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Online Reputation Management Webinar for Agencies


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Online Reputation Management Webinar for Agencies

  1. 1. Online Reputation Management
  2. 2. Today’s Speaker Ross is the managing director at Type A Media, a digital PR agency specialising in data journalism. Having bootstrapped a digital agency I know how to build a business in an industry where reputation is everything.
  3. 3. This talk is through an SEO lens All tips, tools and tactics in this talk will be focusing on how you can manage your reputation in search engines like Google.
  4. 4. Removing negative reviews from the SERPs Controlling the first page of Google for your brand Influencing the way Google perceives and reports on your brand What is ORM? No Kinda Yes
  5. 5. It Used to be 2 things 1. Negative SEO to spam bad reviews out of the index 2. Barnacle SEO to promote an owned profile
  6. 6. Why that’s a bad idea? 1. Ethics 2. Cost 3. Repeatability 4. Scale
  7. 7. Advertising your brand values Your website and social profiles The Press Other People’s Social Profiles 3rd Party Sites How is ORM done now? Paid Owned Earned
  8. 8. 3 areas to affect ORM 1. Brand SERP 2. Knowledge Panel 3. Brand Mentions
  9. 9. How to affect the Brand SERP
  10. 10. What does a brand SERP look like? Business
  11. 11. What does a brand SERP look like? Person
  12. 12. Brand SERPs contain 1. Knowledge Panel 2. News and Social Information 3. Videos 4. Related Links
  13. 13. Google Whacking The process of creating new content to displace content in your brand SERP….like telling an interviewer you like to paint model buses
  14. 14. Before After
  15. 15. This is a bad strategy ● It’s not reliable ● Takes a lot of effort and convincing Google ● It’s too reactive ● You are fighting against the tide ● Brand reputation takes months and years to build - you can’t build it in a short period of time
  16. 16. Focus on things that already rank ● Download the top 50 SERPs for your brand name ● Run it through AHREFS to get the DR and UR ● Categorise it into the things you can/can’t change ● Enhance the profiles that you can edit ● Unify the content to be the same across the board
  17. 17. Reinforce Trust with Google 1. Build an About Us Page 2. Individual Author Pages 3. In the Press Page
  18. 18. This is mentioned in the quality raters guidelines Build Expertise, Authority and Trust with simple on page updates
  19. 19. About Us ● Structure content to feed Google ● Link to your owned and earned profiles ● Use Schema
  20. 20. Content to Feed Google ● On the about us page add links to places that you have been mentioned around the web. ● Structure the content on the page in a smart way based on the questions Google asks ● Use the same copy on other pages so it matches up - don’t worry about duplicate content
  21. 21. Link to 3rd Party Sites ● Link to places that corroborate who you are such as: ○ Companies House ○ Crunchbase ○ Linked In
  22. 22. Use Schema ● Think of Schema as statements and identifiers. ● A statement is that {Company Name} is the company name. ● An identifier is a Link to Linked In with the same company information ● Use Same As Schema to link to “identifiers” ● Use disambiguation Schema if you have a similar brand name to another entity
  23. 23. Business Schema Examples ● Use Schema ○ Tax ID ○ VAT ID ● Same As: ○ companies house ○ major business directories ○ Review Site
  24. 24. Personal Schema Examples ● Person ● Works at ● Identifier ISBN
  25. 25. Author Pages ● Link to all the places that you have been an author ● Link to all of your social accounts with “same as” information. ● Look at the Schema “Person” entity to work out what information to include. For example: ○ Author ○ Identifier: ISBN ○ Works At ○ Disambiguating Description
  26. 26. In the Press ● To have an in the press page, you first need to actually be in the press. This requires some digital PR work to get you mentioned and ideally linked from top news sources. ● To cut down the amount of time you need to spend on PR research competitors names in the news who have a knowledge panel already in order to get a target list of outlets to pitch a story to.
  27. 27. Knowledge Panel
  28. 28. Knowledge Panel The knowledge panel is triggered when google can piece together enough confidence in who you are from various sources around the web.
  29. 29. Imagine a Lawyer You can dress like one Get an office in a fancy part of town Put a sign of the door saying you are a lawyer but if you do not have the certificate to say you have passed the bar - you are not a lawyer. The knowledge panel is similar in that Google has Identifiers that it uses to identify and corroborate who you are.
  30. 30. Where do we find a list of identifiers in our industry? ● Wikidata ● Type in a competitor or comparator ● Look at the identifiers that are being used to understand who they are
  31. 31. Elon Musk (person) ● Ted Speaker ID ● BBC Topic ID ● Reddit Username ● Spotify User ID
  32. 32. Tesla (business) ● ISO 9362 SWIFT/BIC code ● Crunchbase Organisation ID ● Linked In ID ● Indeed Company ID ● Glassdoor ID
  33. 33. Test Knowledge Panel Strength
  34. 34. Kalicube.pro Google Knowledge Graph API
  35. 35. Sheets API Pulls https:/ /www.danielherediamejias.com/sheet-google-knowledge-api/
  36. 36. Q&A