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  1. Structure of a 10 minute-oral Scientific Presentation • Title • Background/Introduction • Methods • Results • Discussion • Acknowledgments • Question and answer period
  2. Title Slide (10-15 sec) Title should include –Subject –Location –Time period • Your name • Your affiliation • Appropriate logos • Say “Good morning / afternoon / evening”
  3. Example: CDIO project title Engineering MSc or Final year student Engineering, Technology and Design department, School of Engineering … …… Supervisor: …
  4. Background (1-2 min) • Usually a few slides • Engage audience • Set stage for outbreak investigation • Provide rationale for planned study • Essential information (only) about project • Establish relevance to your filed, what is the case study that you will explain? • Include a slide describing study aim & objectives very clear
  5. Methods (1-2min) • Usually a few slides • Describe study design(s) • Describe study groups and why selected • Say what laboratory tests were used , what research has been used, what journal has been used (not the name of the journal about the content of journal)
  6. Results (3-4 minutes) • Usually several slides • Emphasize most important findings • Describe characteristics of study participants, animal cohort, etc • Include descriptive results and analytic results • Use mixture of text, tables, figures, photos as appropriate to your data
  7. Discussion & Conclusion (2-3 min) • Interpretation of findings – Don’t repeat results – Prioritize findings from most to least important – Link findings to study objectives – Put findings into context with previous studies • Limitations slide (only the important ones) • Conclusions slide(s) based on your findings • Recommendations slide(s) – Directions for future studies
  8. Acknowledgments (10-15 sec) • Recognize co-authors and contributors, industry, technicians,etc. • Same logos as on title slide • Your last words = “Thank You”
  9. Assessment 1 This assessment is an investigation of one of the main topics of industry 4.0 in depth within the field of advanced manufacturing or biomedical or product design engineering. A chosen industry 4.0 problem based on the topic should be used as a case study during this presentation.
  10. Structure of a 10 minute-oral Scientific Presentation for assessment 1 you need to adapt to 12 or 15 minutes based on number of team members • Title • Background/Introduction/ aim ad objectives • Investigation of one of the main topics within Industry 4.0/5.0, for example AI • The impact of this chosen topic, for example AI, on Industry 4.0/5.0 • The application of this on your field of study. For example the impact and application of AI in industry 4.0/5.0 in the field of Advanced manufacturing ( or Biomedical or Product design eng). Use an example as case study in the filed of Advanced manufacturing (or biomedical or product design eng) to explain in depth. You can do a comparison of this case study before and after industry 4.0/5.0 and what would it be like in 10 years or 20 years, can you predict? What are the issues that need to be resolved in order to take it to the next industrial revolution? • Conclusion and future work • Acknowledgments • Question and answer period