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Lynda Joy Gerry (Makropol ApS) Start Up Pitch

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Lynda Joy Gerry (Makropol ApS) Start Up Pitch, AWE EU

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Lynda Joy Gerry (Makropol ApS) Start Up Pitch

  1. 1. POV PAINTING Lynda Joy Gerry
  2. 2. Paint along with a painter and transmit a painting from her canvas to yours.
  3. 3. Problem: Difficulties in Learning to Paint by Following an Expert
  4. 4. A New Learning Paradigm: Step into the shoes of a painter, Follow her movements, and Listen to her story about her creative process
  5. 5. • Not Just Replicating Moving Together • Beyond Technique Learn Creative Skills
  6. 6. Learning an artistic skill can be a stressful process; Instead, this is a meditative experience of deep connection.
  7. 7. Contact: lynda@whatisexperience.com www.lyndajoygerry.com Download the Prototype: lyndajoygerry.com/p ainter.apk