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Making Testability Our Mission Redux

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This is a call to action. On our cross functional teams and during our devops transformations we talk about how testing is for the whole team. Quality is everyone's responsibility. How much are we really doing to make this happen? Often we are working on systems that are hard to test for many reasons, but if we simply do more testing, write more automation we are neglecting what should be our main mission, advocating for increasing levels of testability, to truly get everyone involved in testing. We all have stories about how something is difficult to test, often never being tested or certainly left with the tester to figure it out. It doesn't have to be this way.

During my talk, I want to introduce a set of principles for testability engineering. A new way to approach our work as testers. These principles will tackle how we make our systems more observable, controllable, how we share knowledge across teams and improve the testability of our dependencies. I believe it is time to create a new focus on testability, as it affects everything we do, what our teams do and beyond into how value is delivered for customers.

I want you to take away from the talk:

* Why a focus on testability can multiply your effectiveness as a tester
* What the principles of testability engineering are and how to advocate for them
* How you can make iterative changes to what you do in order to embrace testability

New technology and complexity is rendering many software development techniques and paradigms obsolete at an increasing rate. We already exist in a space where an infinite number of tests of an array of different types can be performed. A new mission is needed, one that leverages the varied talents of all kinds of testers and culminates in a new focus on the exponential benefits that testability brings.

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Making Testability Our Mission Redux

  1. 1. Ash Winter @northern_tester https://testingatelier.community https://diagramindustries.com/blog/
  2. 2. Recognise these? @northern_tester
  3. 3. Our testing models are bad @northern_tester They barely mention testability (And we should all feel bad about it) (all models are wrong and so on)
  4. 4. Its about time we made testability our mission @northern_tester
  5. 5. Lets drop some truth bombs @northern_tester Q449
  6. 6. If its hard to test… …it won’t get tested …the tester will test it …it won’t work …you will drive your ops people mad …your team testing culture will be a distant dream @northern_tester
  7. 7. There is hope… • Sniffing out testability problems • Testable architecture • Maintaining the mission @northern_tester
  8. 8. What is that subtle yet over powering smell… @northern_tester Release Management Theatre Either automation or exploratory Fear of change Teams looking for more testers Too many user interface tests Valuable scenarios not tested Lack of resilience testing “Sunny” days only Cluttered logging with no insights Excessive test repetition Issues hard to isolate and debug Tests that don’t die Lengthy build times Too many persistent environments Environments no one cares about Inanimate documentation Customer hand holding Poor relations with Ops Long lists of deferred bugs Hard to test dependencies Wrangling over scale 95th Percentile? Tester turnover
  9. 9. That’ll be your system architecture… @northern_tester (And your team topologies…) No big deal
  10. 10. Get the right people in the room… @northern_tester
  11. 11. The rooms where architectural decisions are made… @northern_tester
  12. 12. But what do you do when you get in the room… @northern_tester
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  18. 18. If all else fails, talk about operability… @northern_tester Thanks to Matthew Skelton for this awesome template and research
  19. 19. Maintaining focus… @northern_tester
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  31. 31. The ability to test is constrained by testability. Testability makes software better. Put it front and centre. We spend a lot of time polishing our ability to test. @northern_tester
  32. 32. Thank you for your attention. https://leanpub.com/s oftwaretestability/ @northern_tester