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Workshop Innovation in Africa - Mobilize

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On 2018 the BRT+ CoE hosted the Workshop Innovation in Africa, on Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. These are the slides of the main sessions of the event.

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Workshop Innovation in Africa - Mobilize

  1. 1. #mobilizedar
  2. 2. Quo Vadis BRT in South Africa? Research & Training Needs
  3. 3. BRT Implementation Background HIGH BRT CAPEX AND OPEX VALUE FOR MONEY? Adoption of Latin American BRT Designs to achieve “Gold” Status Large, Competing Informal Mini- Bus Taxi Industry & High Incorporation Costs High Peak Period to Inter-Peak Passenger Demand RatioHigh Cost Technology & Systems EFC; Control Centres; Stations No Detailed Economic Appraisals were Conducted. Over- Optimistic Ridership & Revenue Forecasts Rapid Car Ownership Growth 230 cars/1000 pop) 2010 Soccer World Cup Pressure Rapid Urbanisation Political Pressure Freeway Tolling in Gauteng
  4. 4. Operations Data Rea Vaya & MyCitiTypical Daily Demand Profiles Rea Vaya MyCiti
  5. 5. National Government response to value for money concerns: • Establishment of Cities Support Program in National Treasury; • Review of CAPEX and OPEX 3-year cycle Integrated Public Transport Networks (ITPN) planning & budgeting process; • Parliamentary Transport Committee audit of planning & implementation in 13 cities in early 2018:Recommended Action No. Systems Systems Expansion with Conditions 2 Johannesburg (Rea Vaya) & Cape Town (MyCiti) Urgently Expand Operations 3 Pretoria (A Re Yeng), Ekurhuleni (Harambee) and George (Go George! QBS System) Urgently Start Operations 2 Durban and Rustenburg Potential Mothballing unless Rapid Progress Made 6 Bloemfontein; Port Elizabeth; Nelspruit; Polokwane; Pietermaritzburg; East London
  6. 6. Research Needs in South African & African Context National RSA government admit naivety in the planning process; But are asking what should be done differently to ensure system sustainability, i.e.: o Improve the reliability of transportation demand models; o Investigate improved trip data collection methods, especially smartphone based technologies; o Investigate & understand passengers travel preferences & impacts on system designs & operations; o Reduce CAPEX of systems by looking at alternative designs and operating models & methods; o Improve the economic appraisal process (including wider economic benefits) to motivate funding o Evaluate options for first and last mile accessibility to BRT stations, including hybrid-operations; o Investigate how to make systems accessible and attractive across income groups; o Better integrate all transit systems in cities;
  7. 7. ransport Training Needs in South African & African Context atus Quo: Demand for trained and experienced transport planners, economists and operations managers is far in excess of supply for government, advisors & operators; Over-reliance on consultants by government transport planning and operating officials; Some initiatives have been taken, e.g. City of Johannesburg arrangement with local busine school for Certificate in Public Transport Governance and Operations; Consultant appointments include training & skills enhancement requirement, but seldom effective; Training must be focussed on African needs & requirements, i.e. not ‘one size fits all’. Government at all Levels & Across Departments Transport Planning Professionals Public Transport Operators ining needs vary between:
  8. 8. Training Spectrum: Level of Expertise Required on Completion Of Training Intensity & Duration of Training Short Courses Informal in Nature & Cross-Sector. Limited Training & Experience Needed Block Courses Specific in Subject Formal Training & Experience Needed Formal Graduate & Post Graduate. Subject Specific Courses. Recognised qualifications Needed Area of Focus for Universities
  9. 9. Summing Up BRT systems in South Africa are at a critical juncture, with value for money being questioned; Risk is that if sustainability is not demonstrated, new systems will not be rolled out or expanded; An overall weakness in government and private sector transport planning is a shortage of professionally trained staff; In the South African context, this is resulting in inadequate planning & operations of BRT systems; Training and skills improvement programs are key to ensuring the future success of the systems.