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Ritz carlton dearborn

The NMDL plan for The Ritz Carlton- Dearborn now known as The Henry

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Ritz carlton dearborn

  1. 1. Ritz Carlton- DearbornThe Henry<br />Michigan's own place of luxury<br />By: Alexandria Machasic<br />
  2. 2. <ul><li>An Affordable luxury hotel
  3. 3. Established in 1983
  4. 4. The hotel company is a subsidiary of Marriott International
  5. 5. Due to financial circumstances and Michigan having one of the highest unemployment rates things for the Ritz Carlton needed to change</li></li></ul><li>As of June 2010 the Ritz Carlton- Dearborn became The Henry part of Marriott’s Autograph collection that began in November 2009<br /> The Henry is currently undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation. Which include the guestrooms and the first-floor space including the restaurant, lounge, tearoom and lobby areas<br />The hotel has 12 meeting facilities and two ballrooms <br />Need to bring more clientele and awareness to the hotel<br />
  6. 6. Michigan’s Luxury <br /> Between the Ford Motor company and the University of Michigan Dearborn campus The Henry is a great place to stay for a night or few or Luxury<br />Many business’s look for a elegant place to have their seminars or to host a client why not bring them to The Henry. <br /> Where a deal for those who coordinate particular business stays or events get a deal<br />The word of this will be able to bring more business and expand the clientele for The Henry, thus stimulating the Michigan economy<br />
  7. 7. Twitter<br /> The twitter account will let people ask questions and get updates on deals and events<br />A vote via twitter will be done. The vote will be about the next party/event to be hosted by the Henry<br />People will get to vote on the theme, the one with the most votes will win and 2 people will win the tickets for the event.<br />Also a business will enter a draw to win free catering from the grill the restaurant affiliated with the hotel<br />
  8. 8. There will be a blog which will discuss the food and events that are currently going on<br />Youtube videos of certain events and tours<br />A linkedin page for those who are looking for a career in hospitality<br />The Facebook page will post photos and posts about great events or services that occur<br />A SCVNGR game will be done with the hotel where after you check in if you show your receptionist your able to get 10% off your room a night <br />
  9. 9. Check it out<br />The social media will help people get updates.<br />If one person is following The Henry on facebook they may notice our Twitter page and start following us there. <br />People with smart phones and Iphones will be able to show there check in from SCVNGR<br />Those who have questions about the hotel and deals are able to ask via twitter and facebook and check out the hotel via Youtube<br />
  10. 10. Metrics<br />Seasonal Peak will be around the holiday season ( November-January)<br />There will be a New Year’s event to kick off the 2012 promotion<br />A monthly report will be done to see if there is an increase in sales due to the promotions<br />The budget will be around $3.5million <br />