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Iem it workshop day 1 and day 2 lecture notes

  1. Presented To You By Dr. Sovan Saha, Associate Professor Computer Science & Engineering Department (AI & ML) Institute of Engineering & Management, Kolkata 1 Subject Name: IT Workshop (Numerical using Sci Lab/Python) Subject Code: PCC CS302/PCC CS392 05-08-2021
  2. 2 Contents of Unit-1 ❑What is Scilab? ❑Installation of the software Scilab ❑Basic syntax ❑Predefined constants ❑Mathematical Operators ❑Complex numbers ❑Built in functions ❑Polynomials ❑Vectors ❑Matrix ❑Handling these data structures using built in functions 05-08-2021
  3. 3 Contents of Unit-2 ❑Programming ❑Functions ❑Loops ❑Conditional statements ❑Handling .sci files ❑Graphics handling 2D, 3D ❑Generating .jpg files 05-08-2021
  4. 4 Contents of Unit-3 ❑Introduction of numerical methods using Scilab ❑Root Findings ❑Solving of System of linear equations ❑Interpolation ❑Integration ❑Ordinary Differential Equations. 05-08-2021
  5. 5 So, let’s start with Unit-1 and Unit-2!!! 05-08-2021
  6. 6 What is Scilab? ❑ Scilab is a free and open-source, cross-platform numerical computational package and a high-level, numerically oriented programming language. ❑ It is similar to Matlab, which is a commercial product. Yet it is almost as powerful as Matlab. ❑ Scilab consists of three main components: ✓ an interpreter, ✓ libraries of functions (Scilab procedures), ✓ libraries of Fortran and C routines. ❑ Scilab is specialized in handling matrices (basic matrix manipulation, concatenation, transpose, inverse, etc.) and numerical computations. ❑ Also it has an open programming environment that allows users to create their own functions and libraries. ❑ It can be used for signal processing, statistical analysis, image enhancement, fluid dynamics simulations, numerical optimization. 05-08-2021
  7. 7 Installation of the software Scilab Step 1. Download Scilab Go to Scilab website, under the Download section and choose your installation package. For windows operating systems the are two versions: 32 and 64-bit. Download the one matching your operating system. The size of the installation kit is well above 100 MB so the download time will depend in your internet connection speed. When the download is complete you’ll have on your disk drive an *.exe file (e.g. scilab-5.4.0.exe/scilab-6.1.1.exe) 05-08-2021
  8. 8 Installation of the software Scilab Step 2: Run *.exe file Execute the downloaded *.exe file. Make sure that you have administrator rights on your operating system. Click on the “Run” button. 05-08-2021
  9. 9 Installation of the software Scilab Step 3: Select the language to be used during the installation process Use the drop down list to select the desired language. After the language selection, click on the “OK” button. 05-08-2021
  10. 10 Installation of the software Scilab Step 4: Launch the Scilab Setup Wizard It is recommended that you close all other applications before starting the installation wizard. Click “Next” button. 05-08-2021
  11. 11 Installation of the software Scilab Step 5: Read the License Agreement After you read the License Agreement and if you agree to the terms, select “I accept the agreement” and click on the “Next” button. If you press the “Back” button you’ll go to the previous installation step. Clicking on the “Cancel” button will abort the installation process. 05-08-2021
  12. 12 Installation of the software Scilab Step 6: Select the installation folder from you local hard drive First make sure that you have enough free disk space for Scilab installation. On the bottom of the screen there is a message informing you the minimum free space required for the software. Choose in which folder on your computer Scilab will be installed. You can leave the default folder path. Click “Next” button. 05-08-2021
  13. 13 Installation of the software Scilab Step 7: Select the type of installation You can choose what software modules you want to install with Scilab. From the drop-down menu you can choose the type of installation. “Full installation” will install the complete/full package of components/modules. Be aware that the “Full installation” type will require around 500 MB of free disk space. You can see some details about the installed modules/components by clicking on the “About modules …” button. After your selection, click “Next” button. 05-08-2021
  14. 14 Installation of the software Scilab Step 8: Select Start Menu Folder You can choose the Start Menu folder for the installation. If you want a different location than the default one, click the “Browse…” button. After you made your choice, click the “Next” button. 05-08-2021
  15. 15 Installation of the software Scilab Step 9: Select Additional Tasks If you want to create a Desktop icon make sure to check the box for “Create a desktop icon”. Check all three boxes for file association This way you’ll associate *.sce, *.sci, *.tst, *.xcos, *.cos and *.cosf files with Scilab. Click “Next” button to continue. 05-08-2021
  16. 16 Installation of the software Scilab Step 10: Review all installation settings Before the installation starts you’ll see a summary window with the installation settings. If something is not as expected use the “Back” button to get to the desired menu to perform changes. If all the settings are as expected, click the “Install” button. 05-08-2021
  17. 17 Installation of the software Scilab Step 11: Wait for the installation to complete Depending on the performance of you computer (CPU, RAM, HDD) the installation time will vary. If you want to abort the installation click the “Cancel” button. Otherwise wait until the progress bar fills up. 05-08-2021
  18. 18 Installation of the software Scilab Step 12: Setup Finished At this point the installation is finished, Scilab is installed on your computer. If you check the box for “Launch Scilab”, when you click the “Finish” button, Scilab will be launched. Click the “Finish” button to exit the Setup Wizard. 05-08-2021
  19. 19 Installation of the software Scilab Step 13: Launch Scilab When you launch Scilab you’ll get the start screen as in the image. Try to perform some basic mathematical operations to make sure that the installation was successful. 05-08-2021
  20. 20 Basic Syntax!!! 05-08-2021
  21. 21 Variables 05-08-2021
  22. 22 Variable Names 05-08-2021
  23. 23 Mathematical Operators 05-08-2021
  24. 24 Comments and continuation lines 05-08-2021
  25. 25 Basic Examples 05-08-2021
  26. 26 Basic Examples 05-08-2021
  27. 27 Basic Examples 05-08-2021
  28. 28 Basic Examples 05-08-2021
  29. 29 Predefined Constants 05-08-2021
  30. 30 Examples: Predefined Constants 05-08-2021
  31. 31 Basic Boolean Variables 05-08-2021
  32. 32 Examples 05-08-2021
  33. 33 Examples 05-08-2021
  34. 34 Examples 05-08-2021 XNOR gate
  35. 35 Dynamic Variables String Variables 05-08-2021
  36. 36 Examples 05-08-2021
  37. 37 Examples: User Input 05-08-2021
  38. 38 Examples: Casting 05-08-2021
  39. 39 Integer Data type 05-08-2021
  40. 40 Examples: Integer Data type 05-08-2021
  41. 41 Examples: Integer Data type 05-08-2021
  42. 42 Examples: IF-ELSE 05-08-2021
  43. 43 Examples: IF-ELSE 05-08-2021
  44. 44 Examples: IF-ELSE 05-08-2021
  45. 45 05-08-2021