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Become a master of Strategic Design Practice.

  2. VIA Design offers two tracks: Strategic Design Practice and Design for Change Take part in VIA Design’s summer school for talented individuals and gain knowledge and tools to work your company's Wicked Problems. CO-CREATION AND INNOVATIVE PROCESSES Traditional processes can’t resolve Wicked Problems, because a wicked problem has innumerable causes, is tough to describe, and doesn’t have a right answer.
  3. Become a MASTER in working with WICKED Problems
  4. The aim of mastering Strategic Design Practice is that it enables you to participate in economic and strategic decisions as part of the innovation and business processes. Strategic Design Practice is an innovative problem solving process, based on a combination of the designer's mindset with business-approaches to research and analysis. It is an innovation process model – consisting of a set of tools, creative and interdisciplinary processes. and an holistic approach comprising of technological, human and economic factors. Strategic Design Practice builds on Design Thinking by emphasizing the initial steps of the design process. Strategic Design Practice provides you with a different way of tacking a problem, one that’s centered on the needs of the person you are solving the problem for – in a contemporary context as well as potential future scenarios. Wewillintroduce exercises, methods andtools forhowto playyourwayforward, individuallyandaspart ofateam. The summer school is your chance to develop the mindset and skills of Strategic Design Practice together with students from various educational environments as well as business partners.
  5. Successful Strategic DesignPracticehas threekeyelements drivingtheinnovation process forward. ONE The ability to use SDP to approach Wicked Problems TWO The ability to identify and apply your talents creatively THREE The ability to visually convey all stages of the design- process
  6. StrategicDesign Practicesounds like serious business –anditis! However,seriousbusinessalsoincludesseriousplay. Playingisvoluntary,hasaninherentattractionandbringstheexperienceoffreedomfromtime.When weplay,weimprovise,moveclosertotheedgeandworrylessaboutmakingmistakes.Inadditionplay stimulatesimaginationallowingthebraintoengageinsimulationsandcreatenewconnections. Thus,playisanimportantaspectofStrategicDesignPractice. TheStrategicPartners o DMOGT o DesignDenmark o CONNECTDenmark o LIFESTYLE & DESIGN CLUSTER o HEADSTART FASHION KeynoteSpeakers o DesignIt o StiboAcceletor As one of VIA Designs engaged stakeholders our aim is to back all creative and strategic initiatives that will further the development of the Danish Fashion and lifestyle industry. By developing courses that combines the tools for Wicked problem solution and co-creation with the top minds within innovative processes, we see an immediate pay-off for all participates. Thomas Klausen, CEO Dansk Mode & Textil
  7. DesignforChange DesignforChangeusesdesignthinkingtocreate innovationincompaniesthathasafocuson sustainability,CSRandenvironment. Duringthecourseyouwillbeintroducedtoanewsocial, environmentalandsustainablemindset,whichisin demandintheentirebusinessworldofdesign,fashion andlifestyle. The summer school will be based on your company case to enhance the applica- tion of your course optimally. Weuse"SustainableDesignMethods"asatooland youwillbeintroducedto: 1. Sustainableproduction-LifeCycleAssessment 2. CorporateSocialResponsibility(CSR)Ethics, environmentandsocialresponsibility 3. Circulareconomy,businessmodelsforsustainable products 4. SustainableDesigns-materials,methodsand examples
  8. When:August8th –12th 2016 (Mon-thur:9am–4pm/Fri:9am–2pm) Place: VIAUniversityCollege,Ceresbyen24,8000AarhusC,Byg.E, lokaleE0.05. Price:25.000DKK.Ifyouarememberofoneofourpartners,DMOGT, DesignDenmarkorCONNECTDenmark,LIFESTYLE&DESIGN CLUSTER.,weofferamembershipdiscountof10.000DKK. Lunchandrefreshmentsduringthedayareincludedintheprice. Signupbysendingane-mailtoANNQ@via.dkbefore27th June2016. Formoreinformation,contact: AnnetteQvistgaard T:+4587550505• Signup What’s in it for me? o AfreshperspectiveaWICKED problemwithinyourcompany. o Realtimeco-creationwiththe topmindswithininnovative processes. o One-to-oneinteractionwithraw studenttalent. o Acquiredskillsdirectly applicable. o Acoursediplomadocumenting youracquiredskills. o Networking