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Frustrated? Get This App for WhatsApp Chat Messages Backup

Frustrated of seeing chat messages getting deleted? Get this WhatsApp chat messages backup app for free suitable for Hike, WhatsApp and many more chat messengers.

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Frustrated? Get This App for WhatsApp Chat Messages Backup

  1. 1. Here’s Why You Should Install This Free WhatsApp Chat History Backup App
  2. 2.  Well, there is no need to panic or feel embarrassed and helpless if your important WhatsApp chat history just disappeared. You are not alone!  Many others are shocked to see their important chat messages deleted when they don’t know how to backup WhatsApp chat history. Don’t Panic !
  3. 3. Are you aware of this ?  If you are not aware, please read carefully, WhatsApp clearly states on their faq’s page- “Note that any messages deleted from your phone before the backup was created, will not be restored” and “If you are unable to restore your chats, unfortunately, we cannot restore your chats, contacts or multimedia files for you.”
  4. 4. A little to cheer  To your delight, WhatsApp automatically makes backup of your conversations everyday at 4 am and you have to uninstall and reinstall to restore messages from this copy. WhatsApp taking up your backup is amazing but what about uninstalling and reinstalling WhatsApp? This is drowning. Also, there is no provision to backup only the selected important messages. It saves everything, whether you need it or not.
  5. 5. Now enjoy more ! Get This Free WhatsApp Chat History Backup App
  6. 6. Install Bag A Chat App  Gift yourself this pay zero, authentic and tested app from Google play store. Bag A Chat app is free WhatsApp chat history backup app and is equipped with some great mind-blowing features than just backing up or saving whatsapp chat history.
  7. 7. No Internet Required  This WhatsApp chat history backup app does not require you to remain connected to internet. Once you have installed the app, follow the simple steps as shown in this video on how to save whatsapp chat history using Bag A Chat app and you’re done.
  8. 8.  All the chat messages would be saved privately in the app on your mobile phone (locally) and not on the server of Bag A Chat app. Your data is safe and secured with you. Isn’t this easy? You can selectively backup or save WhatsApp chat history with few clicks any time you want to do so.
  9. 9. Many more advantages 1. Search messages with 7 different filters including date range, media file type, labels etc. 2. Add labels to messages to logically view those in folders 3. Upload selectively to Google drive/Dropbox cloud 4. Many other features to make it a complete data organizer
  10. 10. Use with multiple messengers  Bag A Chat app is not only specific to WhatsApp but also supports multiple instant chat messengers including Hike. More and more instant messengers are being added with the intention of making chat message backup convenient for your popular instant messenger.
  11. 11.  Get the app now from Google play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.baga chat.messagemail&hl=en
  12. 12. Visit www.bagachat.com © BagAChat.com. 2016 All rights reserved.