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Artificial Intelligence in Second Life                                                     Jahaan Danielle Maiden         ...
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Poster: BDPA IT Showcase - 'Artificial Intelligence in Second Life'

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Jahaan Maiden conducted her research on 'Artificial Intelligence in Second Life' as part of the 9th annual BDPA IT Showcase held August 4-5, 2011 in Chicago IL.

This is the 3' x 5' poster that was used to portray her research.

Jahaan is now entering her third year at the University of Cincinnati (UC) with a dual major of Marketing and International Business. As an active member of the UC community, Jahaan sits on the marketing committee for Entrepreneurship Club and is also an active member of Shades of You, ADVANCE, and the Muslim Student Association.

Having rowed as a varsity crew member for the Great Miami Rowing center, Jahaan is looking forward to joining the rowing team in the upcoming season.

Outside of her UC experience, Jahaan is training to become a mentor at the Institute of Youth Development and Excellence. This is Jahaan's first year participating in the National BDPA IT Showcase.

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Poster: BDPA IT Showcase - 'Artificial Intelligence in Second Life'

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