introduction to consumer behaviour audit economic model e& d nicosia models of consumer behaviour – harward seth family decision making psychographics and lifestyles influence of personality and self concept on buyin ways of motivating consumers. information processi consumer motivation – types of consumer needs evaluative criteria and decision rules information search process consumer involvement – levels of involvement consumer behaviour and marketing strategy introduction to consumer behaviour regional integration. logistic outsourcing. export & import documentation drivers global logistics: barriers international logistic management packaging and logistical materials handling logistics audit and control inventory management decisions dispatch and routing decisions and models transportation infrastructure facilities and servi transportation management transportation systems location information systems channels management-policies warehousing and distributing centres. logistics system analysis and design logistics and distribution system performance measures of logistics. reverse logisti introduction to logistics and its interface with p sales force management: hiring and training sales introduction to sales management – the sales organ industrial financial aspects of brands branding in different brand extensions brand revitalization managing brands brand elimination brand portfolio brand product relationship umbrella & endorsement branding. brand creation range line types of branding – product brand equity brand repositioning brand positioning levels & prism. brand personality brand identity – perspectives brand image brand hierarchy brand evolution concept of brand consumer behaviour studies in india. influence of reference group industrial buying beh impuse buying. diffusion of innovation and opinion and decision making. consumer decision process – s role of information and communication technology i organized retailing in agri inputs and outputs. ma standards of agriculture produces role of agencies for marketing of agri products export potential for farm products-supporting serv retailing & merchandising of agri produces non conventional forms of agribusiness upcoming practices in agriculture marketing. agrib scope and objectives definition its status in indian market. emerging issues in th agro processed products allied products agricultural objectives international hrm-some key issues. strategic human resource management learning organizations virtual organizations and hr trends organisation development unit v : human resources quality of work life schemes and applications. unit iv : maintenance of nature employee empowerment-concept types and applications. participative management-a training and development. unit iii : motivating hu assessment and development centers functions and organizational effectiveness. perfor multiple goals human resource planning. human resource informatio hrm for corporate excellence unit i : hrm scenario and acquisition of human res consumer behaviour studies in india influence of reference group industrial buying be impuse buying. diffusion of innovation and opinio and decision making consumer decision process – s and retirement benefits incentives components of compensation: fringe benefits management of gender issues corporate governance organizational effectiveness – creativity and inno conflict empowerment organizational politics organizational processes – organizational power measures to overcome resistance to change reasons for resistance to change change process organizational change – concept & need group dynamics – factors influencing intergroup be group process types of groups group behavior – meaning attitude & beliefs perception learning individual behavior – personality mis and bpr business process re-engineering (bpr) mis and erp mis applications: enterprise resource planning (er decision support management system (dsms). enterprise management system (ems) knowledge based expert system (kbes) artifical intelligence system (ais) (eis) executive information system constructing a dss decision support systems: concept information system support for decision making pha decision making models individual and organizational decision making stages in decision making decision making: decision making process mis life cycle. quality in mis system development models implementation of mis designing of mis development of mis: information requirement mis in business. mis in academics mis and computer subsystems of mis role of mis management information system information system management information system: information factoring for failing and bill discounting venture capital merchant banking services advance banking and insurance mutual funds credit cards credit rating housing finance. debt securitization other financial services-leasing and hire purchase managing of issue shares and bonds- mobilizing of stock exchange operations management of risk in financial services regulatory framework for financial service nature and scope of financial services concept financial systems and markets training as continuous process training audit training feedback and evaluation facilities for training training aids & tools techniques & pedagogy training methods development and designing training modules training climate learning process organizational objectives and training action research training needs assessment training functions training costs and training investment counseling for training pre training module training environment training – a change agent hrd audit and accounting. hrd & diversity in work force hrd & organization change mentoring and performance management coaching counseling post retirement planning career and succession planning relevance and process career management & development: concept hrd intervention hrd strategies for employee: employee socializatio evaluating hrd program. staffing and hrd function designing and implementing hrd programs assessing hrd needs hrd system design learning and hrd practices in india climate challenges hrd-concept & goals improving & implementing. designing compensations compensation packages: tools in designing reward management. compensation package components and theories compensation management: concept winding up of companies memorandum and article of association formation the companies act 1956: nature and type of compani dishonor and discharge of negotiable instrument holder in due course negotiation and assignment the negotiable instruments act 1881: nature and ty rights of an unpaid seller the sale of goods act 1930: formation of contract quasi contracts breach and its remedies performance of contract void agreements essentials of a valid contract the indian contracts act 1872
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