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Chloe Doyeon Kim (MAXST): The Current and Future State of MAXST Platform

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A talk from the Enterprise Track at AWE USA 2019 - the World's #1 XR Conference & Expo in Santa Clara, California May 29-31, 2019.

Chloe Doyeon Kim (MAXST): The Current and Future State of MAXST Platform
MAXST, a persistent challenger, is proudly specialized in Augmented Reality working with prominent Korean enterprises, such as Hyundai, Samsung Display, Samsung Electronics, and KT. MAXST’s cloud-based AR platform pursues innovation in terms of AR development tools, AR production costs, and profitability. We also believe Visual SLAM is critical basis for Future AR. We will reveal our stories and insight to the immersive world of today and tomorrow.


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Chloe Doyeon Kim (MAXST): The Current and Future State of MAXST Platform

  1. 1. The Current and Future State of MAXST Platform Chloe Doyeon Kim, CMO Booth #511
  2. 2. MAXST has proprietary AR engine and visual SLAM. MAXST is building foundation as an AR Platform leveraging from commercial project experiences. Our Trajectory R&D 2010 2011 2012 2015 2019 Commercial Project Platform
  3. 3. MAXST’s core engine emphasizes on recognition and tracking. Based on that, MAXST provides AR SDK (Software Development Kit) and AR solution. What We Do AR Solution for Industrial Sector Technology Recognition and Tracking Visual SLAM Image Tracker Instant Tracker Cloud Recognition Object Tracker Marker Tracker AR Platform AR SDK, Visual SLAM for Developers
  4. 4. Vehicle owner’s manual via mobile AR 20182015 AR Drawing Module for AR Videocall service Real-time AR and vision processing for light field (LF) display AR SDK Module for AR service AR Platform for facility management AR Remote Support for equipment management AR Repair Manual for Electronic Vehicle AR Platform for facility management with smart glasses Commercial Projects
  5. 5. AR owner’s manual for repairs, maintenance with 360 VR and Button Scanner
  6. 6. AR Manual First person step-by-step Manual 3D object tracking via SLAM & AR content visualization
  7. 7. Button Scanner Instant usage guide Pictogram identification
  8. 8. Spatial & IoT data access and “Just-in-place” asset management : the right data at the right place
  9. 9. USE CASES Spatial & IoT Data Access Performance Monitoring Inspection Marking Data Visualization
  10. 10. Collaborate remotely with Smart glasses video calling and mixed reality (MR) annotations via 5G Compatibility
  11. 11. AR Video Call USE CASES AR based Remote Collaboration On-site Facility Maintenance Virtual Training
  12. 12. AR Drawing Chat Video Docs AR Video Call
  13. 13. Questionnaire Yes No 01 Do you experience shortage of professional manpower? 02 Do you want to reduce facility management cost? 03 Do you want to reduce travel expenses of your workers? 04 Do you want to adopt smart glasses for onsite workers? If you answered ‘Yes’ to one or more of above questions, you already have enough reasons to choose MAXST Solution. Should we adopt this solution? ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
  14. 14. Our Offering
  15. 15. Technology Roadmap Build AR engine bridging digital contents and physical reality for contextual and meaningful interactions.
  16. 16. What we have - AR SDK Optimized Computer Vision Technology enabling AR with a single RGB Camera Recognize mobile device’s GPS and 6 DoF sensors Recognize Patterned marker or QR code Recognize 2D image Recognize Flat area Recognize 3D objectRecognize 3D space Mobile Sensor Tracker Marker & QRcode Tracker Image Tracker Instant Tracker 3D Space Tracker 3D Object Tracker
  17. 17. MAXST AR SDK Use Cases ANDRITZ AR App Austria | Andritz AG Вкусомания – Азбука Вкуса Russia | Azbuka Vkusa ooo Polishop RA Portugal | Flex Interativa 반포 써밋 AR 가든 South Korea | Daewoo E&C Artechouse America | ARTECHOUSE Zuperrr Keju Boboiboy Galaxy Indonesia | Reimajina Digital Studio Teva AR Ukraine | Teva Ukraine Limited Liability Company Game Shopping Sheffield AR America | Sheffield Pharmaceuticals, LLC Healthcare Fastra Messenger India | Fastra Corporation Private Limited AR Avatar Director America | Embody Digital Social
  18. 18. What we have – Visual SLAM Create a virtual map for a space within 1.5 m ~ 3 m Ex) a table, a desk surface, or floor Step1) Room-size (2Q 2019) Step3) Building-size (4Q 2019) Step3) Outdoor (3Q 2020) Real time map creation and Visual Positioning System (VPS) with a single RGB camera
  19. 19. Local SfM Loop Closure Initialization Global SfMIMU Pre-Integration Optical Flow Sensor fusion SLAM • Real-time SLAM with no Depth info • Requires CPU processor • Minimum battery usage • No server communication required (On device SW) What we have – Visual SLAM
  20. 20. Local SfM Loop Closure Initialization Global SfMIMU Pre-Integration Optical Flow MAXST Cloud MapGlobal SfM on Server Mobile Localization GPS Image Scanning Cloud Mobile Sensor fusion SLAM What we have – Visual SLAM
  21. 21. Visit Us at Booth #511 Thank you!