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  1. Digital Illustration/Graphic Design Arthur Elkins
  2. The Archway Approach I’m Arthur Elkins, an aspiring digital illustrator and designer. I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of capturing the essence of a moment, to explore how to reach emotions from the imagination, or to create worlds to lose yourself in. That challenge has led me to ex- plore various mediums, learning and evolving along the way. This collection is a work in progress, so please contact me with any constructive feedback you may have. Thank you and I hope you enjoy! My Tools: Photoshop CS3 Illustrator CS3 InDesign Autodesk Sketchbook Pro for Tablet Artflow for Tablet Wacom Intuos 4 Canon EOS Rebel T3i
  3. 13 25 4 Table of Contents Decent into Hell Illustrations Photography Logo Design
  4. Sunset
  5. Temple of Infinites
  6. Waterfall
  7. On Approach (Inspired by Halo: Reach)
  8. Midas Station at Destine
  9. Fall
  10. Predator
  11. Queen of the Caldara
  12. Politk
  13. Gettysburg Photography Arthur Elkins 2014
  14. Arthur Elkins 2014
  15. Arthur Elkins 2014
  16. Arthur Elkins 2014
  17. Arthur Elkins 2014
  18. Tristan & Logan at Little Round Top Arthur Elkins 2014
  19. Arthur Elkins 2014
  20. Arthur Elkins 2014
  21. Arthur Elkins 2014
  22. Arthur Elkins 2014
  23. Arthur Elkins 2014
  24. Arthur Elkins 2014
  25. Logo Design
  26. Concept CD cover
  27. Skull
  28. Family Business
  29. R R Prototype game retail logo
  30. Web 2.0 business logos
  31. A.A. Prototype Logo
  32. U C E C United Confederation of Earth Colonies Sci-fi U C E C W i n t e r d a w n
  33. Millitary Patch Logo
  34. Concept T-Shirt Logo
  35. Thank You For Viewing!