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Mass Appeal

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Losing The Race Chasing Mass Appeal

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Mass Appeal

  1. 1. Mass Appeal
  2. 2. A Common Enemy Only Keeps Us From Knowing Our True Friends
  3. 3. Everyday Is On, Livin’ This Life, Out For This Cheddar
  4. 4. Finding Justice Is An Elusive Quest Does everyone like you? Folks will side with you even when you are wrong because they give you the benefit of the doubt; this is a dangerous position to be in as it can easily lead to personal corruption of self if not kept in check Do they hate you? Prepare yourself for many sleepless nights where you must rely on your unique talents alone to prevail in your mission; learn to keep focus despite exhaustion and learn to keep hope even though all seems lost Does anybody care? Better get a really good lawyer and pay him/her exactly what they want because otherwise they might lose track of your case due to their heavy caseload The 3 Ways
  5. 5. The Business Of Life Does Not Mean On The Surface What It Seems Life PleasureBusiness
  6. 6. 5 Central Points Connect A Global Talent & Knowledge Network Los Angeles Chicago New York Warsaw Singapore
  7. 7. Step 1 Capital Aggregation Step 3 Project Work Step 2 Talent Development
  8. 8. Nothing But Music Going On Put Your Damn Phone Away