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5 Take aways from the Marketing Performance Management Study

  1. 2 October 2014, Shimon Ben Ayoun, Jessica van Rijn By: Shimon Ben Ayoun Managing Partner spotONvision @shimonbenayoun #b2bnl 5 Takeaways from the Marketing Performance Management Survey 2015
  2. CEO’s Think Marketers Lack Business Credibility: They can’t Prove they Generate Business Growth Source: Fournaise Research 73% @shimonbenayoun
  3. @shimonbenayoun Why? Branding, branding, and branding Sexy marketing trends More budget without proving impact Show lots of marketing data with no P&L meaning Focus too much on ‘arty fluffy’ side of marketing
  4. ‘Until marketers start speaking the P&L language of their CEO’s and CFO’s and start tracking the effectiveness of their strategies and campaigns, they will continue the lack credibility in the eyes of their CEO’s and will continue to be seen more as a cost center than an asset’ Source: Fournaise Research
  5. @shimonbenayoun spotONvision Commitment With a dedicated passion for B2B marketing, a vast knowledge of the B2B buying process, content marketing and technology, spotONvision helps its customers to implement a buyer-centric marketing strategy & operations to drive pipeline growth, credibility and value
  6. 26 CMO’s ABN AMRO Bank N.V. Accenture AFAS Software Aon Bidvest DeliXL BIM Media Company size revenue BT DHL Express DLL Group E.ON EMC Exact EY Fluke Networks KPN Linkedin NUON NXP Semiconductors Philips Lighting PPG Industries Robeco Royal HaskoningDHV Seagate Technology TomTom Telematics Wavin Xerox In cooperation with: • Budget allocation • Processes and reporting • Campaigns and activities • Roles & responsibilities • Insights and metrics • Priorities & challenges • Outlook
  7. @shimonbenayoun Marketing performance management The technologies and services for solutions that support marketing’s ability to gain access to insights, analyze data, make predictions, and optimize marketing programs, campaigns and resources “ “ The analysis and improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing (…) by focus on the alignment of activities, strategies, and metrics (…) monitor marketing performance (…) utilize marketing dashboards to manage marketing performance. “ “ It is important because 1. It helps marketers to show the value of marketing to the organisation 2. It helps marketers getting more for less by making marketing more efficient and effective “The processes and systems that help organisations measure the results of their marketing activities” spotONopinion
  8. @shimonbenayoun 5 Takeaways 1. Performance Management is top-of-mind 2. What can we learn from the experts 3. Campaign performance is not only about the # of leads 4. What are the key enablers for MPM? 5. Main challenges to implement MPM
  9. @shimonbenayoun 1. Performance management is top-of-mind Surprise? No Marketers now have more tools available than ever before But… The challenge for many marketers is to take it to the next level Marketing Executives Are Under Growing Pressure to Show Return on Investment, As Companies Tighten Controls. Source: The Conference Board Reports
  10. Marketing performance maturity model Framework Reporting Processes and metrics which connect marketing performance to company objectives Dashboards and reports marketers use to show results @shimonbenayoun
  11. @shimonbenayoun 2. What can we learn from the experts in MPM 1. Maintain a clear structure to track budgets and to connect spending to campaign results 2. Rely on online marketing activities that foster data acquisition and measurement 3. Use marketing automation tools and integrate them with CRM 4. Engage top-level management to drive improvement of marketing capabilities
  12. @shimonbenayoun 3. Campaign Performance is not only about # of Leads What do we know about marketing’s contribution to revenue?
  13. Pipeline Revenue Insights Insight is required into how marketing-originated leads perform during all stages in the pipeline. When having this insight, both short-term actions to boost sales and long-term projects to structurally improve marketing contribution to pipeline performance can be initiated spotONopinion
  14. 1. Marketing (&Sales) Technologies 2. Management involvement @shimonbenayoun 4. What are the key enablers for MPM?
  15. Enabler 1: Marketing automation & MPM Marketing Automation Allows companies to capture leads, track behaviour, track pipeline performance of leads, attribution touchpoints @shimonbenayoun
  16. Marketing automation Leads to better insights @shimonbenayoun Measuring an overall MPM can enable companies to attain greater results from its marketing budget by looking beyond campaign performance improvements spotONopinion
  17. Enabler 2: Management involvement @shimonbenayoun Having assigned the responsibility to align marketing metrics with business goals indicates that marketing performance management is part of the company agenda and that it gets evaluated over time. spotONopinion
  18. Marketing executives often not held accountable @shimonbenayoun Marketing’s stakeholders at the board level often do not have a clear understanding of what marketing can achieve. Successful marketing leaders do not wait for their peers to set tasks. spotONopinion
  19. 5. Challenges most marketers run into Build expertise performance mgt, digital, marketing automation. Convince board to invest in technology and optimisation. Change culture to be more analytic and performance driven. @shimonbenayoun
  20. @shimonbenayoun What can we do to improve our marketing performance management capabilities?
  21. A step-by-step approach @shimonbenayoun Align current performance metrics and KPIs to strategic goals. Create executive and tactical marketing performance dashboards. Improving data availability in order to achieve better insight. Assign roles and responsibilities to embed performance management into all marketing processes. 1 2 3 4 Optimise content performance, channel performance, campaign performance, pipeline performance.
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