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Eugene McDonough, COO, Coder Dojo Foundation, asia business week dublin

"Driving Future Technology Skills Through Community-Business Partnerships", Eugene McDonough, COO, Coder Dojo Foundation, speaking on 4 June at Dublin Beijing Business Summit during Asia Business Week Dublin 2014

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Eugene McDonough, COO, Coder Dojo Foundation, asia business week dublin

  1. 1. ASIA BUSINESS WEEK DUBLIN Dublin Beijing Business Summit 4 June 2014 Driving Future Technology Skills Through Community-Business Partnerships Eugene McDonough, COO, Coder Dojo Foundation
  2. 2. CoderDojo Foundation “Driving Future Technology Skills Through Community-Business Partnerships”
  3. 3. CoderDojo is a global volunteer-led community of free programming clubs for young people between 6 and 17. There is a focus on developing creativity, a sense of community, peer learning skills, mentoring and self led learning with an emphasis on openness, helping others and showing how coding can be a force for positive change in the world. ‘’For me CoderDojo is the place where young people can learn to be creative’’ Werner Vogles CTO Amazon What is CoderDojo?
  4. 4. Coding skills are increasingly significant in today’s digitally reliant society. We believe it is crucial for future generations to be given the opportunity to play an active role in creating their world. Why CoderDojo? Society
  5. 5. Dojos are founded on an informal learning model, enabling young people to learn code and engage in innovative thinking, allowing them to build & create real projects that reflect their interests. Why CoderDojo? Education
  6. 6. Globally there is a monumental shortage of programmers, with the EU predicting a shortfall of 1 million technical workers by 2015. This issue affects all areas of industry because technology is affecting how every organisation communicates, collaborates and operates. A trend that is set to continue. Why CoderDojo? Industry
  7. 7. Founded by schoolboy hacker James Whelton at 18 and experienced entrepreneur Bill Liao. Both Bill & James were self taught coders, aged 9 & 12 respectively; recognising the isolation they experienced at a young age they envisioned a space where young people could learn code together in a social environment. On the 23rd of July 2011 the first Dojo was held in County Cork, Ireland… and so CoderDojo was born. James Whelton (Left) & Bill Liao (Right) Where it all started
  8. 8. Our growth in less than 3 years.
  9. 9. Today… Demand has been incredible & the movement has spread rapidly around the world. Today there are currently 427+ Dojos spread across 44 countries, and more are being set up every week
  10. 10. What children learn at Dojos! Presentation Skills Problem Solving Team Work Communication Skills Social Skills Logical & Innovative Thinking Creativity Self-led Learning
  11. 11. So what about the business part?
  12. 12. All either support or run Dojo’s + many more….
  13. 13. +35316854503 +353871272934 hello@hwf.io www.coderdojo.com @CoderDojo Get involved! Join the movement… Contact the team