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SA P A Complete Package
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Organizations often feel imbalance between competing demands.  For example,  lines of business
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Benefits Perceived Challenges


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Achieve better ROI through our innovative
Pricing Model

Bucket Hours

Compared to Project—based pricing,  this solution g...
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Offshore delicery brochure

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Offshore delicery brochure

  1. 1. SA P A Complete Package Offshore Delivery f. :;: 'Lii}‘1Z”. ‘:‘; ‘;’$ Model -"0 They DoB t, B Our strategic offshore enga ement offerin I i» emphasize collaboration, empowerméit, automation so you can implement, operat ‘ H ‘ ’ and innovate better than ever before. I‘ g I u . J Y _-. E’,7'r_‘. ~ a ping Organ ’, r Delivery Partner ITe'.2’l‘. l'. °.“l‘: .‘. Tl“. sT'. l‘l‘E; .. 3 HANE — CONSULTING
  2. 2. Organizations often feel imbalance between competing demands. For example, lines of business want to quickly leverage the latest technology to augment existing capabilities and support inno- vation, leading to constant requests for new functionality to address current business challeng- es. On the other hand, the finance department wants to save money and increase efficiency, resulting in never-ending efforts to minimize IT budgets. Caught in the middle of this perpetual tug of war, IT has learned an important lesson: Find new ways to do more with less. At Maple ITES, we've designed an approach to technical support that empowers IT to do it all — from increasing efficiency and shrinking the cost of daily operations to aligning IT initiatives with business goals and driving innovation. We provide direct support through expert consultants for all of your software initiatives — engaging with you to address your needs, coordinate the deliv- ery of senrices, and help ensure positive technical and business outcomes. A model to keep up the true cost of support and its effect on your bottom line Offshore Delivery Model combined with the innovative Pricing Model gives you the ‘best —of— both—worlds' and the much desired results to achieve your strategic goals. Overview . . enabling leaner, smarter business. Today, we have well-established offshore de- , , Partner with us to maintain and enhance SAP velopment center consisting of 30+ consult- . t ' I ti d ' ' 'fi t - ants from different areas of SAP who make en erpnse 50 U ens an gem Slgm can com . . titi d t b h’ ' It h d this as complete solution desk for our custom- pe ve a van age V ac Ievmg res“ S a ea . .. fth titi , 'thbtt 'd , d ers. We have been successful in providing all 0 ecompe on WI e e“ eas an our customer organizations with mature and much higher returns" agile support. A comparison of different ser- vice models below indicates the benefits of a shared senrice model over others. Orane team displayed. ” We deliver the SAP expertise and experience that you need to enhance your SAP platforms, Offshore Support for - Production support - Functional and Technical sup- port - Basis support - Application Enhancements - Performance tuning - Authorization and Audit ser- vices - Research and Impact Analysis - Migration and Upgrade support - Support across various time zones - Independent Validation services - Constant production health monitoring SUPPORT AREAS Logistics - SDIMMIWMMIPPIQMIPQPM Finance - ARIAPIGLIBKIASSETHMITQVQ HCM - oivi I PA I TIME I Payroll I ECM I PCP I E—RecI PMS ITEM ABAP I S. Form I REPORT I Web Dynpro I BADI I BAPI I Module Pool I Work Flow BASIS I UPGRADE I MIGRATE I Other BASIS Support ”We worked with severalpartners in past, but we truly appreciated the re- freshing level ofSAP expertise and ability to collaboratively work with us that —General Manager (| .T. ) Leading footwear manufacturer in India
  3. 3. Benefits Perceived Challenges Model Effective organization change management Continue to 0 maintain end user satisfaction level from day one Unable to leverage offshore for innovation, value add quickly Dedicated Model Flexibility in on-site capacity for supporting other initia- tive Higher lead time to onboard resource Difficulty in mitigating risk of attrition Effective teaming Moderate Cost Ramp ups are easy Longer lead time to maintain comfort Buffer capacity needs to be built Hybrid Model More Coverage & less delivery risk Better competency spread Lowest Cost & Wider Support Window No onsite presence Leverage experience from other engagements Flexible Staffing — Availability of pool of consultants to ensure any resource need for projects or major change requests Offshore Shared Model Focus on Innovation and Value add Comparison of various support models Certain Critical to Quality factors that C|0s like you are con- cerned about are: 0 High quality availability Reduced cost Continuous improvements in service levels 0 IT and industry best practices Address your Quality concerns by using our shared services model that has been a key differentiator for many global organizations and add significant value to your busi- ness. Leverage our shared services and gain benefits such as: Business continuity through uninterrupted, prioritized, SLA—based support Scalability to quickly ramp—up or downsize the team as your needs change Flexibility on pricing through a variety of delivery models to suit your needs Dedicated helpdesk tools at minimal cost and ‘near zero’ recurring cost Enriched knowledge and expertise through best practices from other industries, mature and standardized support processes, efficient knowledge management process that increase productivity and pass benefits to your customers, standardized metrics to measure performance 100% Commitment Our strategic engagement tailored to yourjourney can help you sustain complex solutions, adopt continuous improvement practices for productive operations, provide technical quality management during the implementation of new releases and upgrades, as well as adopting new technologies and business innovations.
  4. 4. Achieve better ROI through our innovative Pricing Model Bucket Hours Compared to Project—based pricing, this solution gives you free reign to access the variety of talent as per your requirement. Bucket Hour Outsourcing gives you the flexibility to reuse orjuggle the staff who will work for the project so long as they work within the consumable hours. So it is up to you to decide which of your virtual team members you will use until you consume your purchased bucket of hours. The moment you sign the contract, your virtual team will be ready to work within the hours you paid for and maximize the time allotted for the completion of work. Why Us Our Service Portfolio SAP Implementation SAP Enterprise Resource Plan- ning (ERP) SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) SAP Annual Maintenance SAP Supply Chain Manage- ment (SCM) SAP Basis Support SAP Product Lifecycle Manage- ment (PLM) Upgradation and Consolidation SAP NetWeaver SAP Enterprise Portal Business Intelligence Audit of SAP Implementation SAP Consulting Among the many SAP Service Providers; Maple ITES Inc with delivery partner Orane Consulting Pvt Limited are unique because of several distinguishing features. Our corporate principles are based on the values of customer satisfaction, quality, co—operation, inno- vation, continuous improvement, leadership and corporate citizenship. For us these principles are not simply words, but a part of everyday life. We have proven capabilities in offshore development by acquiring several clients in less than a year time. Our Quality We place great emphasis on delivery of high quality services to customers. A comprehensive set of processes is already in place to deliver the highest quality of service to our customers thus avoiding expensive rework. All packages and solutions developed pass stringent quality testing procedures. As a result we expect to reduce the development costs significantly and pass on our cost—savings to our customers. As our customers totally rely on us, we keep improving and re—inventing ourselves to meet and even exceed their expectations. We have thus been able to build, maintain and nurture long—term relationships with our customers. For Further Details, Please Contact Us Maple ITES Inc. 1299 Matheson Blvd. East, Mississauga Ontario, L4W1R1 - Canada Phone : 001-647-6280377, I Phone : Email: sales@mapleites. com www. mapleites. com Orane Consulting (P) Ltd. C 56 A/5, Sector 61, Noida, India— 201301 +91-120-4888111, Email: sales@oraneconsulting. com www. oraneconsuIting. com