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  1. OXYTOCIC Presented by- Archana Chavhan KYDSCT's Sakegaon College of Pharmacy, Bhusawal
  2. Oxytocic •Oxytocic agents are that stimulate uterine contraction and are used to induce labor.
  3. Ergot Synonyms: Ergot; Rye Ergot; Biological Source: Ergot is the dried sclerotium of a fungus, Claviceps purpurea Tulasne, belonging to family Clavicipitaceae, Chemical constituents:
  4. •Ergot life cycle The life cycle of the ergot consists of following stages, 1. Over wintering stage 2. sexual stage 3. Asexual stage
  5. 1. Overwintering stage • The sclerotia are produced in late summer. these sclerotia germinate in the spring to produce purple coloured stalks which on further growth form flattened spherical cavities known as perithecia. • Each perithecium contain several asci. Each ascus contains eight threads like ascopores. • Ascopores come out & get dispersed by air & become entagled with the stigma of host & produce mycelia which penetrate through ovary.
  6. 2. sexual stage • The mycelia give rise to conidia, produced from the surface of ovary. Honey –dew attracts insects, along with it conidia are carried from one place to another by insects & is known as honey –dew stage. • Hyphae penetrate deeply into the ovary & develop into mass covering entire ovary which results in formation of elongated sclerotium
  7. 3. Asexual stage • If Ergot is not collected, it falls on the ground. • In the next spring session they produce stalked projections known as stromata which have globular heads. • In the inner surface of the heads there are many flask-shaped pockets known as perithecia. Each of these perithecia contains many sacs (asci) which possesses eight of the thread- like ascospores. • These ascospores are carried out by insects or wind to the flowers of the rye as described in the first stage.
  8. Therapeutic uses Ergotamine is used in treatment of migraine Used as oxytocic to stimulate the uterine contraction which assists delivery in labor It reduces post- partum haemorrhage