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BRCOMMS - PR & Marketing Agency

  2. IT'SALL ABOUTTHE CONTENT Contents: 03 The founder: Mr. Bahaa Fatairy 05 About BR Communications 07 Who We Are 09 Our Goals 11 Team Expertise 12 Awards 15 Services 16 PR & Media 18 Online & Offline Advertising 20 Social Media Marketing 22 Branding & Design 24 Reputation Management 27 Sector Coverage 28 Client Coverage 01 BRCommunications CompanyProfile,2016
  3. ABOUT THE FOUNDER: MR. BAHAA FATAIRY Bahaa Fatairy is a seasoned PR & Marketing Executive with over a decade of experience in the UAE and Regionally. Bahaa founded BR Communications in December 2013 with a view towards providing simplified, streamlined PR and Communications services to clients throughout the MENA region. He credits his success to working with clients as partners and understanding how to meet their needs in the capacity of a full-service consultancy firm. Working with unique client profiles is part and parcel of a crucial set of interpersonal skills, and a challenge that Bahaa, who is a self-professed risk-taker, enjoys. Similarly, when it comes to managing the personalities of his employees, he takes an equally open-minded approach. He prefers being a leader as opposed to a traditional boss, which motivates his team to take initiative and work in tandem to build the company. With an enviable client list and a tight-knit team, Bahaa’s long-term goal for BRCOMMS is the creation of regional and international hubs, firmly cementing the company’s position as a global success story. Through a wide array of services including tailor-made business and brand management, advertising, marketing, PR and cutting-edge communications solutions, Bahaa and his team have managed to make BRCOMMS a unique platform for encouraging creativity and long-term business planning for its clients. ESTABLISHING THE BOND BETWEEN COMPANY &CUSTOMER – Bahaa Fatairy: Founder & MD, BR Communications Life in itself is risky, so it is worthwhile to take the risk and follow your dreams regardless of what others tell you. 03 BRCommunications CompanyProfile,2016
  5. WHO WE ARE BR Communications is a reputed Public Relations & Marketing Consultancy based in UAE, offering creative campaign solutions to its clients. We take pride in providing our clients with sound advice and valuable return for their investment. Since our founding, we have worked tirelessly to leave our mark on the marketing industry across the GCC and MENA region. Apart from a background in international media, PR, marketing and brand development, we achieved a feat in acquiring an award-winning multinational creative team, with an experience of several years in PR, digital marketing, advertising, brand development and media activities. Building good relationships is what BRCOMMS aims to achieve through the right channel, prime PR and marketing solutions, the finest services and a team of highly qualified professional experts. We intent to benefit local, regional and international companies in their desired needs. At BRCOMMS, our goal is to be one of the leading fully integrated marketing agencies in the UAE, GCC, and MENA regions. We aim to increase awareness and explore new ways of connecting with our existing clients and attainable target audience. By working closely with our connections and affiliated partners across the US, Europe and Asia, BRCOMMS can attend to your needs anywhere you are, globally. WHENWORD OFMOUTH ISN’TENOUGH 07 BRCommunications CompanyProfile,2016
  6. WESTRIVE TOCREATE BONDS OUR GOALS Creating bonding relations is what BR Communications aims to achieve through the right channel, the best consultancy solutions, the finest services and a of experts. We aim to assist local, regional and international companies in their communications needs. BR Communications’ mission is to be one of the most rapidly growing public relations, marketing and communications consultancies in the region. We aim to increase awareness levels and explore new ways of connecting with our existing clients and potential target audience, including but not limited to government, semi-government, private and media based firms, and local community groups. 09 08 BRCommunications CompanyProfile,2016
  7. WEARE JUSTTHAT GOOD OUR EXPERTISE We can handle your PR and marketing campaigns from concept to delivery, thanks to the support of our highly qualified and professional team of copywriters, social media consultants, and PR marketing consultants. We work to blend creative ideas with interactive design and innovative technology so you stand out from the competition. 11 10 BRCommunications CompanyProfile,2016
  8. AWARDWINNING AGENCY IN THE PRESS... BR Communications wins ‘Best New Business in 2014′ at SME Stars of Business Awards BR Communications FZE, a Dubai-based public relations, marketing and design consultancy, has been named the ‘Best New Business in 2014′ during the SME Stars of Business Awards held on November 30 at the Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai, UAE. Bahaa Fatairy, Managing Director of BR Communications FZE, said: “We are truly honoured to be recognised for this category. Since launching our business in December 2013, we have been striving to make a mark in the region’s highly competitive communications and media industry. This award definitely serves as motivation for us to continue doing our best in delivering valued-added service to our clients.” The SME Stars of Business Awards is an annual event organised by CPI Media Group, recognising the most outstanding small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the GCC region through 22 categories. The event highlights the significant role that SMEs play in helping grease the wheels of economic growth across the region. In the UAE alone, the number of small and medium businesses is estimated to be around 327,000 with total revenue at USD234 billion. “SMEs are undoubtedly the backbone of any nation’s economy. And platforms such as the SME Stars of Business Awards are ideal in celebrating the achievements of these businesses, while also emphasising their contributions to national and economic development,” said Fatairy. Like many new startup ventures, BR Communications FZE is a young company with a dynamic and highly skilled team of media, design and communications professionals who have extensive knowledge of the GCC market. From its office in Dubai, the company serves several clients from a broad spectrum of industries including finance, information and communications technology, government services, as well as events management and exhibitions, among others. Source: AME Info communications-wins-best-new-business-2014-sme-stars-business- awards/ 13 12 BRCommunications CompanyProfile,2016
  9. WHATCAN WEDOFOR YOU? OUR SERVICES PR & Media Branding & Design Online & Offline Advertising Reputation Management Social Media Marketing 15 BRCommunications CompanyProfile,2016
  10. We crowd-source information and our skilled media relations experts think about media holistically – building great stories that resonate and reverberate beyond their initial publication. We believe that great brand storytelling and the ability to consistently generate high-quality, highly relevant engaging content can be a powerful differentiation for brands and organizations. Memorable stories and shareable content provide the connective power that brings people together in this time of great change. Our team of PR Executives, editors and Media Relations in our creative newsroom aim to provide clients with an agile and integrated platform for storytelling, for both planned and real-time marketing. The right message needs the right channel. Our strong PR and media strategy includes developing your business’ media plan, packaging your message and delivering it to our strong network of multi-platform media partners across the Middle East and globally. We work with you to understand your potentially targeted audiences. Only after a clear case study of the demographics, our PR and media solutions provides confidence in positioning your brand as per your requirements, with efficiency and high standards in mind. We partner with clients to produce relevant content and real-time creative assets that support traditional, hybrid, social and owned strategies and align with longer-term brand and corporate narratives. PR & Media Our PR and media groups around the world are made up of former journalists and passionate media relations experts from a wide variety of disciplines who can counsel clients. GETYOUR MESSAGE ACROSS 17 16 BRCommunications CompanyProfile,2016
  11. Our advertising experts are one of the proficient teams in providing services to its clients. As visual content is increasingly important for communicating in the digital age, advertising or data visualization tell stories through data using the medium of effective, intelligent and transparent graphic design. Infographic advertising take complex ideas and statistics and distill them down into digestible, often beautiful and irresistible forms which can drive search results, encourage sharing and provoke deeper levels of engagement. Today’s stories are complex. We help tell them through words, taglines, pictures, banners and interactive video content. We provide successful advertising solutions that satisfies the needs of the clients with utmost ease. Basic techniques used in advertising remain the most frequently employed. Our most basic online and offline advertising techniques is simply showcasing your product, service or brand name in an attractive light. Online and Offline Advertising YOUR BRAND ENVISIONED 19 18 BRCommunications CompanyProfile,2016
  12. We take pride in creating social media campaigns and corporate videos for our clients. Social media and digital marketing has grown as an integral part of the marketing and advertising blend for businesses. We are famous for our high standards and skill in producing creative social media campaigns. Our strategy, expertise and deep understanding of trends, gives the required brand mileage on this powerful platform. Social media should be contextual and aligned with the tenets of a brand and desired consumer experience- we strive to make this a reality! Social Media Marketing REACH OUTTOYOUR CUSTOMER 21 20 BRCommunications CompanyProfile,2016
  13. At BRCOMMS we continuously follow and probe evolving trends in branding and design so that we have a deeper understanding of the subject. We believe that every brand has a personality that gets the company recognition, we make that recognition reverberate. Understanding the dynamics of a brand –what it stands for, what needs it speaks to, its stability, vulnerability and idle potential – is essential in a world of empowered consumers, rapidly evolving markets and increasing transparency. Leveraging our deep expertise in branding and marketing strategy, we work with clients to understand and evolve their businesses at key transition points. We satisfy our clients with campaigns that echo their brand voice and promote better customer engagement, helping them to eventually bring more innovative products and services to the marketplace. Branding is also a way of leveraging an important company asset. Your brand is your corporate reputation in a cut throat environment. We can help you build, maintain or restore public trust in your brand with our branding and design ideas and strategies. Our expertise in branding gives better ideas to our clients to envision their target. we conduct rigorous quantitative and qualitative research, optimization, brand audits and strategic positioning that offer insight into what clients can do to grow their businesses. Branding & Design SHOWWHAT YOURBRAND STANDSFOR 23 22 BRCommunications CompanyProfile,2016
  14. Our crisis communications team provides clients with rapid and strategic responses through the life cycle of reputation risk. Reputation management in the current environment requires companies to respond adeptly to a litany of potentially dangerous issues and disruptions while staying focused on their long-term growth and market goals. Elements of our strong strategic reputation management include: • Establishing proper strategic-driven recommendations that resonate with key stakeholders. • Drafting compelling, rigorously-tested language that articulates this positioning. • Creating message content to regulate leaders around consistent messaging. • Executing communications programs which ensure that executive positioning, internal communications, stakeholder engagement and media relations all tell a consistent story. Reputation Management KEEPYOUR HEAD HELDHIGH 25 24 BRCommunications CompanyProfile,2016
  15. WITHEXPERIENCE INAWIDERANGE OFSECTORS We have sufficient expereience in the following sectors: Governmental Logistics Real Estate Semi-Governmental Cosmetics Marketing I.T. Recreation E-commerce Consumer Electronics Automotive Fashion Retail Aviation Art 27 26 BRCommunications CompanyProfile,2016
  16. CLIENT COVERAGE 29 28 BRCommunications CompanyProfile,2016
  17. BR Communications FZE Tel: +971 44364240 Email: Office 2203, Concord Tower Dubai Media City, UAE PO Box: 634337 – Dubai | UAE