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Preview of CES 2015

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Heading to CES? Here are some of the key trends and technologies that brands and advertisers should be looking for!

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Preview of CES 2015

  1. #CES2015Heading to CES this year? Here are the 5 top trends and technologies that The Digital Lab will be looking out for:
  2. Wear Connect Experience Mobilize Drive Powered By BBDO & Proximity The annual arrival of CES triggers an overwhelming amount of speculation as to what the biggest technology trends are going to be over the coming year. This year, many experts have agreed that some of the same trends from 2014 have carried into 2015. But that does not mean that the technologies within these categories have not evolved. In fact: some of the evolutions we’ll see at CES 2015 are so significant that they are tipping the scale towards mass consumer adoption, which is the biggest test for emerging technology. This year, the Digital Lab’s eyes are on Wearables, The Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, Mobility, and the Connected Car.
  3. Wear Connect Experience Mobilize Drive Wearables. Wearables have come a long way since 2014, and while we may not see a major presence at CES from the likes of Apple or Google, we’ll still be seeing huge leaps in wearable technologies in three distinct categories: health, fashion, and general utility. Furthermore, we are likely to begin seeing wearables that are vastly more interactive than they have been in the past, with advanced heart-rate and sleep monitoring and better interface designs. Powered By BBDO & Proximity
  4. Experience Mobilize Drive The Internet of Things. For 2+ years now, we’ve been hearing that this is finally the year for the Internet of Things. But 2015 may be the first year that connected objects truly find a place in the average consumer’s home. At CES 2015, the Digital Lab will be on the lookout for innovative ways that every day objects can become connected, smarter, and even engaged with the world and people around them. This engagement is what brands should keep an eye on. Powered By BBDO & Proximity Connect Wear
  5. Mobilize Drive Virtual Reality. Powered By BBDO & Proximity Connect Wear Experience For many brands, embracing emerging technology means using it to create unforgettable experiences for consumers. Virtual reality is still a nascent technology, and to predict that it will be widely adopted by consumers in 2015 may be a stretch (though perhaps not.) However, it has reached the point at which many brands can begin using it to create amazing, immersive experiences that tell their story in a unique way.
  6. Drive Mobility. Powered By BBDO & Proximity Connect Wear Experience Mobilize Mobile can mean many things, but at this year’s CES, brands should be focused on three aspects of mobile technology: payments, search, and video. Consumer behavior is shifting towards mobile faster than many analysts could have predicted even two years ago, so to get even a glimpse at what the next two years could bring, head over to Tech East, which will feature the latest in mobile technology.
  7. Powered By BBDO & Proximity Connect Wear Experience Mobilize Connected Cars. For brands seeking inspiration on how to bring the energy of emerging technologies into their businesses, the luxury car industry is an excellent place to start. Luxury auto brands are always seeking to be on the cutting edge of new technology, and 2015 is looking to be an outstanding year for the industry. Look for cars that are able to communicate with the other smart devices in our lives. Drive
  8. @ CES 2015 January 5-9 Stay tuned at @TheDigitalLab