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How Solar Power Works

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A brief and simplified overview of how solar power systems for your home or business work. And an introduction to Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs)

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How Solar Power Works

  1. 1. How Does SolarPower Work?ArdoEnergy.comBrighterFuture@ArdoEnergy.com
  2. 2. Solar Power System Simplified• Solar power panels (photovoltaic panels or PV panels) – Collects sunlight as direct current (DC) electricity• Inverter – Inverts direct current (DC) electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity• Grid – A system of physical lines that transport energy between electric utility companies and your home or business• Grid-tied – Refers to the physical connection of your solar power system to the grid – Allows you to receive credit for the clean solar energy you produce August, 2011 ArdoEnergy.com BrighterFuture@ArdoEnergy.com
  3. 3. Receiving Credit for Your Energy• Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) – Certificates awarded to green energy producers – Measured in mega-watt hours of electricity produced – 1,000 kilo-watts equals 1 mega-watt – Most homes generate 5 to 10 SRECs per year – Current rates per SREC are $600 – Ardo Energy helps you manage your SRECs worry free August, 2011 ArdoEnergy.com BrighterFuture@ArdoEnergy.com
  4. 4. Learn more about Ardo Energy at:www.ArdoEnergy.comSchedule a FREE solar estimate bycontacting us at:(732) 595 – 7048BrighterFuture@ArdoEnergy.combit.ly/ardo-solar-estimateWe look forward to speaking withyou soon!!Stay in the loop with energy savingtips and tricks at our blog:www.ArdoEnergy.com/blog August, 2011 ArdoEnergy.com BrighterFuture@ArdoEnergy.com