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A Managed File Transfer (MFT) Alternative to Shadow IT

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Employees are more and more using consumer grade cloud based solution to transfer files with their counter parts being other employees or external partners / customers. They are only looking for achieving their mission. They consider IT organization and the rules it tries to enforce as constraints hindering their mission. They are not understanding the security and organization problems they are creating. Finally using consumer grade cloud solution for file sharing is a bad idea for security, traceability, efficiency, governance, compliance and costs reasons. Also it is limited, it is only addressing manual processes at a time where business automation is the graal. The solution should combine System centric and Person centric MFT. Such a solution will be MFT:ready to propose an alternative to shadow IT.

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A Managed File Transfer (MFT) Alternative to Shadow IT

  1. 1. Is Your MFT Ready for Digital? 15 USED AUTHORIZED1 Cloud Services
  2. 2. 2 81% of line-of-business employees admitted to using unauthorized SaaS applications With 38% deliberately using unsanctioned apps because of the IT-approval process. Source: Gigacom Research – Nov 2014 http://research.gigaom.com/report/shadow-it-data-protection-and-cloud-security/
  3. 3. 3 59,5% Employees don’t understand their responsibility in the organization’s security culture, which includes file security Source: Info-Tech n = 145 37% Individuals report that they actively seek external technology without proper IT support or supervision Source: Info-Tech n = 20,270
  4. 4. • Send – A file to a collaborator – A weekly report – An updated client list for a marketing campaign • Receive – An order – A blueprint 4
  5. 5. • Users have experienced file sharing issues – Account setup - days not minutes – Difficult process – Inflexible for new needs – The tool is outdated – My partners/customers won’t use the tool 5
  6. 6. • It’s safe, right? – Browser had the lock shown – Their site says it is encrypted – No PII/PHI – It’s “Just” campaign data 6
  7. 7. 7 Who has ongoing or temporary access to the data? Is access ever revoked? Is data ever cleaned up? Does the data persists after users leave the organization?
  8. 8. FTP Secure & Enterprise-Grade
  9. 9. • Ultimately it creates new silos – As many exchange channels as individuals – As it is generally coming with no engagement users are changing of solution as soon they find one more « sexy » – Each individual is using his own – Need to define by phone which solution to be used this time • Ultimately it creates budget problems – When summing up each dollar spent on these different solutions – It makes a real amount 9
  10. 10. 10 Security Governance Traceability Efficiency Compliance Cost
  11. 11. 11 Mainframe application has no account on “dropfile.com” No integration with established business processes
  12. 12. System centric File Transfers Person centric File Transfers
  13. 13. Intuitive Open Scalable Secure
  14. 14. Multi-modal people interactions Ensure best fit between file transfer need and context of use Unified Governance Homogeneous flow definition, management & repository End-to-End visibility Roles management & delegated administration Gateway to secure external exchanges Scalable & Highly available Delegated administration Dedicated agents for A2A synchronization Delegated management of inter-applications file transfer and sharing Leverages a flow repository and covers all enterprise file transfer needs 14 mobile CFT email web SC ST appl. appl. Central Governance CFT
  15. 15. • Provide a secure and governed alternative to consumer-grade, cloud-based file sharing • Use one complete MFT solution to govern all enterprise MFT patterns, including EFSS (Enterprise File Sharing and Synchronization) • Eliminate the use of risky file-sharing services and enable secure BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiatives • Apply enterprise security policies to person-to- person file sharing without requiring people to change the way they work • Allow new interactions combining people and automated business processes 15 mobile CFT email web SC ST appl. appl. Central Governance CFT
  16. 16. 16 Download Axway white paper: https://www.axway.com/en/gate/1998