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Social Marketing Strategy Electronics Industry

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The business results that count after implementing a good social media strategy.

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Social Marketing Strategy Electronics Industry

  1. 1. social networkers worldwide! There will soon be The number of social networking channels is rising rapidly… The truth is out there… of businesses expect to collaborate with customers via social networks in the next 3 to 5 years However, successful social and digital marketing is an art and a science that requires... Discoverability Social network expertise Powerful analytic capabilities 2020 social marketing for the electronics industry Does your organisation have what it takes to plan and drive sophisticated multi-channel campaigns? It’s already happening Use one social media network to generate maximum awareness and demand for a new film release - Elysium - in just 10 days. Task A Use analytics as a foundation and develop a multi-channel approach across all major networks to optimise each phase of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 campaign. Task B Result more likes3x as many comments3xviral reach2x The future is social Thanks to IBM, Sony Pictures Spain has a strong digital strategy in place of electronics companies have limited or no social strategy and are lacking the necessary skills However… Develop a powerful social and digital initiative Identify inputs Look at ALL the factors that will influence the campaign1 Define objectives KPIs can quantify just about every aspect of a digital marketing campaign – including likes, viral reach and shares 2 Analytics everywhere Execute and measure your analytics to maximise and adjust your investment, in realtime, across the various social networks 5 Customer experience Personas can be applied to understand and optimise the experience and plan tailored journeys to generate maximum value at every touch-point 3Execute and measure Visualise and measure everything (and adjust your campaigns accordingly) 4 of CXOs claim they understand their customers today* *Source: 2013 IBM Global CSuite Study Optimise your investment with a 5-step Integrated Campaign Planning System: Target your social media investment in real-time, continuously shifting spend to optimise your strategy Focus on the most relevant network to you, your business and your audience. Then look at how one network is connected to another. Your future. Our experience. IBM blends the art of marketing with science, creative and analytics. Understanding your audience can maximise your business results Reduce budget spend / Increase brand awareness / Improve conversion rate Build brand advocates / Increase fan base / Generate ROI / Increase sales Embrace the future with IBM Imagine if you could increase your social hits by up to 500% and stretch your budgets across the right channels Digital Business Strategy Innovation and Visioning Digital Operating Model Customer Experience Strategy and Design Digital Marketing Strategy Customer Insight Strategy Digital Content and Knowledge Digital Platform Strategy We think bigger than an agency... More creatively than a consultancy... With the power to integrate the whole system... For more information contact: This enabled Sony Pictures to create a successful customer journey by: Targeting the right audiences Using the right platform At the right time With the right content For the right value proposition IBM Interactive Experience IBM can help you with new approaches, processes, skills and technologies Marcel Baron Senior Managing Consultant IBM Interactive Experience marcel.baron@nl.ibm.com +31 65 397 8643 Chris Streete Associate Partner, Electronics Industry IBM Interactive Experience STREETE@uk.ibm.com +44 (0) 7837 203 913 ©CopyrightIBMCorporation2014.AllRightsReserved. IBM,theIBMlogoandibm.comaretrademarksorregisteredtrademarksofInternational BusinessMachinesCorporationintheUnitedStates,othercountries,orboth. Othercompany,productandservicenamesmaybetrademarks,orservicemarksofothers.