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Culbertson - Metadata as Applied to Books

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This presentation was provided by Rebecca Culbertson of the California Digital Library at ALA 2017 during the 11th Annual NISO BISG Forum, Delivering the Integrated Information Experience.

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Culbertson - Metadata as Applied to Books

  1. 1. NISO 11th Annual NISO-BISG Forum ALA 2017 Metadata as Applied to Books, Newly Enriched Content and Emerging Formats
  2. 2. Ebook Metadata Working Group • Goal is to write a best practices document • Describe “the minimum metadata requirements necessary to describe ebooks • To support sales, discovery ,delivery, deaccessioning, and preservation
  3. 3. Phase 1 (completed) • Starting just last February, nineteen of us met at least once a month using conference calls • We are building a Work plan as we go along • Split into 3 subgroups that had conference calls on a biweekly basis • ebook identifiers, dates, and authorities • From the perspective of different stakeholders • Did a comparison of the way that the relevant data elements are handled in the most common standards
  4. 4. Phase 1.2 • Looking at the transmission of metadata and its related workflows • Starting with enunciating pain points again from the perspective of the different types of stakeholders, including • Libraries & consortia • Publishers and their service providers • Data aggregators
  5. 5. Pain Points—lots of them! • eBook metadata often transmitted in collections. Often the vendors don’t do a good job of keeping their lists of titles up to date • When defining a collection from multiple providers the vocabularies need to be the same • Normalizing data across multiple ISBNs • Since libraries want TOCs and book images it would be good if they could ingest ONIX files instead of just MARC
  6. 6. Specific deliverables • NISO Recommended Practice in regard to best uses for metadata in the supply chain of ebooks. • List, description, and meaning of each metadata element • Use or avoidance of existing metadata standards—need to ensure the usefulness of each metadata element for the purposes articulated • Clarification of the supply chain, as necessary