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Linden care case study

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Using ActivTrak’s employee monitoring and analytics service, Linden Care, LLC is able to ensure open and honest communication between management and employees on the subject of internet usage.

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Linden care case study

  1. 1. leg. Executive Summary A pharmacy with a loyalty to those who suffer with pain, Linden Care adopted Activ‘Iral<‘s software to ensure employees‘ focus remains on delivering top-notch results, not distracting websites. With Activ‘Ital<‘s easy-to-use features, Linden Care can block websites that do not contribute to the overall benefit of the company. ACTIV’ Iii-lionesty is W2. * 4 I*3 <%*. ;‘, f:”If _ <3 , I_44l y r- . . A. I| I , , Using ActivTral<’s employee monitoring and analytics service, Linden Care, LLC is able to ensure open and honest communication between management and employees on the subject of intemet usage. "*Lir1denCare. COMPREHENSIVE PHARMACEUTICAL SERVICES ans! Background Linden Care, LLC (NDEREP) is a specialty pharmacy with a focus on pain management to meet the unique needs and challenges facing patients, their caregivers and practitioners. Linden Care has the infrastructure, the expertise and the staff to deliver high quality chronic pain support anywhere in the United States — right to your front door with no delivery fees. The Challenge As Linden Care expanded to meet nationwide demand, they hired a considerable number of new employees to keep up. With so many employees, managers cannot be expected to stand over the shoulders of every individual to ensure productivity. Despite the ease in which one can use the internet for personal activity during work hours, Linden Care needed to be able hold their workers accountable for the way they spend their time while on the clock. This task came with its own challenges. Linden Care soon faced the issue of finding the perfect tool to help keep employees productive. As Linden Care came to find, many monitoring services come equipped with unnecessary features, which made them complicated to use. The added details provided little»to-no value in helping them achieve their goal. The hefty price tag was also unappealing. Furthermore, many monitoring service companies were eager to have Linden Care jump on board right away, sending constant emails to encourage them to purchase the product — a method that drove Linden Care in the opposite direction.
  2. 2. .» ‘,1 The Solution After a few quick email exchanges and a free trial to test it out, Linden Care decided to move forward with implementing ActivTrak throughout the company. The process was fast and painless — no sales methods involved. It became increasingly evident that the software was a perfect match for Linden Care's needs. ActivTrak's seamless installation process and intuitive interface fit well with the large number of employees they sought to monitor in a simple and efficient way. Managers in particular enjoyed the simplicity of using the software, because it doesn't require any prior technical knowledge nor complex details to get accustomed to. But where ActivTrak truly aligned with Linden Care was its remote capability Managing employees‘ internet usage across the nation can result in significant productivity issues, but Activ‘Tl: ak allows Linden Care to keep their employees honest in any one of their locations. ”1?. Ll~f i= i:+: r tit: llf'” if ‘I_uo‘t=1n 'tr:1(; r‘. - ‘I-e_lI»—; =m! .1[ow= x=i= ‘.. °"I=1i ’vmil, iiI, (:‘. I:‘ aiflira wo), qI, : :1‘r= ii1'), ur. ~ = I,(= .-t= I.‘I, r=ro‘ with 5!. li‘t"". :¢= It« = r;r= m‘r- = m"I limt uImI‘'x= ;: 1:‘ . t:r. o)‘t~: ‘|Ip 1'u<u= r=r: I‘uLgt I-mr"t= nl tar: _ptt= Iu. ~. "ll! =): g§r= I,n(‘; T), Iui Ill! law xiftora mic‘ tcmmta = )'IlI__’I[‘-’'l= l=}= '. l, ‘u= ;l. ,‘ur= i'r= |,I, I), u,i lit: :n; i‘wm, (= ,1ue), (= 'rn)m_o)= I,1|' 'm, m_olIl‘(: u:‘ oil ‘nljl ~3i‘l, Im: m:1‘t= .I| _I‘Iuu : ‘rrii‘v'. '.f¢= It_ I-, -n‘I, u«: ‘t= ;ui tax: irzrs ': ,x: r=! I = I?: lt: ‘r ‘: i:ii‘r= i. m")IlIu)-' 'r~:1m. uI. |t: ;« | .l= f=L(= militia» iii: "if iuignlm, =ur‘I rnui we), -ill will = ;,qu_; lm~t= x=i. ~ mire new mil ‘*1: I. t=i1,ILo, l'u: i‘I« flux: :1»: lirat ciinllto‘. ". =m. _~, I,P: rl,1 Tim. ‘ . w= m1 w, lli. .:[tt: i,‘lr". '.ft:1.“, ‘flit: mix 1I: ,;), m ! =x1- mIli. .:t<ailv": _‘t:1t- in]: ‘: i:. r:, u. . ~r: r:uuI= ;cA~, :w: ;;. in: :, ;7;; _‘; t.-r; :‘t; l hum. ill‘ in H1! = JllI, IlI'j'l: .r: . _, r:r. 'l£(: ;_r= . wvullf. t= .rcI’), :nur= urC. .‘. r'tilv‘. ".+: :t iv =1vI= ;,. "m'ur: wit “mule = . C‘Ilk1Iu= .I-A~. ‘ Ciilfl»-“ | T‘| Z(-)1-_, UI"'-Y1»-rtl‘-)IIt= ‘.. .3AII_gr‘1I(=1=)r'= l ‘mIl5l= ):»‘-'§‘-It’-<§IR”r“ About ActivTrak Developed by Birch Grove Software, Activ‘Irak is a comprehensive cloud-based analytics service that allows businesses to gain insights on and improve employee productivity. As a freemium service easily installed on an employee's desktop to measure activity, the Activ‘Ital< platform provides valuable aggregate data on a company's day-by-day performance, with information displayed on an easy-to-manage dashboard. The company's software is easy to install and data transfer is encrypted, ensuring protection and security. For more information or to try out for your team, please visit vvvvvv. activtrak. com. , y_ ‘ rt; ACTIV *4 ' _/ About Linden Care Linden Care, headquartered in Woodbury, NY, is a leading provider of specialty pharmacy services to the pain management industry. The Company is licensed in all 50 states and serves patients and physicians in the highly regulated pain industry. With best-in-class compliance practices, Linden Care works closely with leading pain pharmaceutical manufacturers and pain management physicians to facilitate medication access and optimize treatment outcomes for patients in the $25 billion chronic pain industry. t ‘Lir1denCare. COMPREHENSIVE nu/ xrwmcrlmc/ L sznvicss