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Hidden costs of mobile apps

Looking to develop a mobile app!!! This small presentation details out some essential cost elements that usually slip through the radar when planning for a mobile app development. .

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Hidden costs of mobile apps

  1. 1. Hidden Costs of Mobile Apps Ash Ganda Cosmos Web Tech 0433 309 677
  2. 2. Trend 1 Mobile is becoming ever pervasive. By 2018, 50% of smartphone users will mostly rely on mobile phones / tablets for online activities
  3. 3. Trend 2 Mobile app development is growing exponentially and is now a billion dollar industry. Most big brands have mobile apps. App are getting integrated in every big brand’s marketing strategy
  4. 4. So what costs can hit you unaware
  5. 5. Compulsory App Testing Requirement Just like any software apps need to be alpha and beta tested before submission on the app store. an unavoidable cost.
  6. 6. Store Fees ● Apple App Store Fee: $99 to $299 depending on type of membership. ● Annual Amazon App Store Fee: USD 99 ● One Time Google Play Store Fee: USD 25
  7. 7. Native vs Hybrid Apps ● Native apps for one store (say Apple) do not work for others (say Google Play). So new development needs to be done for other stores. ● Hybrid apps do work across stores but you have to plan that upfront to other stores
  8. 8. Poor App Delivery You may have to write off an app because of ● Poor user interface ● Poor translation of business requirements to final product ● Bad user feedback of poorly designed apps
  9. 9. Midway modifications You may need to modify the apps because of ● Feedback from experts / users ● Changes to app store terms & conditions ● Upgrade of app store platform ● Upgrade of phone and tablet operating systems Midway modification due to a number of factors
  10. 10. Security considerations If your app gets popular then you need to make it more secure as ● popular apps are more prone to hacker attacks ● Hacker attacks can compromise private user data and financial information
  11. 11. Marketing costs Do not expect your apps to go viral. Have a marketing plan that includes ● target user base ● pain points of users ● benefits of the app ● marketing message ● communication channels You need to spend at least 5K to start promoting among your target user base to build buzz and get feedback.
  12. 12. Did we miss something? Did we miss any costs??? If yes, please inform us by writing to Ash Ganda http://cosmoswebtech.com ash@cosmoswebtech.com
  13. 13. Who are we 1. Digital Agency based in Hills District, NSW 2. We provide services for a. Website Design & Development b. Mobile Apps Development c. Digital Marketing
  14. 14. Our Digital Marketing Services Include
  15. 15. Thank you + Q & A