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Charm Bianchini - A Three Step Process to Better Customer Engagement

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Charm Bianchini - A Three Step Process to Better Customer Engagement

  1. 1. 3 Steps to Effective Customer Engagement Charm Bianchini @charmbianchini Marketo
  2. 2. • Why Care Now? • 3 Step Process: 1. Listen 2. Learn 3. Engage • Quick Wins Agenda
  3. 3. Is Volume Better?
  4. 4. Think brands must have a deep understanding of their needs in order to engage them successfully 73% Say that the brands could do a better job aligning their engagement activities with their preferences 66%65% Expect all of their interactions with a brand to be personalized Growing Customer Expectations
  5. 5. The Engagement Economy
  6. 6. Value > Volume Customer Engagement Is Key to Success Customer engagement increases ROI, brand awareness, lifetime value, etc. • Focus on Value rather than Volume • Understand your customer • Build your customer’s story around the customer’s needs
  7. 7. of customers believe brands try to deliver value Most of your customers don’t believe you are trying to understand them of marketers say their engagement efforts are effective 33%83%
  8. 8. So, how do we better engage with our customers?
  9. 9. Formula for Customer Engagement • Listen to every relevant fragment of data • Learn by turning information into insight • Engage with touches that deliver value
  10. 10. 1. Listen – to what your customers are telling you
  11. 11. Tip 1: Track Behaviors Across Channels What time did you engage? What you haven’t opened? Web Email What pages did you visit? What blogs are you reading? What blogs am I reading? Event Did you stop by the booth? Did you watch a demo? Ads Which content did you click? What device did you use?
  12. 12. Tip 2: Go Beyond Marketing Are you using the product? Have you attended training? Support Product Are you a power user? Any problems you need solved? What blogs am I reading? Sales What did we talk about? Where are you in the buying cycle? Billing Do you plan on renewing? Who is the executive contact?
  13. 13. 54% of companies say their biggest challenge to data- driven marketing success is the lack of data completeness Tip 3: Supplement w/ 3rd Party Data • Competitive • Technology use • Company info • Ad engagement • Other systems • Org charts
  14. 14. • The Detroit Pistons collect behavior data across channels and lifecycle and use that data to target and engage with personal, relevant content Listen Example Favorite Players Ads Ticket Buying Data Personal Detail Social Web Email Game Behaviors
  15. 15. 2. Learn – what each customer wants
  16. 16. • Create a foundation for data exploration • A single source of truth across your organization will allow you to surface accurate insight and produce action, at scale Tip 1: Create a Single Source of Truth
  17. 17. Page 17Marketo Proprietary and Confidential | © Marketo, Inc. 9/11/2017 Tip 2: Invest In Your Data • Cleanse your data: • Update company size on regular basis • Verify titles • Map parent and child accounts • Tag accounts • Etc.
  18. 18. • Align teams to decide: • Which data points (behavioral and demographic) should/shouldn’t we take action on? • Which data should be our single source of truth? • What action should we take based on engagement? Tip 3: Align Your Organization
  19. 19. Learn Example Insight Created a single-source of truth Discovered a need for high- value touch Action Found just the right way to deploy SMS Making insight accessible & actionable
  20. 20. 3. Engage – with touches that deliver value
  21. 21. 92% of customers want brands to create stories Tip 1: Deliver Stories, Not Campaigns Relevant Personal Timely
  22. 22. Results: Conversion rates Enterprise: Default: 42%; Personalized: 59% Verticals: Default: 42%; Personalized: 71% Tip 2: Personalize Default Personalized
  23. 23. Continue to optimize: • Which content is your audience ACTUALLY engaging with? • Which channel is preferable for your audience? • How much content are they engaging with? Tip 3: Don’t Set and Forget
  24. 24. Engage Example – American Kennel Club • Relevant – Best time to engage when owners get a puppy • Personal – Created a campaign corresponding to puppy’s development • Timely – Timed communications based on developmental milestones
  25. 25. Quick Wins How to get started today!
  26. 26. 1. Utilize Marketing Technology
  27. 27. Marketing Technology Landscape
  28. 28. Employees allow you to fast forward your marketing by empowering them to become your brand advocates 2. Activate Employee Engagement
  29. 29. Engagement is measured through activities performed in the platform. An activity is defined as a challenge completion, a discussion contribution, social share or other action in the hub. A login is not counted as an activity. 99% Of All Global Employees are MarketoLife Members Engaged Employees 37% Social Sharing Amplification 14,751 194,057 Social Shares Clicks Generated from Social Shares Every single employee social share is amplified by 13xOver last 5 months “Marketo Life is a great place to build advocacy, employee morale and overall engagement with employees. Awesome data on competitors, industry news, and Marketo itself. MarketoLife has been a good way to read things I would normally miss. I'm glad it's here.” 4,300 surveys responses and pieces of feedback on various topics such as events, branding, leadership communications, etc. Over 150+ employees referrals over the last 5 months Employees average 4 visits per week Highly engaged
  30. 30. • Trigger emails perform 3x better than any other email type 3. Use Triggers (based on actions)
  31. 31. • Target customers on the device they prefer for easy ordering 4. Target on Multiple Channels
  32. 32. Engagement Examples – The Bad • Downtime notice for a product I don’t own • Emails for IT • Wrong name “Dear Nancy,” • Promoting an insurance product I already own
  33. 33. • Listen - to every relevant fragment of data • Track behaviors + non-behaviors across channels • Supplement missing data with 3rd party data • Learn – by turning information into insight • Use a single source of truth • Align across your organization • Engage – with touches that deliver value • Tell stories, not campaigns • Don’t set it and forget it Customer Engagement Key Takeaways @charmbianchini
  34. 34. Thank you! Charm Bianchini @charmbianchini