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Evil eye

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Evil eye

  2. 2. Have you heard of the Evil eye? If you have, what do youmake of it? Fashion statement or superstition. In some lessdeveloped countries, the sign of the Evil eye is still madewhen someone the people do not like or trust passes by. Thisgesture, by and large, is meant to ward off envy or a numberof nasty things. However, this superstition is growing rarer ascountries become more civilized, although in some places,the tradition is clung to. Evil eye jewelry has developed fromthis gesture and the habit of wearing an eye on jewelry.
  3. 3. First of all, the evil eye bracelet was simply a bracelet ofleather or cloth with and eye, usually black, drawn on it.Over the years, these have been replaced by differentversions, although the Evil eye has remained constant. TheEvil eye itself was only available as a black drawing, but,over the years, different shades, having different meanings,have evolved. For Instance, blue means the original goodkarma, prosperity and everything good, although there isanother shade of blue, the light blue. This color means truthand therefore is more powerful than the ordinary blue.