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Optimising the impact of social innovation

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IQPC conference - workshop presentation

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Optimising the impact of social innovation

  1. 1. Disruptive Social Innovation Optimising the impact of Social Innovation in the Public Sector Using Digital Tech and Collaboration
  2. 2. The Status Quo ROI The Poverty in Australia report, Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) 1 in 7 below the poverty line Centre for Social Impact (CSI) $250bn each year on social issues
  3. 3. DeliotteDisruptionMap Government player and catalyst Government disruption
  4. 4. Disrupt or Be Disrupted - Process driven - Hierarchy - Silo, insular - Status quo - Control and power - Outcomes driven - Collaboration - Co-design - Self determinism - Disruption OldWorld NewWorld I n w a r d O u t w a r d
  5. 5. Delloite Digital Enterprise Framework Digital Enterprise Framework Revenue Growth Internal Efficiency Future Prospects Digital Building Blocks
  6. 6. Barriers to Innovation  Process  Risk aversion  Bureaucracy  Insular
  7. 7. Connect Innovate Collaborate @ChiefDisrupter The Collective NSW
  8. 8. Collaborative Alchemy Connect with community Disrupt status quo Reframe problem Co Design New Vision Recalibrate resources Prototype. Refine, scale Track and measure impact Parallel Paradigms • TECH • Startup • Design Innovation Social Innovation • Hackathon • Pitch Events Twitter: @ChiefDisrupter Prof. Kees Dorst
  9. 9. Good Practice features Recalibration to new world Data Analytics – Open Source User Experience - Co design Collaboration Digital enabler
  10. 10. Planets aligning NSW DAC Ecosystem OSBC Civic Hacking Disruption Agenda Prime Minister Digital Transformation Office
  11. 11. Takeaways  Disrupt or be disrupted - tech, start up, design  Collaborate across sectors and expand your orbit  Embrace change - GovHack, Fishburners
  12. 12. Thank You Anne-Marie Elias Associate, UTS Centre for Local Government ChiefDisrupter@anne- marieelias.com 0418236546 www.anne-marieelias.com www.chiefdsrupter.com Twitter: @ChiefDisrupter