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Social Media BICS Froum - Cassie Delaney

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Social Media BICS Froum - Cassie Delaney

  1. 1. FreeOnline Tools &how to buildcampaign La social media BICS 2013 CASSIE DELANEY
  2. 2. HI.I’m Cassie DelaneyStudied Journalism in DITHave been involved with DIT Socities for three yearsInterned with Image PublicationsWrite for FilmIreland, Cara Magazine, Meg.ie, Campus.ie,stuff4students.ie and Oxygen.ieCurrently working on developing TheWayWeLive.ie in association with the Wave ChangeProgram from Social Enterprise IrelandLikes traveling, photography, design, documentaries, digital filmmaking, using social mediato advance social causes, downloading new fontsActive on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Thinglink@CassieLorraine
  3. 3. Agenda What is Social Media? How can I form a social media campaign? What works? Exercise New technologies
  4. 4. Some may say that social media isn’t a conversation at all, but rather a form of publication. It is a way for anyone to publish anything from anywhere on the Internet. While publication is an impor-tant part of social media, more so, social media itself thrives not on the act of publication, but rath- er on sharing and conversing about that publication, whether it be an article, photo, video, funny comic, political opinion, or anything that one may share while perusing the world wide web. It is as if social media is a worldwide virtual coffee lounge, open 24 hours a day. Somefolks pop their head in for a few minutes and just people watch. Others may converse forhours on end. You can listen in on other people talk. (It’s probably more accurate to say you can look on to what other other people typed.) Or, drop in on a conversation you may find fascinating. But in order to have that social media conversation, you need to know to speak the language, i.e. how to use social media. The best way to learn is to just do it and learn from others who do it.Observe and pay attention to how others are using the medium, then start contributing to the con-versation. Like in a coffee shop, you can people watch first, then jump in when you feel comfortable. Learn not to talk at the screen but through it, to the real people at the end of your virtual network
  5. 5. five reasons to use1. Facebook makes it easy to share the 1. Get Real Time News bits that don’t seem to be important enough to call someone about 2. Proven to be the most effective way to Drive Traffic to Your Website, Blog, 2. Easy to recommend a product, or Facebook Fan Page, Landing Page, etc service 3. Reach a Global Audience FAST!3. Easy to warn a lot of people about a bad product or experience 4. Twitter holds huge value from an SEO standpoint 4. Easy to organize an activity or an event 5. Connecting with Influencers Within Your Niche 5. Bazzillions of users
  6. 6. five reasons to use1. Video plays better on mobile devices 1. Fun & inspirational 2. Internationally Accessible 2. Great for competitions, based on sharing 3. Virality 3. Directs traffic, every pin contains a link 4. Embeddable 4. Connect with worldwide users 5. Most popular form of media consumption by 18-30 year olds 5. Market research, see what your audience want
  7. 7. seven reasons to use 1. SEO optimising & it is a social network within itself 2. Somewhere to direct people to a bulk of information 3. Archives of information4. Not confined by character counts. Ability to include all types of Media. Colourful and interactive, completely user defined 5. Fun, a place for you to offer complete transperancy to your society/service etc 6. Connect with other experts and similar interests 7. Connect with influencesrs & cool kids
  8. 8. How do I forma social mediacampaign ?
  9. 9. “ listening to people Keeps thementertained -M.Cooley ”
  10. 10. How to listen online Twitter Hashtags Whatstrending,com Most viewed on youtube Trending on Wanelo, Pinterest, Read the comments section of news reports to gauge reaction the most important thing is to maintain a consistent online presence
  11. 11. “ OF THE UNIVERSE My goal is simple it is a complete UNDERSTANDING ” - S. hawking
  12. 12. People: understand your audience & their habits http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHddpHuEOHI
  13. 13. People: understand your audience & their habitsFacebook UsersOver 70% of Irelands Facebook users return DAILYIrish people have an average of 268 friends25 to 34 year olds account for 30% of Irish Facebook users50% of users access via their mobileThere are 2,281,680 Facebook users in Ireland (Socialbakers.com)Almost 170,000 new Facebook profiles have been created sinceApril (Socialbakers.com)Most of these have been added in August & September 2012(Socialbakers.com)
  14. 14. People: understand your audience & their habits Facebook Content We like 133 million items per month Leave 81 million comments Send 77 million messages Upload 24 million photos Posted 14 million wall posts Posted 9 million status updates Checked-in 471,000 times Uploaded 103,000 videos
  15. 15. People: understand your audience & their habitsWhen we use FacebookUnsurprisingly check-ins hit a peak on SaturdaysDublin Airport is the number 1 check in location (Socialbakrs.com)Photo and video uploads peak on a SundayWe’re least likely to fan a page on a Saturday, most likely on aMondayWe send the fewest messages, and post the fewest comments, on aSaturdayThe weekends (Fri – Sun) we post our status updates
  16. 16. People: understand your audience & their habitsFacebook vs Google, Yahoo & MicrosoftWe spend 5.01 mins on Facebook looking at 490 pages3.26 mins on Google looking at 272 pages0.38 seconds on Yahoo looking at 44 pages1.00 min on Microsoft sites looking at 51 pages http://www.socialbakers.com/facebook-statistics/ireland
  17. 17. People: understand your audience & their habitsToolsForrester empowered ToolsSurvey MonkeySocialbakers
  18. 18. “YOU GET THERE” Set your goals high & don’t STOP UNTIL - B. Jackson
  19. 19. Ojectives: What do you want to achieve?Set time specific goals about what you wish to achieveIs it gaining popularity?Selling tickets?gaining followers?increasing engagement offline?networking?joinging with similar organisations?seel a service or product?
  20. 20. “IT’S CALLED ADVERTISING Creative without Stratefy is called ‘art’. ” WITH STRATEGY - J. Richards
  21. 21. Strategy: the how Step one: Organise your team and your timeline (trello.com) Step two: generate your content. uniquely created content is optimum for SEO(thinglink, YouTube, infogr.am, instagram, google chart, create.visual.ly Step three: Connect the offline with the online
  22. 22. Things that worked: 2012 Kony 2012 Anything With Gangnam style or Call me Maybe Ikea - tag to win showrooms McDonalds behind the scenes Zoosk - heart friend Adam Pacitti - EmployAdam.com
  23. 23. Strategy: EmployAdam.com
  24. 24. Strategy: EmployAdam.comTHE MESSAGE: It’s simple: EMPLOY ADAMTHE BILLBOARD: Simple… on many levels.Easy to read: Dark background and lettering in the two colors thatare the easiest to read: white and yellow (think road signs).Clear call to action: “Please Give Me A Job.”Tells A Story: One of the most effective ways to sell, is to share astory. His story is simple: “I spent my last £500 on this billboard. Pleasegive me a job.” Simple stories often sell best.Makes The Website Address Easy To Read: Since Adam used allCAPS, EMPLOYADAM.COM could be difficult to read/understand.The solution, make EMPLOY in white and ADAM in yellow. Problemsolved.
  25. 25. Strategy: EmployAdam.comIncludes His Photo: By adding his photo, it makes the ad real. Notethat he didn’t use a fancy studio photo that made him look like an ac-tor or the ‘perfect employee.’ He used a photo that looks real. Trans-parency sells. It makes him empathetic and approachable. It alsomakes him relateable, which makes it easier for others to share his mes-sage.Makes The Website Address Easy To Read: Since Adam used allCAPS, EMPLOYADAM.COM could be difficult to read/understand. Thesolution, make EMPLOY in white and ADAM in yellow. Problem solved.THE WEBSITE: Again… simple.
  26. 26. Strategy: EmployAdam.comEffectively Simple Website URL: It’s simple, easy to remember andclearly states it’s purpose: EmployAdam.comClean layout: Hard to get lost. Friendly intro, “Hi, I’m Adam Pacitti”followed by a short (3 min 51 sec), entertaining, informative and self-deprecating video. Videos are SIMPLE. Click and watch. No readingrequired. Simple. Effective.Makes it easy and simple for the press: Adam wants the power ofthe press, the news cycles. And he also realizes that reporters are b-u-s-y people… with deadlines. So he makes it SIMPLE and EASY forthem to get the word out about him.
  27. 27. Strategy: EmployAdam.comUtilises various forms of media - Twitter, Facebook, YouTube,WebsiteUnusual, witty, strange, self-deprecatingPicked up by national news, LADbible, reddit, 4Chan, Buzzfeed,Broadsheet & other influencers.He knows the media; includes hih res image downloads, videopermissions, and paragraphs of information
  28. 28. Strategy: Ikea showroom http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TYy_3786bo
  29. 29. Strategy: Exercise Channel fours 4oD Viewership is low on a Sunday Wants to start a social media campaign to increase viewership. Can use all forms of social media.
  30. 30. Strategy: ExerciseWe designed a Twitter campaign that made one-to-one viewing recommendations in re-sponse to individuals’ requests. Over four Sundays the campaign increased Sunday 4oDviewing by 30% – well beyond Channel 4’s target. The Twitter campaign was backed up by TV ads and online media, and helped to deliver greater awareness of 4oD among an expanded audience of 330,000.We embedded a team on Twitter every Sunday afternoon, encouraging people to tell Channel 4 about their their age and their mood, uniting the conversation through the #4oDSundays hashtag. The NixonMcInnes team would then tweet back with a personal recommendation from the 4oD library, selected from a mixof current favourites and classic content. Recommendations also included catch- ing up with missed episodes, meeting one of the campaign objectives to dem- onstrate video-on-demand as a way to strengthen loyalty among viewers more used to watching a series through conventional means.
  31. 31. “ED SOMETHING NEW ” A person who never madea mistake neverTRI - A. Einstein
  32. 32. New technologies worth trying Trello.com Vimeo Thinglink.com WaNeLo SnapChat Spotify LinkedIn Blogger, wordpress InstaCollage Delicious Aviary TweetDeck/Sproutsocial (paid) Pinterest SocialBakers
  33. 33. New Technologies: Predicted Trends for 2013 Everything will be digital: Social is Mobile: In 2012 Nestle released chocolate With half of all users accessing their Fa- bars that were GPS enabled, the CW cebook profiles via a mobile can you network in the USA had a live Twitter afford to ignore this audience? Checkfeed in a magazine, coat hangers dis- out Google Analytics to see what per- played Facebook likes, we added an centage of your web traffic is comingAugmented Reality layer to pint bottles from mobile or a tablet. If they cannotof Bulmers and there was even NFC en- get the information they want when theyabled socks! Why are non-digital prod- want it they can easily go to a mobile ucts becoming ‘connected’? Because optimised competitor.they can deliver better experiences forthe consumer and expect to see more of it in 2013.
  34. 34. New Technologies: Predicted Trends for 2013 Don’t rely on Facebook: Content will improve:Facebook dominates social media but Content comes in many forms from 2013 will see the savvy brands, who Facebook updates to blog articles, haven’t already done so, move onto photos, website copy and video clips.other networks and beef up their pres- Content marketing is about telling a ence there. Facebook is becoming story your target audience will get very cluttered and brands now have value from. Next year more budget will to invest in paid for media to reach move from traditional above the line their fanbase through Promoted Posts advertising into creating the kind ofor Sponsored Stories. This last year has content your customers will share with seen steady growth in the numbers us- their friends.ing Google +, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.