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Open Data in Ghent - the Open Library unconference

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Talking about @AppsForGhent at DOK for 120 cycling librarians #cyc4lib pic.twitter.com/TH0CS5DqA2

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Open Data in Ghent - the Open Library unconference

  1. 1. @BartRosseauE-StrategieStad GentOpen Data in Ghent23/06/2013
  2. 2. 2LOADING CITYimage by uncreatives*betaversion
  3. 3. 4 years of Open Data3d edition of Apps ForGhentGhent Living Lab, GhentWeb Valley, iMinds, Cityof Ghent, OKFNbe
  4. 4. Why?• Smart City• Innovation• Transparency
  5. 5. DATA• Low Hanging Fruit• Geo Data• Streetnames• Evolution: Real Time Data
  6. 6. Challenges• Metadata, metadata, metadata• Trying to understand the semantic web• Vocabularies?
  7. 7. Co-creation• Let people find the data• Convince people to re-use the data– Ghent living lab– Students• Show the added value to the administration• European cooperation– Citadel on the move– Eurocities
  8. 8. DatatalksNot just for codersImpact of open dataOpen data is more than App Development(data journalism, data visualisation,service delivery)
  9. 9. Inspiration Sessions• Ghent Festival• Geo Data• Networkingbetweendevelopers,ideators and civilservants
  10. 10. Apps For Ghent• Coding Sprint (6 hours)• Keep the formula fresh• Longevity of the ideas/apps– AppsForEurope
  11. 11. And the winner is…• Energy awareness game ENERXIA• 9K City builder• Pharmacy App• http://hoedrukist.nu
  12. 12. FeedbackCrowdsourcing DataWhat developments would the Ghent Citizens like?
  13. 13. And now?• Open Gov• Business development• Beyond machine readability
  14. 14. Questions?http://appsforghent.behttp://data.gent.behttp://ghentlivinglab.behttp://www.citadelonthemove.eu/Twitter: @bartrosseaue-strategie@gent.be