposits"

  1. 1. Building Momentum and Support for Institutional Repository Deposits Lisa Deluca, Social Sciences Librarian Seton Hall University Libraries May 22, 2019
  2. 2. Seton Hall University Overview • Private Roman Catholic university in South Orange, New Jersey, founded in 1856. • 11 schools and colleges with an undergraduate enrollment of 6100 students and a graduate enrollment of 4000 students. • 3 campuses – South Orange (Main campus), Nutley (Interprofessional Health Sciences) and Newark (Law School)
  3. 3. Content themes – Public Facing • Faculty scholarship and/or other content: expanding support with full time staff person and student workers • Focus on student success • Communicate repository milestones • Build content “recruitment” into Library Liaison role • Digital Commons Dashboard Analytics helps gather maps and statistics to promote IR
  4. 4. ORCID Digital Measures Digital Commons Content drivers – Technological • Interoperability between systems to facilitate faculty deposits • Institutional Repository -> Faculty Activity Tracking Systems • ORCID
  5. 5. Depositing Scholarly Content: Selected Works • Faculty profiles added by staff member and student workers • Copyright checks via SHERPA RoMEO • Content categories customizable • Analytics Dashboard
  6. 6. Depositing Scholarly Content: Selected Works • Statistics about institutional reach, sector and geography • Downloadable into Excel for analysis • Useful for promotion and tenure
  7. 7. Content Categories • Dissertations and Theses: https://scholarship.shu.edu/etds/ • Undergraduate research journals: https://scholarship.shu.edu/journals.html • Academic Events: https://scholarship.shu.edu/petersheim-exposition/ • Open Educational Resources: https://scholarship.shu.edu/open-educational-resources/
  8. 8. Content Categories • Archives and Special Collections: https://scholarship.shu.edu/archives/
  9. 9. IR Coverage • Institutional eRepository Hits Two Million Downloads • Political Science Journal Hits 10,000 Downloads Worldwide • College of Arts and Sciences Launches Undergraduate Research Journal ; http://blogs.shu.edu/locus/
  10. 10. Technological support for discoverability • Bepress works with Google Scholar to ensure widespread, accurate coverage of Digital Commons content. • Sitemap XML files automatically generated, providing road maps for search engines to find repository content. • Page titles are structured to be unique across the repository as well as informative—using terms to help search engines and individuals better assess page relevance. • Repositories are kept up and running efficiently, minimizing search engine “crawl” errors. Source: https://www.bepress.com/reference_guide_dc/search-engine-optimization-repository/
  11. 11. Technological support for discoverability • Use Descriptive Page Titles • Improve Search Results Snippets • Suggest your own meta-description using the Search Description • Make sure all posted documents have an abstract • Choose descriptive terms for URLs • Look at referrers in Dashboard Reports Source: https://www.bepress.com/reference_guide_dc/search-engine-optimization-repository/
  12. 12. Preservation • Content Lives on Amazon S3 Cloud Services • Real-time redundancy and full nightly backups • Files stored in triplicate in redundant storage cluster, plus backed up offsite to Amazon Glacier • Version history except for deletions which are permanently deleted from IR • Longer term plan – preservation system backup Source: https://www.bepress.com/reference_guide_dc/safeguarding-content-digital-commons/
  13. 13. Seton Hall University Libraries Institutional Repository Team: • Lisa DeLuca, Social Sciences Librarian • Victor Eubanks, Institutional Repository Coordinator • Sharon Ince, Digital Services Librarian • Elizabeth Leonard, Assistant Dean of Information Technologies and Collection Services QUESTIONS? lisa.deluca@shu.edu https://works.bepress.com/lisa_deluca/