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Cognitive influence-on-sla-

Language Learning

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Cognitive influence-on-sla-

  1. 1. Cognitive Influence on Language Learning Present by : Asif Hussain M A English IUB ( Ryk campus )
  2. 2. What is cognition? • Cognition comes from Latin word “Cognito” which means “to think” • Cognition means almost all mental processes • It includes: Attention, noticing, problem solving, reading, memorizing, facial recognition, reasoning, perception, decision making and many other mental processes.
  3. 3. Relationship between Cognition and Language • Three important Theories: 1- Cognitive determinism 2-Linguistic determinism 3-Independent Theory
  4. 4. Cognitive determinism • It was given by Piaget • Cognition plays an important role in language development • Suggests that cognition determines language development
  5. 5. Linguistic determinism • This theory is totally opposite to Cognitive determinism • It is also known as Sapir Whorf Hypothesis • Its suggests that Language determines thoughts/cognition
  6. 6. Independent Theory • This theory says that language and cognition have no connection. • They develop and function separately • Noem Chomsky is also the believer of this theory
  7. 7. Explanation of cognitive process • Schmidt attempted to explain cognitive process • The explanation he gave is recognized by many language experts
  8. 8. Explanation of cognitive process
  9. 9. Factors that influence SLA • A number of factors influence second language learning • Affective factors • Cognitive factors
  10. 10. Cognitive Factors • Intelligence • Language Aptitude • Language Learning Strategies
  11. 11. Intelligence • Intelligence is defined as “the ability to acquire knowledge” • It is measured by IQ test • A learner with high intelligence learns his target language more quickly
  12. 12. Language Aptitude • Aptitude means “Potential for achievements” • It is measured by an aptitude test • Aptitude for language learning is of four types • Successful learners are not necessarily strong in all types of aptitudes
  13. 13. Language Learning Strategies • Language learning strategies also influence SLA • Learners of language should use useful strategies • Learners with high motivation to learn a language will likely use a variety of strategies