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Digitalisation in the plastic industry - Thingtrax - Leeds Digital Festival 2018 - Assembly Conference

  1. How digitalisation saves money for Plastic Industry CONNECTED MANUFACTURING
  2. Agenda • Industrial Revolution 1, 2 & 3 • Its benefits and limitations • Problem faced by Plastic Industry • What is Digitalisation & Industry 4.0 / 4IR • Case Study -Benefits of Digitalisation to Plastic Industry • How to start Digitalisation journey / 4IR • Conclusion • Q&A
  3. Industrial Revolutions
  4. The problem. Poor Production Efficiency Manual process recording Essential parameters not recorded Reactive Maintenance Problems invisible to operators
  5. What is Digital Factory/ Industry 4.0 / 4iR • Streamlined and optimised production processes • Increased machine uptime and usage • Reduced capacity constraints • Better quality products • Less waste, reduced inventory levels • More efficient energy usage • Predictive maintenance and servicing • Remote diagnostics and maintenance • Safer working environment • Mass customisation • Quicker time to market • Robots perform difficult or onerous tasks
  6. The market demand. 1.2 TRILLION DOLLARS Attributed to IoT in factories 92%$20K DOLLARS PER MINUTE Unplanned downtime cost Machines not connected 60% Wants to connect
  7. Case Study 1
  8. ThingTrax saved me money from day one! Dan Leach - Customer
  9. CASE STUDY: PLASTIC INJECTION MOULDER REDUCES ENERGY COSTS BY 15% BY EFFECTIVE MONITORING USING IIOT • Idle machines waste significant energy • Monitoring solutions identify and alerts on idle running times. • The live energy dashboard shows energy consumption of all injection moulding machines and captures rich data of energy consumed down to each production cycle and learns the consumption pattern based on product, tool and machine.
  10. Case Study 2
  11. CASE STUDY: How digitalisation helped plastic injection moulder increase efficiency by 30% • Monitors shop floor and analyses data from machines and operators • Alerts on most critical issues. • Builds skills and capability matrix of machines and operators in real time. • Identifies operators/staff cross training requirements. • Accurately predicts job schedule and completion times. • Ensures that routine safety, quality and maintenance checks are completed. • Automatically plans jobs taking into consideration various constraints.
  12. Key points Industry 4IR aren’t just for big guys. Those who dismiss 4IR are at risk of competitive advantage Start with small and simple projects.
  13. • Installs in ONE hour • Wireless – no network cabling required • Monitor production efficiency, downtimes and scrap in Real-Time • No CAPEX – pay monthly subscription
  14. How we do this? ThingTrax Machine Learning
  15. Thanks • • • ThingTrax provides an end-to-end industrial IoT solution providing easy to setup devices and simple to use web and mobile software. ThingTrax is the Chromecast for manufacturing machines, bringing desperate disconnected machines online to provide OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency), OLE (Overall Labour Efficiency) and Predictive Maintenance which are crucial KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for every manufacturer.
  16. ThingTrax in the news