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Facebook Timeline for Hotels - Are you ready for the change?

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Facebook is instituting mandatory changes that will alter the look of company profile pages starting Friday 30th March.
The new "timeline" profile page layout allows hotels to express themselves more visually to boost the amount of time people spend engaging with their pages.
This month's webinar will help you understand the impact of these changes and the scale of opportunities available to hotels.

What we will cover:
1. Managing your page on Timeline
2. Insights on Timeline
3. Best practice guidelines
4. Opportunities
5. Strategies to increase fan engagement
6. Tips to optimise your new Timeline

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Facebook Timeline for Hotels - Are you ready for the change?

  1. 1. Facebook TimelineAre you ready for the change? Presented by: Michelle Conaghan www.avvio.com www.facebook.com/avvio
  2. 2. Not another change
  3. 3. Facebook Global Stats 845 million plus users world wide Top three countries include US, India, UK US has 155 million user. 50% return daily Business are only reaching 16% of fans 350 million mobile usersIrish Stats 2.1 million user in IrelandUK Stats• 30 million users in the UK
  4. 4. Managing your page
  5. 5. Managing your page• Admin panel• Tabs are now apps• Pin to the top• About us• Place page – maps• Notifications• Highlight posts
  6. 6. Insights on Timeline
  7. 7. GM’s want results in the form of ROI
  8. 8. People talking about this Liked your Page Liked, commented on, or shared your Page post Answered a Question you’ve asked Responded to your event Mentioned your Page Tagged your Page in a photo Checked in or recommended you
  9. 9. Best practice guidelines
  10. 10. Best Practice• Cover dimension – 851 x 315• Profile image – 180 x 180• No CTA’s on the cover• No promotions or discounts• No arrows or incentives to like• Avoid excessive wording• Run competitions through a third party application• Update regularly• Speed of response
  11. 11. Opportunities
  12. 12. Turn connections into customers
  13. 13. 18-34 year old women are the most activeU.S. Social Network Use by Age, DemographicsBase: U.S. social media users, Q3 2011Source: The Nielsen Company
  14. 14. Customers expect something in return for a ‘Like’ Expect access to exclusive content, events or sales 58% Expect discounts or promotions through Facebook 58% Expect to receive updates about the co. to the newsfeed 47% Expect the company to postupdates, photos or videos to newsfeed 39% Expect to share with friends, family and/or coworkers 38% Expect the name of co. to show up on my profile 37% Do not expect anything to happen 37% Expect the co. to send more relevant content based on my public profile 36% Expect to interact with page owner (e.g., brand, person) 28% Expect the co. to access data Consumer Expectations for Brand Liking in my public profile 27% % of Facebook users, September 2011 Source: ExactTarget Expect the co. to contact me through other channels 24%
  15. 15. 55+ user visits from mobile double 109% 76% 68% 67% 70% 61% 45% 44% 41% 37% 16%Social Network Growth, by Age, Ethnicity% change, Q3 2010 v. Q3 2011Source: The Nielsen Company
  16. 16. Opportunities• Eye catching emotive cover shots• Strong profile images• Direct messages from fans• Prioritise app importance• Pin the most important content to the top• Star interesting and visual content• Tell the story of your hotel through Milestones
  17. 17. New Facebook cover
  18. 18. Tips for increased engagement
  19. 19. Tips• Localise your content• Keep it visual• Pin important items• Speed of response• Listen to the feedback• Use timeline to tell the story of your brand• Keep it fresh and engaging• Consider ads to amplify your message
  20. 20. Listen
  21. 21. The challenge for hotels isto stand out from the crowd
  22. 22. Facebook Places update• Check-in numbers on Facebook to be revised• Accurate and holistic picture of how people visit your business.• When people tag their friends at a location and upload a photo, those tags will be counted to include more accurate check-in information.• If a group of friends checks into a location, all the people tagged are counted in the check in stats.
  23. 23. Latest news, resources and tips
  24. 24. Social Communitywww.facebook.com/avviowww.twitter.com/avviotweetswww.linkedin.com/groups?about=&gid=3383791https://plus.google.com/112277724145950763291www.avvio.com/news-and-events.html