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Today, as much as 30-50% of an organization’s workforce is considered external. Manufacturing companies use contingent labor and services to quickly meet demand, technology companies to find workers for positions with unique skill sets, and oil and gas companies to combat labor shortages. Behind the scenes, they need total visibility in order to optimize all areas of services procurement including complex spend, workforce quality, regulatory compliance and labor program efficiencies. Fieldglass' Vendor Management System (VMS) can help companies achieve this and more, all while easily integrating with other internal systems to enable a holistic view of both talent and spend.

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  • The Total workforce should be looked at in two dimensions: The first segment are those direct workers that companies use a dedicated payroll system or an HRIS to track and manage them. For the most part, many organizations already have that problem solved.

    The second segment are external workers. Managing them is the challenge. From a workforce perspective, commonly the external workers represents between 30 and 50 percent of the total direct workforce. And from a finance and procurement perspective, the external workforce can represent between two to ten percent of revenue.
  • External labor is often poorly managed.
    Non-payroll labor is the largest spend category.

    55% of external labor is unaccounted for, yielding:
    Higher labor costs
    Increased regulatory and compliance risk
    Fragmented, inefficient labor spend and performance controls

    Source: SIA via USAToday
  • For hiring manager’s there are a lot of steps involved in engaging an external worker or service: requesting a resource, to onboarding a worker, to tracking them, to reporting on them.
  • Fieldglass’ market-leading cloud Vendor Management System (VMS) automates the complete SOW labor lifecycle -- from initial discovery and qualification through performance management and complex invoicing and payment.
    Fieldglass is a recognized leader for managing all categories of non-payroll labor spend:
    Statement of Work (SOW) projects and services
    Independent contractors
    Specialized talent pools, such as retirees and alumni
    Scope of market:
    Contingent $400 Billion
    Statement of Work: $1,400 Billion

  • Project-based Services
    Fixed scope
    Defined beginning and end
    Often deliverables based
    Team usually known
    Calls for rigidity in SOW

    Can be offshore or just a remote location
    Similar to IT Project but more fluidity in the team
    Calls for some flexibility in SOW
    Invoice not typically driven by location
  • You see, a VMS-Fieldglass delivers a tremendous amount of value.

    The most immediate is cost savings. Through competition, rate cards, and higher visibility, a company is able to significantly reduce hard costs savings. Our customers typically see a 15-20% decrease in cost in the first year alone.

    Soft costs can also be driven down through efficiency gains - With Fieldglass a company can standard processes which improves workflow and shortens cycle times – not only time to fill positions, but also invoice cycle time. Many customers are able to take advantage of quick pay discounts.

    Fieldglass ensures compliance to regulatory requirements by requiring the staffing company to upload proof of certifications, or credentials. Another recent example of this is Rio Tinto, a mining company in Australia. The Fieldglass application has been integrated into Rio Tinto’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This close integration ensures a successful deployment of its global framework and helps the company to maintain Health, Safety, and Environment compliance training during onboarding.

    Visibility – A VMS provides visibility into all aspects of the workforce, How much is being paid, how are suppliers performing. Increased visibility allows for analysis to identify further optimization and cost savings.

  • Goals of the program:

    simplify and improve its contracting process across its global labor by standardizing rates and leveraging spend by volume.

    minimize its exposure to legal and financial risk while allowing managers to focus on finding labor with the right skill sets. Mitigate risk by ensuring compliance to regulations, classification, tenure and other requirements.

    Provide visibility into contingent workforce and services data. This increased visibility into spend would also enable managers to make informed, data-driven hiring decisions.
  • Melhore sua gestão de terceiros com a Fieldglass

    1. 1. 1 Melhore sua gestão de terceiros com a Fieldglass Samuel Munhoz
    2. 2. 2 Força de trabalho terceirizada © 2015 Fieldglass, Inc. All rights reserved. Proprietary and Confidential. Funcionários internos Terceirizados 2%-10% da receita total de gastos em serviços Fornecedores de serviços Contratados Independentes Trabalhadores temporários
    3. 3. 3 Gastos com serviços crescem rapidamente © 2015 Fieldglass, Inc. All rights reserved. Proprietary and Confidential. dos trabalhadores terceiros não são contabilizados Gastos anualmente com serviços $3.3T 55% Aumentaram os gastos com serviços terceiros nos ultimos 5 anos 41% Foi o aumento de contratados em relação a 2014 67%
    4. 4. 4© 2015 Fieldglass, Inc. All rights reserved. Proprietary and Confidential.  Mensurar a qualidade do serviço prestados  Controle dos terceiros com acesso a sistemas e plantas  Visibilidade centralizada das atividades dos terceiros  Declarações vagas dos serviços  Acordos comerciais complexos  Fragmentação, bases de fornecedores redundantes  Reforço de fornecedores preferenciais e preços  Necessidades dinamicas dos usuários finais Source & Contrato Engajar Gerenciar PagarDesafios Desafios na gestão dos serviços terceiros Criar requisição Revisão resposta fornecedores Selecionar fornecedor Criar SOW Onboard dos terceiros Envio dos entregáveis Aproção dos entregáveis
    5. 5. 5 Plataforma unificada para todos os Serviços • Fieldglass’ lider de Mercado em solução cloud Vendor Management System (VMS) automatiza o ciclo completo de procurement em serviços • Líder reconhecido por gerenciar todas as categorias de serviços • Fornece visibilidade e gestão estratégicas dos serviços que são executados dentro de sua empresa • Permite a criação de estruturas de engajamento e classificação de categorias para suporte das politicas corporativas e regulamentações locais © 2015 Fieldglass – an SAP company. All rights reserved.
    6. 6. 6 Atendendo a clientes em todas as verticais Consumo & Varejo Energia & Resources Serviços Financeiros Saúde & Farmaceutico Serviços Tecnologia & Telecom Manufatura Diversos © 2014 Fieldglass, Inc. All rights reserved. Proprietary and Confidential.
    7. 7. 7 Projetado para suportar multiplos tipos de serviços © 2015 Fieldglass, Inc. All rights reserved. Proprietary and Confidential. Serviços baseados em projetos Serviços Offshore Tracking de equipamentos Selecione e use ICs e Freelancers
    8. 8. 8 VISIBILIDADE EFICIÊNCIA QUALIDADE CUSTOSCOMPLIANCE Benefícios de utilizar Fieldglass © 2014 Fieldglass, Inc. All rights reserved. Proprietary and Confidential.
    9. 9. 9 Oportunidade de redução de custos de 7% - 12% © 2015 Fieldglass, Inc. All rights reserved. Proprietary and Confidential. Alavancas Descrição Saving estimado Racionalização de taxas - Taxas contratadas para cada função designada - Garanta o cumprimento dos cartões de taxas 3-6% Bidding competitivos - Bidding competitive entre os fornecedores preferenciais 3-5% Racionalização de fornecedores - Racionalização no numero de fornecedores baseado na performance - Negociação de taxas inferiores baseados em volumes maiores - Redução do esforço em gerenciamento de fornecedores 1-3% Classificação dos tipos de serviços - Matriz de decisão para classificação correta do gasto em serviço 2-4% Descontos - Volume em descontos - Descontos em pagamentos antecipados 2-4% Visibilidade dos gastos - Controle de custos atraves de ciclos de aprovações financeiras - Compliance na política de gastos - Anomalias e tendencias nos gastos 1-2% Eficiência no processo de pagamento - Eficiencia no ciclo de pagamento - Controle no fluxo de caixa - Redução de processos manuais 1-3% Eficiencia na operação - Redução no esforço operacional - Melhorias de compliance nas politicas - Condução efetiva de change management Maior eficiencia
    10. 10. 10 © 2014 Fieldglass, Inc. All rights reserved. Proprietary and Confidential. CASO DE SUCESSO Em redução de custos; devido a biddings competitivos e identificação de SOW comoditizados $33M+ Atingidio através de rastreamento de SOW, aplicando aprovações e limites automatizados SAVINGS De dados Fieldglass para os sistemas internos de reporte da Cisco TRANFERENCIA SEGURA Relátórios de taxas para todos os gerentes afim de gerenciar melhor os custos RELATÓRIOS
    11. 11. 11 Modelo de solução em Cloud © 2015 Fieldglass, Inc. All rights reserved. Proprietary and Confidential. Plataforma de integração aberta suporta todos os principais sistemas corporativos
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