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BIM - What the Client wants from Manufacturers #BIM4M2help

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Presentation by Terry Stocks, Faithful + Gould at BIM for Manufacturers: Countdown to Mandatory BIM at the Building Centre on 13 April 2016.
More information: http://bim4m2.co.uk/bim-for-manufacturers-seminar-live-blog-bim4m2help/

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BIM - What the Client wants from Manufacturers #BIM4M2help

  1. 1. Click to edit Master title style What the Client wants from Manufacturers
  2. 2. Terry Stocks Director F+G UK Head of Public Sector Delivery Director BIM Level 2 – UK BIM Task Group
  3. 3. Importance of UK Construction
  4. 4. BIM Update GOVERNMENT CONSTRUCTION STRATEGY: • Strategy to drive down central government project cost c20% • Promote Early Contractor Involvement • Improved Client Leadership • Govt imperative to use BIM (Building Information Modelling) • Acknowledging importance of operation • Bringing in the end user early • Bringing in the asset operator early • A Vision For 2025 • 30% Lower Cost • 50% Faster Delivery • An Industry attracting “Top Talent” • Smart, Sustainable, Supporting Growth, Strong Leadership
  5. 5. Focus Maintained GSL Now BS8536 Part 1 GCS now update 2016 - 2020 New reformed Construction Leadership Council
  6. 6. Future Vision and Focus
  7. 7. Collaborative Procurement Intelligent Client Early Contractor Engagement Benchmarking / Use of Data Continuous Improvement Govt Soft Landings DFMA, BOS, Standardisation Lean Delivery BIM – Part of a Bigger Picture
  8. 8. BIM – Business Improvement Methodology? BIM a Trojan Horse – Improving: • The Delivery Process • The Capex to Opex Handover • The Operational Life cycle operation
  9. 9. Architectural Model Structural Model Mech and Elec Model Federated Model Architectural COBie File answering EIR Stage Appropriate Questions Structural COBie File answering EIR Stage Appropriate Questions M and E COBie File answering EIR Stage Appropriate Questions Federated COBie Information Driving 33% Lower WLCC – The Challenge
  10. 10. 1. Collecting The Asset Data 2. Storing The Asset Data 3. Sharing The Asset Data BIM – It’s Data 4. Feed Back Updates Into Hub / Data Base
  11. 11. The Savings are Real
  12. 12. Design Build Operate Maintain Dispose 2 % of Life Cycle 5 % of Life Cycle 93 % of Life Cycle WHAT WE SPEND LEAST TIME ON HAS THE LONGEST EFFECT! Multiple FM Operators Over Life Cycle Multiple Operators Over Life Cycle Asset Cycle
  13. 13. Project Value Stream Decisions here affect the outcomes (30) Decisions here affect the outcomes (4) 1 Capex Expenditure 30 Environmental Impact 4 Energy and Maintenance Impact Normally a race to start on site!!!! Opportunity Lost? Set operational outcomes here To increase operational outcomes and efficiency here To create feed back and lessons learned here (BI update etc.) Check operational outcomes here (POE etc.)
  14. 14. The BIM Process OIR &AIR EIR Assetrefurbishment maystartfromhere!
  15. 15. In Summary Clients want BIM / Data It’s a means to an end: • Better time, cost, quality outcomes (50% Faster, 50% less carbon, Right First Time) • Better predictability of outcomes • Life cycle savings (33% WLCC Target) Where are clients? • BIM Mandate now here and central Govt clients are asking for project data • OIR / AIR / EIR --- PIM and AIM to CAFM and AMS and back! • Support for BIM from the highest level What clients want. • A BIM capable supply chain working with the client • Supply chain engaged at all levels supported in their approach to BIM – Not everyone needs to be a data or 3d modelling wizard! • Growing use of standard designs and libraries, where possible.
  16. 16. Bim – It’s the Future! Thank You WWW.fgould.com