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[Case Study] Maintain Your Standard of Excellence

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Technology life cycle service provider, Regenersis Huntingdon, integrated ActivTrak’s software in order to monitor employees’ Internet usage during the work day. By doing so, the company has been better able to assure an internal internet policy is consistently put into action.

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[Case Study] Maintain Your Standard of Excellence

  1. 1. 4 . .nT ta’; 3 > Executive Summary ‘Ilechnology life cycle service provider, Regenersis Huntingdon, integrated Aci: iv‘Iral<’s software in order to monitor employees’ Internet usage during the work day. By doing so, the company has been better able to assure an internal intemet policy is consistently put into action. Er . ‘. fir '1" rrr a. .I. .I. ‘i. Lé‘. .I. .-.1. YO . .i. ‘ J l‘- : ‘gt [‘H‘' T ‘r: Efiiyfi‘ ; ‘ hr‘ ; , F4‘ ’. r‘. ; ". r“. W‘. (v‘v)i‘. (- i‘. r"("*). ‘. (*)r‘. r7r. r': r(*"<* r‘r‘. <*‘; r1‘. W‘(*"<*‘ Using ActivTrak’s employee monitoring and analytics service, Regenersis Huntingdon is able to focus on its own business priorities and not worry about its staff ’s productivity and engagement levels. Background Regenersis Huntingdon part of Regenersis PLC (LON: RGS) is a technology life cycle service provider that helps its clients and their customers deploy, protect, maintain, retire and reuse technology. In addition, Regenersis Huntingdon helps its clients differentiate their brands and increase customer loyalty by assuring people get the most out of their technology from the point of purchase. Regenersis Huntingdon is part of a large public company, maintaining offices in 24 countries, and who has a well- rounded roster of clients including Sony, Dell, Microsoft, and Samsung. The Challenge With such high—profile clients, it is imperative that Regenersis Huntingdon‘ employees are productive and efficient in providing the best possible service at all times. To help ensure this happens, Regenersis Huntingdon set out in search of a service to meet the following demands: 1. Block harmful websites 2. Identify serious intemet abusers 3. Assist with productivity monitoring 4. Assist with HR investigations Regenersis Huntingdon tested Various free and open source products; however, these products did not address all of the company's needs.
  2. 2. "e L ,4 The Solution £1 It quickly became apparent that ActivTrak is the ideal match for Regenersis Huntingdon, as the service meets and exceeds all of Regenersis Huntingdon’ requirements. ActivTrak allows managers to block sites that may be harmful to company computers, View screenshots of user activity and identify abusers, as well as view productivity statistics. Data of website and desktop app usage is displayed in an easy-to—understand format, with graphics that details percentages of time spent on a specific website or program tasks. Furthermore, in situations where individual investigations into employee activity are necessary, the company's HR department can now conduct the most thorough investigation possible, with no grey area. The company's clear—cut internet ‘fair use’ policy can be upheld without any surprises to the staff, and employees are well aware of it. 341:i 1 z= +.: +.= t ‘H liT'” . i(= L;(= ),I(= )}: i‘l= ‘ i Iutiluu". hr _u'w _m: IlInt= mr. ~ Elli (= ;mI‘m= IJ : 'x<II ‘(=15 = ng(= ),IlL*. , 'i'lil1Fli« =11: , ¢=I, ur‘li mitt , (0lI= li= iil in = m mi, iI' "*r= r:ft. ~ "ox= m~I= xa)u« Iii: rmu r= I,n"‘= ‘ 410: = ;,uIl; :lt. wa: ;.~‘ (I. I1ll= ;=+: ‘ = r : j_oi= m,1,i1'»‘ 31ll'l= RiilgFli1f)_ll 1:‘ : ,(= I;| I.I, ‘I_(= I<‘. Dr _~ ', '-tkcii, 'i"'~', ‘I= I.“ _ir= t: 1‘tr: n.‘l: ~I: ' , It ; .~§: i7_C1l: 1.). ’ In it it l, ll= -Iii-" ! ’=r-‘I. mz. );’! .T ». ,’! =l"t: . ~11. = .vu1_; :tr)u= «=+~’ luk= ;.: *u= .v. ‘ :1. 1. (wk. :u(. .'. 1:. in mi‘ t: :w! =.-, : int: ,, r1.<vI= .v: . lint. ‘ lir= ;.'*= Te uv vr:1mr: ~ K). :1!:1.5m i )1. Iii: '1f('t: l~‘lT~')l» mlir: r: : . : l=J. ,‘lI)ll~‘ f). ”=. r:1r1i. t). ' , <I’1l'I:1' it. -L‘ fr= :=. I,: . i‘l= u‘r= : 1'1:-I :1 f. ‘ju’Ii, 'l". ,r'.5*= lt ; ‘I_lvI= ;e He : r;m1I. r‘= tt= i‘i: n‘r: i :31‘ I51: =1u], ‘1(. )'I= .r: '1 fl: ix I-1l'fl'I= ;j' = J_u; 'r: ;_~; 'I=4 .1 ‘Ir , .’= :-! x1i'l: lit: ~‘IIh. t:lfl )1; ’ 4 I-i-‘L~ 4:4,: v H ’-, (-), -u ; .._Ul"t'l, E=I, : nu La r~. tT_{(-—u (=1: (-—; ,¢. ~n. ~.. ,3,iI I «film 1-‘ (-1,: ,: lJ‘L‘5‘ About Activ'I'rak Developed by Birch Grove Software, ActivTrak is a comprehensive cloud-based analytics service that allows businesses to gain insights on and improve employee productivity. As a freemium service easily installed on an employees desktop to measure activity, the ActivTrak platform provides valuable aggregate data on a companys day—by—day performance, with information displayed on an easy-to-manage dashboard. The companys software is easy to install and data transfer is encrypted, ensuring protection and security. For more information or to try out for your team, please visit www. activtral<. com. W; ACTIV“ About Regenersis Huntingdon With its core business in repairing consumer electronics, Regenersis Huntingdon and Regenersis PLC helps companies like HTC, Nokia, Sarnsung, Orange, John Lewis, LG, Toshiba and others deliver the best possible alter market service to its customers. Through the provision of technical call centres or managing returns and repairs, the company supports a wide range of products including mobile phones, laptops and tablets, set top boxes, televisions and other electronic equipment. Regenersis PLC also operates in the business-to~business environment where it offers high quality and secure repair and refurbishment solutions for chip and pin devices, ATMs and even MRI scanners. , ?,(‘v$i; ‘ L?4_I_If—l. i-1?»