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Arista Networks - Building the Next Generation Workplace and Data Center Using SDN Architectures

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Arista Networks - Building the Next Generation Workplace and Data Center Using SDN Architectures
Topics Include:
Enterprise Workplace and Data Center Networking Trend
Arista Networks Introduction
Arista Datacenter Solution
Arista and Aruba joint SDN Solution

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Arista Networks - Building the Next Generation Workplace and Data Center Using SDN Architectures

  1. 1. Building the Next Generation Workplace and Data Center Using SDN Architectures Addison Chi addison@aristanetworks.com Solutions Architect Arista Networks & Aruba&Airheads&2013&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&Macau&
  2. 2. Agenda •  Enterprise Workplace and Data Center Networking Trend •  Arista Networks Introduction •  Arista Datacenter Solution •  Arista and Aruba joint SDN Solution
  3. 3. Campus Networking Trends •  Wireless will be pervasive with BYOD •  Reduction in wired ports/interfaces •  Major shifts in end point applications •  Cloud drives large file exchanges •  Peer to peer video sharing requires 4-10X increases •  VDI drives low latency, fast interaction with servers •  Authentication, mobility, resource control •  Point to centralized models -> controllers
  4. 4. Campus Bandwidth Drivers BYOD AC Access Points Tunneling/SDN 1Gbps Peer-to-peer apps Campus switch Wired and wireless Cloud and VDI Tunneling for access and resource control 10Gbps uplinks
  5. 5. Aruba and Arista Aruba delivers the best wireless solution •  Aruba’s leads technically with AP technologies ! •  Aruba offers POE switch line for AP, and wired access! •  SDN is an extension to Aruba’s WLAN controller approach! Arista’s SDN switches - great extension to this design •  Arista leads technically in 10/40/100 Gbps switching! •  Arista offers best power/rack footprint ! •  SDN is an extension to EOS, current and future platforms
  6. 6. Dominic(Orr,(CEO,((Aruba( Networks( “Arista(and(Aruba(are(jointly(developing(So6ware(( Defined(Networking((SDN)(solu>ons(leveraging( Arista’s(Extensible(Opera>ng(System(direct(flow( technology(and(Aruba’s(mobilityGcentric(network( intelligence(to(integrate(networking(policies( between(the(wired(and(wireless(networks.(( ( This(enables(policies(that(follow((mobile(workloads( and(delivers(consistent(services(including(access( control(and(traffic(priori>za>on(across(both(wired( and(wireless(infrastructure.”( (
  7. 7. Datacenter Networking Trends Expansion of Web / Cloud Data Centers –  Leaf-Spine scale to support East-West traffic –  High density racks require more bandwidth –  10G virtualized workloads driving 40G / 100G •  –  IP-based storage –  Predictable and low latency •  Software Defined Networks –  Virtualization for networks –  Real-time programmability and monitoring –  Operational excellence –  Extensible Open APIs •  Big Data Growth –  Scaling Network Attached Storage to accommodate expanding unstructured data –  High performance Hadoop workloads for BI and analytics
  8. 8. Data Centers ARE Demanding Complex Growing CHANGING Corporate Overview
  9. 9. Are your workloads moving and scaling at an increased rate? Corporate Overview
  10. 10. Are you still waiting for provisioning to happen in seconds – not weeks? Corporate Overview
  11. 11. Do your operations run 24x7– with no planned downtime? Corporate Overview
  12. 12. Arista Networks solves the challenges of the cloud with solutions that are shipping today… Corporate Overview
  13. 13. Arista Networks: Did You Know? Arista switches are deployed in production in 8 out of the 10 largest investment banks Arista has key production deployments in 8 out of 10 of the largest cloud operators There is a company that is innovating to address your challenges… Corporate Overview
  14. 14. Arista Networks: Key Executives Andy Bechtolsheim Founder, Chief Development Officer and Chairman Jayshree Ullal President and CEO Founder of Sun Microsystems Part of Cisco’s 1st acquisition of Crescendo Founder of Granite Systems 15 yr Cisco SVP for Data Center, Switching & Services Initial investor in Google, Inc. Joined Arista in 2008 Corporate Overview
  15. 15. Arista Innovation Change through Corporate Overview
  16. 16. Merchant Silicon + Open Protocol >> Vendors Proprietary Fabrics http://opennetsummit.org/talks/ONS2012/hoelzle-tue-openflow.pdf “OpenFlow has helped us improve backbone performance and reduce backbone complexity and cost.” Urs Hoelzle, Google (Google Fellow, SVP Technical Infrastructure) 2 years: 3x less space 2.5x less power same density 2010 Cisco CRS3 router 32 x 100G 3 racks (132RU), >25KW power [capex estimate $5M] <1 year: 3x more ports in 3x less space and 2.5x less power (absolute terms: 9x density & 7.5x power) 2012 Juniper PTX P router 32 x 100G 35RU, 10.4KW power [capex estimate $2.5M] 2013 Arista 7500 switch 96 x 100G 11RU, <4KW power [capex ~$300K @ 36x100G, $641K @ 96x100G] Applicable Arista Technologies: CloudVision, EAPI, Arista EOS Extensibility, Switch ports not Router ports!
  17. 17. Arista Provides Open & Programmable SDN Platform! •  Jayshree Ullal, President and CEO! •  •  50 Most Powerful People (Network World, 2005)!•  •  •  15yr SVP Cisco for DataCenter / Switching! •  Oversaw Catalyst 4500, 6500, and Nexus 7000! •  •  ! Andy Bechtolsheim, Founder, Chairman, & CDO! •  Founder of Sun Microsystems! •  Founder of Granite Systems! •  Initial investor in Google, Inc.! •  Founded 2004! FCS in 2008! >2,200+ Customers! >1M Ports Shipped! Breakthrough Performance / Price! Game Changing Software Architecture (EOS)! World Class Engineering! David Cheriton, Founder, Chief Scientist! •  Professor of CS at Stanford! •  Founder of Granite Systems! •  Founder of Kealia! Only company to win •  Initial investor in Google, Inc.! “Best of InterOp Grand Prize” twice
  18. 18. Corporate Strategy Best-of-Breed Merchant Silicon Cloud + Data Center Focus Optimized for HPC, Web, Big Data & Network Virtualization © 2013 Arista Networks. All rights reserved. Best-of-Breed Software Modern, Programmable, Open Global TAC and RMA Depots, Ecosystem & Channel “Engineers Answer the Phone” Partners Arista Confidential 21
  19. 19. Arista Networks: Product Portfolio stem erating Sy Op Extensible 7300X 7050X & 7250X 7050 S/T/Q 7048T 48-port Data Center Class Gigabit Ethernet Switch 7150S & 7124FX 1/10G & 10/40G Data Center Switches 10G SFP+ / 10G-T Dense Virtualization 10GbE / 40GbE DC Ultra Low Latency 24,52,64-port SFP+ 1G-40GbE Switches Intelligent Application Switch Dense&Low&Latency&& 32&&&64<port&QSFP+& 96xSFP+/8xQSFP+& & Advanced& VirtualizaKon& Scale<out& Visibility& High Density, Modular System supporting up to 512 40GbE Cloud Scale Leaf and Spine 10GbE-40GbE 7500E Lossless, High Density, Modular Switching System supporting up to 1152 Wirespeed 10GbE Ports Spine 10-40-100GbE
  20. 20. Arista Networks 7050 Series High performance 1/10G Platform up to 256 10G ports •  •  •  •  •  •  •  1/10G SFP+, 10GBase-T and 40G QSFP+ ports One platform many uses Most reliable system on the market Non-blocking L2/3 performance True front-to-rear airflow (reversible) Low power (from 125W) Redundant power and cooling Use Cases: •  Provide non-blocking infrastructure •  •  Aggregate 100s of mobility switches Collapsed core / distribution layer
  21. 21. Arista 7050 Series: 10G and 40G Switches Sy Operating Extensible 7050 T Dense 36-64 Port 1/10GBASE-T Data Center Switches High Performance 7050 S/Q 16 Port 40Gb 64/52 Port 10Gb Dense Virtualization 10GbE/40GbE DC Low Power Arista&ConfidenKal& stem NEW 7050X & 7250X Dense Low Latency 32 & 64-port QSFP+ 96xSFP+ / 8xQSFP+ Seamless Virtualization Scale-out Designs Application Visibility
  22. 22. Why Arista Networks? Arista 7050 •  Provides line rate density at: •  •  •  •  •  •  1/15th the space 1/32nd the power 1/10th the price per port Line rate L2 / L3 features No retraining required Modern extensible OS Catalyst 6500 •  •  •  No planned upgrades Designed for 1G not 10G High OpEx / CapEx Arista' 7050S,64' Catalyst' 6509E'S2T' Arista' Advantage' Line&Card&Slots& N/A&(fixed)& 8& N/A& Chassis&Height& 1U& 15U& 15X& Usable&Bandwidth/Slot& 640&Gbps& 80&Gbps& 8X& Bandwidth/Chassis& 1.28Tbps& 720&Gbps& 1.7X& L2/3&Rate&10G&Ports&/&Slot& 64& 8& 8X&& L2/L3&Line&Rate&10G&Ports& 64& 64& 1X& Packet&latency& 1µsec& 50µsec& 50X& Power&/&Chassis& 0.125kW& 4kW& 32X& Power/10G&Port&(line&rate)& 2W& 62W& 32X& Arista'provides'unsurpassed'performance'and'reliability'at'10%'of'the'cost' '
  23. 23. Software, the right way pre-1970s Software Architecture! 1990s Software Architecture! 2010+ Multiprocess State Sharing!
  24. 24. Arista EOS – Software for the SDCN Proven Reliability CLI SysDB MLAG STP Agent New Agent ASIC Driver ThirdParty Agents Publish Subscribe Virtual Machine OSPF/ BGP ASIC Drivers Cloud Vision Programmable Spanning Tree Resilient Interface Manager Modular SysDB - Central State Database ProcMgr SysDB Self Healing Feature Rich Standard Linux Kernel Arista EOS Extensible Architecture
  25. 25. Network Applications – Network as a system Open Ecosystem Open Workload Network Telemetry Virtualization Splunk Forwarder! Tap / Aggregation! Smart System Upgrade LANZ Streaming! Virtualization Vmware NSX Radically simplifies mobile workloads OVS Bare Metal Infrastructure Bare Metal Infrastructure and Non-disruptive data application visibility center upgrades Universal Cloud Network
  26. 26. Arista OpenWorkload Radically simplifies mobile workloads Application Infrastructure Virtualization Infrastructure Monitoring Network Virtualization, seamless orchestration and provisioning, and physical + virtual visibility. •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Open controller integration Hardware based VXLAN Built on universal cloud network Visibility both virtual and physical Automated provisioning Management and compliance Workload placement VMware NSX VMware NSX Bare Metal Bare Metal ! Network Applications: OpenWorkload
  27. 27. Arista OpenWorkload: Provisioning & Orchestration works with native hypervisor… when the controller : Arista SDCN can: spins-up new VM automatically provision VLANs / VTEPs sync MAC<->VTEP bindings sync MAC<->VTEP bindings moves a virtual machine perform just in time provisioning sends traffic from virtual to physical devices provides hardware vxlan gateway services Virtualization ! Network Applications: OpenWorkload
  28. 28. Arista OpenWorkload: Monitoring & Visibility integrates with your workflows… when the VM admin wants to: Virtualization Monitoring Arista SDCN uniquely solves the challenge: dynamically align resources! Lanz+ provides real-time congestion management! rapidly identify where a virtual machine is connected vmTracer exposes virtual and physical connectivity get traffic statistics for the VXLAN overlay sFlow exports both overlay and underlay flow samples determine the health of a virtual machine / network pathTracer actively monitors connectivity capture traffic from a virtual machine persistent mobile SPAN ! Network Applications: OpenWorkload
  29. 29. Arista Network Telemetry Linkage between infrastructure and application, critical real-time information enabling network aware applications •  Notify other elements or operations team of changing conditions Infrastructure Monitoring React to coordinate actions or take direction from other applications / infrastructure •  Virtualization Utilize differentiated tools proactively detect issues •  Application Infrastructure VMware NSX VMware NSX Bare Metal Bare Metal ! Network Applications: Network Telemetry
  30. 30. Arista Network Telemetry how much is lack of visibility costing you? Cost of an outage average outage lasts 200 minutes -IT Process Institute downtime costs $5,600 per minute -Ponemon Institute up to 87 hours per year -Gartner $672,000.00 $588,000.00 $504,000.00 $420,000.00 $336,000.00 $252,000.00 $168,000.00 $84,000.00 15! 30! 45! 60! 75! Minutes 90! 105! 120! ! Network Applications: Network Telemetry
  31. 31. Arista Network Telemetry solutions to real operational challenges… Traditional Networks phases Arista Networks ‘The network is slow’ ‘Get a sniffer’ days, weeks, months, never… detection isolation resolution Active fault detection & event notification Historical event correlation & virtual to physical mapping minutes LANZ+! event monitor! event triggers! tracer technology! ! Network Applications: Network Telemetry
  32. 32. Arista Network Telemetry Close partnerships deliver best of breed solutions and unique / early insight into the performance of the application environment •  Real time buffer utilization monitoring provides for congestion and capacity management streaming to Corvil performance monitoring Tap / Aggregation! LANZ Streaming! Flexible hardware enables cost effective tap aggregation with ExtraHop operational intelligence •  Splunk Forwarder! Integration of Splunk forwarder •  Application Infrastructure! Vmware NSX OVS Bare Metal Bare Metal ! Network Applications: Network Telemetry
  33. 33. Network Tracers – Link application and infrastructure Physical Virtual Application Health Path Device level health checks Virtual Machine Map Reduce Active fault detection Visibility & provisioning Track & Monitor Visibility reduces downtime and costs
  34. 34. Arista Smart System Upgrade Network application that provides nondisruptive upgrade of network Application Infrastructure Virtualization Infrastructure Monitoring •  Provide intelligent insertion and removal process that enables network elements to gracefully exit and enter network topology •  Enables programmatic upgrade to software releases without causing systemic outage •  Integrate with application and infrastructure components VMware NSX OVS Bare Metal Bare Metal ! Network Applications: Smart System Upgrade
  35. 35. Smart System Upgrade: Initiating Maintenance Mode Maintenance Mode initiated Snapshot – stores #neighbors, peers, etc Virtualization Infrastructure ! Network Applications: Smart System Upgrade
  36. 36. Smart System Upgrade: Initiating Maintenance Mode Maintenance Mode initiated Snapshot – stores #neighbors, peers, etc Virtualization Infrastructure Directly-connected Vmware hosts put into maintenance mode F5 VIP Aging enabled via iControl ! Network Applications: Smart System Upgrade
  37. 37. Smart System Upgrade: Initiating Maintenance Mode Maintenance Mode initiated Snapshot – stores #neighbors, peers, etc Virtualization Infrastructure Directly-connected Vmware hosts put into maintenance mode F5 VIP Aging enabled via iControl Open protocols used to drain traffic Exception based flow handling redirects traffic ! Network Applications: Smart System Upgrade
  38. 38. Smart System Upgrade: General Operation Workload is moved Overlay facilitates virtual re-cabling Virtualization Infrastructure ! Network Applications: Smart System Upgrade
  39. 39. Smart System Upgrade: General Operation Workload is moved Overlay facilitates virtual re-cabling Virtualization Infrastructure Maintenance is performed on device Device brought back into service API calls inform other devices ! Network Applications: Smart System Upgrade
  40. 40. Smart System Upgrade: General Operation Virtualization Workload is moved Overlay facilitates virtual re-cabling Infrastructure Maintenance is performed on device Device brought back into service API calls inform other devices Maintenance summary sent to operations team Health checks are performed Removed from maintenance mode Workloads are rebalanced ! Network Applications: Smart System Upgrade
  41. 41. Arista EOS enables SDN Customized events and actions Advanced Event Monitor Linux Tools eAPI ! Bash! Events! Python! Sysdb! ! Perl! Triggers! Ruby! Scripting! Actions! Monitor and react OpenTSDB! System Database! Monitoring! Linux Tools Easy integration Programmability at every level
  42. 42. Arista EOS – Differentiated solutions Real Challenges Arista Solutions Automate deployments ZTP LANZ AEM Tracer technology DANZ CloudVision (XMPP) Congestion Management Proactive Notifications End to end visibility Traffic analytics Device Management Proven - Feature Rich - Programmable
  43. 43. Arista EOS SDN = Programmability + API OpenFlow 1.0 support with key partners like Big Switch Networks Arista Hardware driver OvS Plugin for auto-provisioning tenants on physical network Nebula and Piston Partners Native VMware integration into vSphere and vCloud VXLAN integration Ability to customize, install and run Python scripts native within EOS Native API calls being developed with key partners. Network automation through event manager
  44. 44. DC Automation: How easy is it to deploy Arista switches? Start' Unbox& Rack& Cable& Power<up& "  "  "  ZTP&/&ZTR& EOS&seamless& code&upgrade& Deploying&the& golden& configuraKon& Manage' Live' "  "  "  "  "  MLAG& 64<way&ECMP& VXLAN& DANZ& RAIL& Arista Technology Partners "  "  "  "  Automate' Arista Confidential - NDA "  "  "  "  "  "  "  Health&Tracer& eAPI&&&&&&&&& Cloud&Vision& AEM& LANZ& VMTracer& sflow&
  45. 45. Network Design with 7050: Layer2 Internet" Aggregation Layer – Arista 7050 MLAG" ‣  ‣  ‣  ‣  2 x Arista 7050 switches Spine Capacity: 2.56 Tbps Operating as a MLAG Pair QSFP+ to QSFP+ MLAG peer links with 7050S-64 Mobility Access ‣  ‣  ‣  Aruba Mobility switches for 1G connections Increased speeds and demands – 10G connections up Refer to Interoperability guide
  46. 46. Network Design with 7050: L3 Spine Internet" Aggregation Layer – Arista 7050 ECMP" ‣  ‣  ‣  ‣  ‣  N x Arista 7050 switches (N-Way ECMP) RIP, OSPF Equal Cost Multi-pathing Spine Capacity: 40 Tbps QSFP+ to SFP+ breakout to maximize port count Investment protection – 10/40G in future Mobility Access ‣  ‣  ‣  For more scale, Layer 3 down to the access ECMP design between access and aggregation Refer to interoperability guide
  47. 47. Arista/Aruba Interoperability Highlights Link Layer Discovery ! Tunneling ! Protocols Tested ! Logical Aggregation Control (LACP) !
  48. 48. Arista/Aruba Interoperability Guide http://www.arubanetworks.com/pdf/TR_AristaInteroperability.pdf
  49. 49. Growing Need for SDN Architectures •  Centralized Campus Controllers for: •  Authentication, authorization with directory services •  Controlled access to resources (Apple TV) •  IP Mobility with voice, video hand offs •  Data path switching “offload” for: •  Reducing minimizing choke points •  For best path optimization, bandwidth and redundancy •  For reducing cost of controller (X86 appliance, No Fast Path)
  50. 50. Aruba’s Campus Network Evolution WLAN&Infrastructure&& VirtualizaKon& ①  ②  ③  Seamless WLAN overlay deployment Broadcast/Multicast arbitration for WLANs Centralized controller based flow control WLAN&+&Services& VirtualizaKon&& ①  ②  ③  “AirGroup” mDNS centralized control plane Abstract underlying L2/L3 network topology Basic Interoperability with campus aggregation layer (Arista) via SDN Wireless&+&Wired& ①  Extend AirGroup constructs to Wired ②  Application specific traffic offload to network elements (Arista in aggregation) via SDN ③  Centralized arbitration point for network, services discovery protocols
  51. 51. OpenFlow Support •  OpenFlow support has been added to Arista EOS •  Arista has tested Openflow support on the 7050 Series with multiple controller vendors and projects- Big Switch, NEC, Floodlight, etc. •  Arista is the most controller-friendly switching platform – with tested support for multiple controllers Controller OpenFlow Protocol
  52. 52. DirectFlow Control •  Enables direct CLI and eAPI control over specific flow switching operations •  Extends the capabilities of OpenFlow with controller-less operation and enables per-flow pattern-matching with full control •  Enables firewall load balancing, special case path selection, etc. Arista eAPI or CLI
  53. 53. Traditional Routing and Switching Mode via Leaf-B via Spine-A Spine-A Leaf-A Leaf-B Spine-B Spine-C Backup HTTP SMTP/Mail SIP/Voice
  54. 54. DirectFlow Path Selection Spine-A via Spine-A @1800-2400 Backup via Spine-B via Spine-C @1800-2400 Backup via Spine-C Leaf-A Leaf-B Spine-B Spine-C Backup HTTP SMTP/Mail SIP/Voice
  55. 55. EOS API – Programmatic Access to EOS •  Provides programmatic access to all system configuration and status available in the CLI •  Requests to read & write state use the existing CLI command •  Requests are sent using JSON-RPC over HTTPS •  Response is a structured JSON object •  Differentiation over competition - open and complete client interfaces
  56. 56. EOS API – Sample Show Request/Response Request {"" """jsonrpc":""2.0"," """method":""runCli“," """params":"{"" """""cmds":"[" """""""""show&interface& Ethernet3“,& """"],"" """format":""json""},"" """id":"1"" }" Response {" """jsonrpc":""2.0”," """result":"[" """"{""Ethernet3"":" """"""{" """"""""'bandwidth':"10000000,"" """"""""'description':"''," """"""""'interfaceStatus':"'up'," """"""""'mtu':"9212," """"""""'physicalAddr':"'0000.4401.0001’" """"""}" """"}" ""]," ""“id”:"1" }"
  57. 57. Apple TV Proof of Concept •  Demonstrates mutual SDN vision •  Offers real use case in learning rooms •  Lync traffic offloading from controller to the network •  Addresses unintended consequences of resource advertising •  Locks resources centrally with access controlled policy manager
  58. 58. SDN Mobility Controller Architecture Mobility'Policies'' Application Services Aruba'Mobility'' OS''Controller'' ClearPass'' Policy'Manager' OF'' OF OF'' Wireless Access OF OF'' Access Points Arista 7050 Aggregation Layer Aruba Mobility Access Layer Wired Access
  59. 59. Demo
  60. 60. Arista + Aruba Smart Network Secure Network Stable Network
  61. 61. Arista EOS Central = Open Community Development Community Portal •  Tips and tricks •  Source code samples •  Community projects •  Developer forums, blogs •  API Access and development •  3rd Party Extensions Sample Projects: •  XMPP Messaging bus •  Interface/VLAN provisioning •  Automatic interface naming •  KVM Virtual machines