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MARVIC EuropaVerde ppt 2303

  1. MARVIC-EuropaVerde UG Martina Kaufhold, CEO Robert Brunner, COO Agricultural products from sustainable cultivation
  2. Our Vision: To support farmers through the export of products from Cuba, thereby expanding the agricultural sector. The focus is on the promotion and implementation, an ecological and environmentally friendly cultivation using natural resources in cooperation with our local producers.
  3. About MARVIC: About: Moringa from sustainable cultivation exclusively from Cuba & Latin America, for the commercialization of medicinal plants and with knowledge transfer for healthy nutrition. Professional and ecologically sustainable cultivation and distribution of Moringa and other Cuban plant-based foods. Creating jobs and helping small farms to distribute their products in sense of social entrepreneurship.
  4. Presentation of the Founders: Our Partners / CSR: MARVIC‘s farmers and partners in Cuba and Latin America produce bionatural products in the heart of Cuba & Latin America. Initially out of self-interest, as a source of income for their families, we support them on site, with currently two of our employees, to establish social partnerships with the producers / farmers in the sense of fair trade. The preservation of the natural resources as well as the yield areas in the region is a matter of concern for us, which we actively accompany with training courses on agriculture. #CSR, #SocialEntrepreneurship Videos: with Victor (1st famer at MARVIC CubaVerde) - pitch-video of founders Web:
  5. Our main product: Moringa & more
  6. MoringaVerde, 2016 MoringaVerde, 2016 A. (Optional) Grant Application Information* Our main product: Moringa & Why
  7. Alternative food sources with high protein potential for − Growing vegan market. − Growing market for plant-based proteins Numerous applications: − Food − Cosmetics − Medicine − Pet food − Energy source − Water purification − Natural fertilizer − Apiculture − Alley Cropping − Vegan / Alternative protein Moringa is a fast growing tree, easy to cultivate and requires little water. Why Moringa
  8. Quelle: 2021 Market
  9. What we‘re looking for: Investors to advance the agricultural economy in Cuba, such as machinery, tractors, machinery to implement the drying of Moringa leaves on a large scale. Also trade partner for our products in Europe.
  10. MARVIC-EuropaVerde UG Office: Gratzmüllerstr. 5, 1st level, D-86150 Augsburg, Germany Tel: +49 821-661090-30 E-Mail: Website: Ansprechpartner: Ms. Martina Kaufhold, Co-Founder, CEO & SCM Tel: +49 152 28604004 E-Mail: Mr. Robert Brunner, Co-Founder, COO & Sales Tel: +49 821-661090-32 E-Mail: