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Sales enablement in retail banking ariston group

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How retail banks can enable front office sales and cross selling.

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Sales enablement in retail banking ariston group

  1. 1. It’s a multi-person, multi-system environment… The Frontline is the Heart of Financial Services Our Journey…
  2. 2. If you can spot them it’s loaded with opportunities to sell product, gather important customer data and feed this data back into sales process In the eyes of customers it’s still seen the anchor point for a relationship
  3. 3. Successful Frontline Selling Volume x Effectiveness x Trust Problem = Frontline Execution Gap
  4. 4. Frontline Execution Gap Sales Training Incentives CRM Back-End Integration Reporting Salesforce Automation Multiple Systems People Process Technology
  5. 5. Our Experience Tracking is the Key to Closing the Frontline Execution Gap Multiple Systems Tracking People Process Technology
  6. 6. You can’t fix what you can’t track and measure It’s awfully hard to track key metrics and key behaviours in the frontline Tracking is the Key to Closing the Frontline Execution Gap
  7. 7. Frontline Sales Enablement You need to track key metrics as they flow through your system, allowing you to identify and eliminate blockages and coach key behaviours Enable Frontline Sales Process Track Frontline Sales Performance Coach Frontline Sales Behaviour
  8. 8. Nationwide - Frontline Sales Effectiveness Day-to-Day Operations Strategic Alignment Personal Empowerment Transformation Frontline Sales Enablement Frontline Management Insight Paper Based Forms Personalized Coaching Dynamic Prompting Fully Automated Sales Process Automated Solutions Automated Scripting Sales / Product Training Manual Reports Automated MIS Actionable Insight Individual Scorecards Real-Time Dashboards Distributed Reports Process Tracking Dynamic Help & Best Practice Application Pre-fill Transforming the Frontline
  9. 9. Roll the data into scorecards and dashboards Illustrate the data that matters Executive Dashboard Strategic View Team Lead Dashboard Management View User Scorecard Performance View Transforming the Frontline by Tracking the Data That Matters