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Green Project Management

Introducing the concept of Green Project Management

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Green Project Management

  1. 1. introducing Green Project Management Instructor Eng. Ashraf Al-Astal
  2. 2. What is Green Project Management?
  3. 3. Getting Started Green Project Management “is the idea of incorporating environmental stewardship into project management processes”.
  4. 4. Getting Started Looking Beyond Look beyond the traditional deliverables of your project. What might you do in terms of improving your project, its product, its long-term outcome, and thus true sustainability?
  5. 5. Getting Started Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely and Environmentally Responsible Get SMARTER about Project Management
  6. 6. Enhancing Project Management The challenge is: How to make such projects more environmentally friendly? How can a project manager integrate environmentally conscious decisions within the project management life-cycle for a classic project?
  7. 7. The degree to which an organization considers the environmental (green) aspects of their project throughout the project life cycle and beyond. Getting Started Greenality
  8. 8. Getting Started Greenality
  9. 9. Getting Started In some projects, it is easy to see the impact of “being green” like: - consuming less energy for a process, - manufacturing using recycled materials, - reducing scrap, - constructing eco-friendly building.
  10. 10. The 5 Process Management Groups
  11. 11. InitiationPhase Initiation phase considerations:  Incorporate environmental cost/benefit in business cases and proposals  Add 'effect on environment' as an element in all project charters  Incorporate applicable corporate Green program goals into project's goals  Consider defining/aligning green project objectives and measures that will drive the behaviors, to those goals  Bring in the corporate Environmental Department as a project stake holder  Obtain e-sign offs unless required for legal purposes
  12. 12. Planning Phase Considerations  Appoint a Green Champion for the project  Solicit suggestions from project team and stakeholders for Green ideas  Include environmental impact/sustainability in purchasing/procurement process  Turn to recycling as an alternative for tear-down and disposal  Plan a project recycle day to help reprocess personal PCs, cell phones and other electronics Planning Phase
  13. 13.  Lead as ‘Green Project Manager ’ by example  Hand over ‘green appreciation points’ to the most ‘Green’ stakeholder  Drive optimal use of resources by publishing "Green Project Guidelines": Printing Meeting Travel Recycle Energy Use
  14. 14. Execution Phase  Make project documentation ‘soft’ to the extent possible  Recycle used paper, batteries, etc.  Encourage team to reduce printing of emails and project related documentation  Discourage printing of meeting notices; use smart phones/blackberrys to sync up calendars  Use double sided printing and photo copying  Utilize the black & white printer more than color one Printing
  15. 15. Execution Phase  Balance the use of face-to-face meetings and the use conference calls & video conferencing  Email meeting related documentation to all attendees instead of printing paper copies for every one  Avoid printing more than needed paper copies of documentation for meetings  Promote use of projectors when walking through reports and records instead of using hard copies Meetings
  16. 16. Execution Phase  Reduce project related travel; conference calls & video conferencing instead  Set-up e-training instead of traditional classroom setting  Car pool for off-site meetings Travel
  17. 17. Execution Phase  Recycle water and pop bottles; donate refund money to a charity  Encourage project team to partake in corporate Annual clean up day  Purchase recyclable paper for printing if possible Recycle
  18. 18. Execution Phase  Ensure all project desktops and laptops follow energy management policy  Persuade team members to switch off lights/fans and PCs when away for an extended period or at end of the day  Share work spaces so that in total project team utilizes less real estate  Consider staggering work hours for team members to avoid commuting during rush hours  Support telecommuting Energy Use
  19. 19. Monitoring & Control Phase  Collect and openly share project metrics on environmental stewardship and sustainability  Identify 'green' proposals as part of solution alternatives when managing Change.  Hold Quarterly ‘Green’ review meetings to assess progress against Green objectives/metrics and for fostering innovative ideas  Make certain project is completed on time and budget so that more resources are not used than planned
  20. 20. Closing Phase Closing Phase Considerations  Reuse project documents and equipment for the next project  Add 'green' measures as a review category for Lessons Learned reviews  Share project's green contribution metrics to corporate 'Green' initiatives
  21. 21. Green Anywhere
  22. 22. Green Anywhere  Unfortunately, there is neither a simple answer nor a single solution to the 'green PM movement.'  Project Managers have a direct effect on their organizations’ future capabilities and can initiate the shift in organizational thinking that is required.
  23. 23. Green Anywhere  All projects affect the environment in some way, and a project manager can help by being an effective change agent to mitigate adverse environmental effects.  Every project will have to balance the environmental considerations with other project objectives.
  24. 24. Green Anywhere  If the impact to the environment is constantly in the forefront, then there is an increased awareness among the decision makers and project teams.  Outcomes could be different when the influence of project(s) on the environment is taken into account and over time the cumulative effect will result in a positive impact when made by project managers each day, across the globe.
  25. 25. Questions? introducing Green Project Management Instructor Eng. Ashraf Al-Astal Supplementary Topic
  26. 26. Thank You Instructor Eng. Ashraf Al-Astal

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Introducing the concept of Green Project Management


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